April 19, 2024

Exciting Children’s Day Activities

Children's Day Activities

In Singapore, children’s day is a special celebration in schools and everywhere. Every year, my child comes home happily with the gifts he received from his teachers. He even shares with me about the children’s day activities that he involves with his friends during this celebration. This year for the children’s day there are a few activities that are planned by his teachers including surprise video messages from parents to make them happy and excited! Finally, Children’s Day is a celebration of the boundless joy and creativity that defines childhood. If you like to read more about Children’s Day and its history, there is a well-detailed post published by Twinkl. Read it here.

To make this day truly special, let’s explore some exciting activities that will create lasting memories for the little ones. Here are some of the exciting Children’s Day activities that are suitable to use both at home and in school.

1. DIY Craft Bonanza

Unleash the artist within! Gather around the crafting table with simple, age-appropriate DIY crafts. From paper plate animals to homemade slime, the possibilities are endless. Encourage the use of materials readily available at home, fostering a sense of resourcefulness and creativity. The photo is from the Deepavali activities that we joined last year.

2. Outdoor Adventure Quest

Take the celebration outdoors with a thrilling scavenger hunt or treasure hunt. Design clues that lead to hidden treasures in the backyard or local park. This not only adds an element of excitement but also promotes the benefits of outdoor play and exploration.

3. Storytelling Extravaganza

Transport the little ones to magical realms with a storytelling session. Invite parents, teachers, or older siblings to share their favorite childhood stories. Add an interactive twist with props or costumes, creating a captivating experience that fuels the imagination.

4. Creative Cooking Class

Turn the kitchen into a culinary playground! Share simple and safe recipes for kids to try with supervision. Use colorful and playful ingredients to make the process engaging. This not only introduces them to the world of cooking but also incorporates essential skills like measurement and following instructions. This is also a good Pongal day activity for kids.

5. Science Magic Show

Make science come alive with easy and mesmerizing experiments. Showcase the “magic” behind everyday phenomena, sparking curiosity and wonder. These hands-on activities not only entertain but also provide valuable insights into the world of science.

6. Virtual Playdate Party

Embrace the digital age by organizing a virtual playdate with friends. Explore online games, quizzes, or even host a virtual talent show. It’s a fantastic way to stay connected and celebrate together, even when physically apart.

7. Expressive Arts Carnival

Encourage self-expression through art, dance, or music. Organize a mini talent show or art exhibition, allowing children to showcase their unique talents. Emphasize the value of creativity as a powerful tool for self-expression and personal growth.

8. Garden Camping Adventure

Transform the backyard into a magical camping ground. Set up tents, create a cozy outdoor movie corner with blankets and pillows, and tell stories under the starry sky. It’s a perfect way to blend the thrill of camping with the comfort of home.

9. Superhero Training Camp

Let the little ones unleash their inner superheroes! Design an obstacle course with challenges that require strength, agility, and problem-solving. Provide capes and masks, and watch as they conquer each task, feeling like true superheroes by the end of the day.

10. Puzzle Palooza

Challenge young minds with a puzzle marathon. From jigsaw puzzles to brain teasers, create a puzzle station with different difficulty levels. This not only entertains but also enhances cognitive skills and teamwork.

11. Music and Dance Fiesta

Host a mini music and dance festival. Create a playlist of favorite kid-friendly tunes, set up a dance floor, and let the little ones groove to the beat. Consider adding a simple dance or karaoke competition to bring out their inner rockstars.

12. Nature Scavenger Hunt

Take the scavenger hunt to the next level by focusing on nature. Create a list of items for the children to find in the great outdoors—leaves, rocks, flowers, etc. This activity not only promotes exploration but also instills a love for the natural world.

13. Inventor’s Workshop

Encourage innovation with an inventor’s workshop. Provide a variety of recyclable materials, craft supplies, and tools. Challenge the children to create their own inventions, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

14. Sports Extravaganza

Set up a mini Olympics with a range of sports activities. From relay races to mini-golf, let the kids showcase their athletic prowess. This not only promotes physical activity but also teaches the importance of teamwork and friendly competition.

15. Animal Safari Adventure

Transform the living room into a wild safari. Create animal masks, set up “animal habitats” with blankets and cushions, and embark on an imaginary safari adventure. It’s a delightful way to blend learning about animals with imaginative play.


As we wrap up this Children’s Day celebration guide, remember that the key is to infuse the day with laughter, learning, and cherished moments. Tailor these activities to suit the interests and preferences of the children, and witness the magic unfold as they create unforgettable memories that will last a lifetime. These ideas should provide a diverse range of activities, ensuring a Children’s Day celebration that’s both memorable and full of laughter and joy!

Happy Children’s Day!

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