May 21, 2024

Whyzee for Online Birthday Cake Delivery #Review

I am sure after reading this review about Whyzee birthday cake delivery and about their cakes you will need to taste delicious cakes. Their cakes are so much delicious and make others want to feel the taste. This is why I am telling that you will have sweet cravings after reading this Whyzee bakery review. 🙂

Whyzee cakes review

During this Covid-19 circuit breaker time we found how online shops and online delivery services are helpful. While online shopping is not a new thing, sometimes such services were not admired much by most people as they were used to traditional shopping at brick and mortar shops.

But, Covid-19 pandemic changed the way we lived so far. During the stay at home period, we were lucky these online delivery services existed. This is where I admire services such as Whyzee bakery’s cake delivery which help us to celebrate occasions even during the pandemic.

Whyzee cakes review Singapore

Recently we received the opportunity to taste their freshly baked cakes while spending time at home. It was a great experience specially during the circuit breaker period. Other than that, personally we all at our family could taste the freshness of cakes delivered in every bite. Those were delicious too.

What is Whyzee Bakery?

Whyzee cakes review

Established with the goal of delivering the best freshly baked artisanal cakes island wide in Singapore Whyzee is the one stop place for cake lovers. Be it a birthday or any celebration, there are different types of cakes to choose from. They also specialize in delivering freshly baked egg-less cakes.

Below are the notable features of Whyzee bakery’s birthday cakes and egg-less cakes.

Features of Whyzee Birthday cake delivery

Last minute cake delivery in 1 hour : Don’t worry of you plan a celebration last minute or even if you forget to order a freshly baked cake for someone you love. You can still order your birthday cakes from Whyzee bakery and they will deliver just in 1 hour.

Whyzee bakery review

Fresh and delicious: While you can easily by cakes from any place it is not easy to by freshly baked cakes unless you place the order at least few days before the actual date. However Whyzee cake delivery assures to send freshly baked cakes even for last minute orders.

Affordable rates: This is another feature that I want to mention here. If you visit their site then you will note the cake prices which are really affordable compared to the quality, freshness, taste and service.

Our experience and Whyzee cakes Review

We received 3 cakes from Whyzee bakery which are Mango Mousse cake, Tiramisu cake and Chocolate desire cake. All these cakes were packed with its flavours and we could taste the freshness in every bite.

Mango Mousse cake

Whyzee Mango Mousse cake
Mango Mousse cake from Whyzee

This Mango Mousse cake was the favourite of my kid. Not very sweet, but full of mango flavor this Mango Mousse cake could satisfy the sweet cravings of us giving the best cake experience for us!

Whyzee Mango Mousse cake

Check details of this Mango Mousse Cake from Whyzee Bakery.

Tiramisu cake

Tiramisu cake
Tiramisu cake from Whyzee bakery

While I like other cakes, this Tiramisu cake is my favourite cake among all. Each and every bite of this Tiramisu cake from Whyzee bakery filled me with coffee flavor. The creamy layers added extra flavor to my tasting experience. If you love coffee or Tiramisu then this cake is for you!

Tiramisu cake review

Chocolate Desire Cake

Chocolate Desire cake from Whyzee
Chocolate Desire cake from Whyzee

Full of chocolaty flavor this is the perfect choice for anyone who loves chocolates. The top of the cake is a chocolate mirror glaze. Inside the cake you will find layers of delicious chocolate mousse. It is a perfect birthday cake for anyone who loves chocolates.

Chocolate Desire cake from Whyzee

We had a great cake experience with Whyzee. This is why I want to share this Whyzee cakes review to help you to make your birthdays extra special.

Why not trying these cakes for your next birthday celebration? Visit for more cake ideas as they offer a range of designs and flavours.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with Whyzee Bakery . I received the above cakes from them to facilitate this review.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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  1. careful with whyzee. they wont deliver on time and they dont have any direct contact. whatsapp message dont reply quickly and dont pickup calls

  2. I was disappointed with the size of the cake and the choice of colour used on the wording. Called foodline and check if it is enough for 6 pax which they claimed to say it is enough, which is totally not true! Words was in Tale blue colour which doesn’t compliment the cake at all. I would rather they had used black colour! Now I am embarrassed to even show it to my colleagues.

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