June 21, 2024

8 Durian : Singapore Online Durian Delivery #Review

Update: In 2022 I found out that the site 8durian.com is no longer available.

It’s a Durian post! Moreover, it is a durian delivery post today. Can you imagine tasting fresh durian without even going out from home? But still fresh as it is scooped out from the fruit? This 8 Durian review is all about that!

8 Durian is the newest in the town which offers durian delivery across Singapore. And here is our 8 Durian review to spread this good news around!

8 Durian delivery review

Durian season in Singapore usually starts around June and you can find fresh durian till September. This is the best season to taste delicious and creamy durians.

In Singapore, you will find durians everywhere. There are different types of durians with different names and qualities. Singaporeans know how to pick the best tasting durians. And if you live in Singapore you must taste this King of the fruits, otherwise, you cannot be part of the Singapore. Well, this is not a rule. But this is what was told by my colleagues when I started working on my first job in Singapore back in 2009.And I became a Durian lover too.The same colleagues even introduced me to another Singapore must try,which is mooncakes.

Best Durians may pricey. But you can’t challenge the taste of fresh durians from quality harvesting. As our experience with 8 Durians is so good so far, here is our review. So you know what to choose.

Features of 8 Durians delivery

  • Fresh durians harvested from a private high mountain plantation located in Pahang, Malaysia
  • Durians are plucked freshly from trees that are 15 years old and the trees not from an overcrowded plantation.
  • Premium quality durians for an affordable price
  • 8 Durian is a durian delivery service which you can place the order online.
  • The website is clutter-free and easy to choose the products and place an order.
  • Free same-day delivery for orders placed above $100
  • 1-hour express delivery

8 Durian review and our experience

After reading the above features of 8 Durian delivery service, I am sure you are excited to know how we tasted the durians delivered. Yes, here is our 8 Durian review which include details from ordering to delivering to our tasting experience.

The ordering process

Ordering durians is really easy as the website is easy to navigate. The available durian varieties are with necessary details such as type, plantation, harvest and even the taste which is helpful for anyone who doesn’t know much about durians to place their order.

The delivery

Durian delivery Singapore

When I placed the order, I had to choose the delivery date and time. I received my durians on the due date and sharp within the time period I have mentioned.

Durians were packed perfectly in order to keep the freshness. If you don’t want to taste the durian right away, you can even keep it for few hours in the fridge as the packaging is properly sealed.

The tasting experience

8 Durian delivery review

In 8 Durians website you can find mainly 3 types of Durians including Premium Black Gold Durian , Mao Shan Wang and Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘AAA Grade’.I placed the order for Mao Shan Wang ‘A Grade’ and Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘AAA Grade’ durians as these are varieties that tastes creamy and sweet.

Our tasting experience was enjoyable.

Singapore durian review blog

Premium Mao Shan Wang AAA Grade :

With rich and creamy texture every bite of premium Mao Shan Wang durian could allow us to taste the freshness of durian. It was satisfying and our durian craving was arousing. Seeds are small therefore more flesh in each bite.

Here is my little reviewer who was waiting for durian tasting till I capture few photos. 🙂

Durian review

Premium Mao Shan Wang ‘A Grade’

8 Durian delivery review

Although it is difficult to identify the exact differences between the tastes if these 2 durian types, Mao Shan Wang is still a rich creamy and slightly bitter durian. The colour is darker compared to the Premium Mao Shan Wang AAA Grade. Each bite was full of deliciousness which aroused the taste buds.

8 Durian delivery review

Overall we had excellent durian tasting experience.

I know that you are a durian lover. And I know that you want to check how the durian delivery works. You can read more and choose the preferred durian types when you visit 8durian.com

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with 8 Durian. I received the above products from them to facilitate this review.No monetary compensation was received. All opinions are mine.

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