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Mixbook Reviews with our Latest Photo Books

Few days ago I received our latest Mixbook photo books. Always it’s a cute surprise to receive by mail. It seems Mixbook has become my favourite photo book company simply because of the easy to use photo book making software, quality of the books, appearance and finally don’t forget the price. From few years I use Mixbook for our photo books and I also saved money by using the Mixbook coupon codes which is sometimes upto 50% off. This time I used a Buy 1 get 1 free offer to order our photo books. So, I received 2 photo books at the same time. Simply it’s a good deal, isn’t it?

Mixbook Reviews with our Latest Photo Books

Although I’ve shared a Mixbook photo book review last year, here is our latest experience with Mixbook. Mother’s day is reaching. If you are looking for a unique gift for your mom, wife, cousin, sister or any friend who is worth appreciating on this Mother’s day, I guess a photo book can be a great idea! And it doesn’t cost much considering the other gift ideas around.

Anyway, here is my review on our latest Mixbook Reviews and experience!

Playgroup memories Photo book for our kid

Mixbook Reviews with our Latest Photo Books

Few months ago I created a photo book for preserving our kid’s playgroup memories. For this photo book I used the  arts and crafts photo book template and customized it using our photos. Although this photo book template shares art and crafts of kids, I used memories and moments from our kid’s playgroup year.

Mixbook Reviews with our Latest Photo Books

This includes photos of his first day to Playgroup, photos with teachers, some of his favourite arts and crafts, celebrations and festival moments from Playgroup and finally the playgroup graduation photos. Completely it is a memory keepsake for playgroup year.

Check Arts and Crafts photo book here.


Mixbook Reviews with our Latest Photo Books
I included moments from his playgroup year for the arts and crafts photo book.I used this template.

Year in Review photo book for 2016

Mixbook Reviews with our Latest Photo Books

I created another photo book for our 2016 memories. Last year I ordered a photo book for our 2015 memories. That was so good because we always go through these memories and enjoy precious moments. Inspiring from that experience, I created another photo book for 2016.I really love these photo books. I used this photo book template and customized it with my choices. So beautiful and so cute!

Check the Simple Gold Whimsical photo book template I used and be inspired! 🙂

With this 2 photo books, here is my Mixbook photo book review which may be helpful for you too.

Mixbook Reviews with our Photo Books  (Review 2017)

  • Quality of the books

This time I ordered square shape books of size 8.5*8.5’’ hard cover glossy finish photo books. The pages are thick and quality. Colours of the photo prints are natural and similar to the photos I uploaded. I ordered hardcover glossy finish, so the appearance is different from leather or premium lay flat design. However, although this is not a lay flat photo book, still it is easy to turn pages and use. If you like lay flat designs, you can upgrade your order at the time of completing the order!

Mixbook Reviews with our Latest Photo Books
In these pages I used photos from our visit to Animal Resort Singapore
  • Size of the photo books

Well, this is something that I need to mention. There are different size options which you can select when you create a photo book with Mix book. In my previous year order, I ordered landscape photo book. This time it is square and 8.5*8.5’’ in size. When I compare the sizes and shapes of the books, I really like the recent photo books which are of square shape. These books look better in appearance than our previous landscape book which is also large in size. Anyway, that is up to you to select the best size for you. I may continue with same size even in my future orders too.

Mixbook Reviews with our Latest Photo Books

  • Easy to use photo book making software

Mixbook photo book software is always easy to use. I always start with a photo book template from their photo book collection. But, I customize the photo book including backgrounds, changes for fonts and letter sizes. These are really easy with the photo book software which anyone who is even a beginner can follow. This is one of the reasons for me to continue with creating photo books each year.

Check : How to create a photo book.

Mixbook Reviews with our Latest Photo Books
These are photos from our visit to the Singapore East Coast Park.
  • Price

In this Mixbook photo book review, I can’t stay away from mentioning the price. It is really reasonable comparing with the other photo book companies I worked with. Photo books starts with the rate $15.99 which finally creates a durable photo book than a conventional album. Considering the price of photo albums and costs for printing photos for the album, creating a photo book with Mixbook is really cheaper. And don’t forget, printing photos is something never happen to most of us although we want to print. So, I prefer creating photo books online using the digital files. After spending few hours, it is done!

Check photo books designs starting from $15.99

Mixbook Reviews with our Latest Photo Books
Photos from Alive Museum Singapore.These photos made our family photo book colourful and exciting!

Above are some of the qualities I admire while creating photo books with Mixbook. Other than that, I always love to use Mixbook coupons to save money from my orders.

Mixbook Coupons

This photo book company is awesome when considering the coupons and offers they give time to time. Their discounts are amazing and up to 50% or over. Sometimes they offer buy one get one free offers too.(BOGO).Actually this time I ordered 2 photo books using Mixbook coupons and that results me having 2 photo books for the price of one! Simply awesome!

To get the latest Mixbook Coupons, you can check below image ad.



Finally, my experience with Mixbook is always awesome. I really like creating memories with this photo book company. Don’t forget they also offer other items such as photo cards, home décor, photo prints and Calendars. Visit for more details. Don’t forget to start your photo book right now!

Check Mixbook.comMixbook.com and start making your photo book!

Don’t forget to order with a promo code.That will save you some money! 🙂


Disclosure: I received shopping credits from Mixbook  and I ordered photo books using the credits.No monetary compensation received for sharing this review.All opinions are mine.Also this post contains affiliate links.

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  1. I order lots of photo books for the grandparents. I will check out Mixbooks the next time I am going to order one.

  2. This reminds me of the photo books my mom used to make when I was a kid. Having photos are great to reminiscence on the past.

  3. My friend uses Mixbooks a lot and her projects always looks amazing. I love that you were able to include your kids’ artwork in one of your albums.

  4. This is so cute! I am looking for a good service to create my photo album. I used Shutterfly before casue I had a coupon but otherwise I think it might be pricy and this might be a cheaper option.

  5. These photo books look amazing! I love all the colors and the setup. I have never thought to make a photo book like this, I usually do them the old school way and print out pictures and stuff. I will definitely be checking out mixbook! Thanks for the great idea! 🙂

    1. I used the old school method before.But,there are lot of photos pending to print.It is always delaying.Now,i use photo book methods like this.So,I have few books printed each year including birthdays! 🙂

  6. That is quite a deal for a book full of your memories with the whole family. It’s really beautifully made and I like the quality.

  7. Photobooks are always awesome. I can’t believe that this one’s so affordable and the quality is top notch. I love printing photos and photobooks make it easy!

  8. I admit, no matter how awesome our photos.in our computer, its meaning is well shown when its printed. Printed photo will always have a different emotion for us 🙂

  9. I made some photo books for my son from his rice eating ceremony and other photoshoots we did. These look great

  10. Will check out this portal. I love getting the photobooks printed to keep a record of my son’s growth.

  11. Photo books are a trend nowadays and I think it’s a really good idea to keep one. I like that they are offering discount coupons and promo 🙂

  12. Mixbook looks like an amazing service to treasure all beautiful memories into a photo book! I also liked that one can custom art and craft in this photo book!

  13. I have never purchased a photobook before . The picture are great quality and they make each book have great character. Like the product a lot.

  14. Love the post, it’s such a sweet one, I have always loved photo books have mine as well where I add pictures developed the old style to cherish the memories 😀
    Thanks for sharing the post dear 🙂

  15. What a lovely gift idea. I will check out how to make these Mixbooks as a great souvenir or remembrance of family vacations.

  16. These look lovely. I used to make my own photo album, but I think these photo book are economical, more professional and longer lasting.

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