June 17, 2024

8 Crabs Review : Crab Delivery in Singapore

I am sure you will feel hungry after reading this 8 Crabs Review.Why I am saying like that? This Crab delivery service in Singapore delivers freshly cooked food within 1 hour! And the food is yummilicious! 🙂

It was the right time when the team at 8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant contacted me regarding an honest review about their food delivery. Due to Covid-19 pandemic we all in Singapore stay at home safely. This Circuit Breaker period also limited food and dining experiences and all these measures are for our safety. Therefore food delivery is the best option to try different food while staying home safely.

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8 Crabs review

We are happy with the food delivery by 8 Crabs seafood restaurant due to different reasons. This is why I am writing this 8 crabs review in order to share the good news with others in Singapore. And do you know the best secret? 8 Crabs is the only company in Singapore that use grade AAA premium Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs. Therefore the customers are able to taste fresh meatier crabs when they place their order with 8 crabs. Not only crabs, there are other seafood and poultry dishes which you can order.

Okay, now I want to share about 8 Crabs food delivery and my experience from placing order until the food satisfy our cravings.

What is 8 Crabs?

8 Crabs Seafood Restaurant is a Singapore based award winning crab and seafood delivery who serve the customers’ island wide. Their signature dish include premium AAA Sri Lankan sourced wild crabs while there are other seafood dishes prepared with fresh seafood from Sri Lanka.

Why crab delivery by 8 crabs is unique?

Although there are other seafood dishes that you can taste, this review will not complete if I don’t mention more about their crab delivery. Did you ever know what makes a delicious crab meal?

The crab meals are cooked with freshly caught wild crabs from Sri Lanka. Do you know that crabs grown in crab farms which are limited in space undergo lot of stress as they prefer to live alone? When the crabs are too stressed they produce ammonia. Anyway such farm grown crabs are cheaper in price as they are grown with the aim of profitable business. Although it is cheap such ammonia produced stressed crab will not give you the best taste as wild crabs can be.

This is why crab delivery from 8 crabs is so unique.

Image: 8crabs.com

8 Crabs source their crabs from Sri Lanka and air flown daily to Singapore in order to deliver fresh crab meals.

Therefore crab delivery from 8Crabs includes meatier, bigger, less watery and tastier crabs that satisfy your food cravings.

With 12 kitchens across the island they also promise to deliver your order within 1 hour. Therefore One Hour Crab Delivery makes 8 Crabs unique from other similar delivery services.

Our Experience with 8 Crabs food delivery ( 8 Crabs review)

8 Crabs Review

Well, I was invited to experience meal delivery from 8 Crabs. While 8 Crabs best sellers include award winning chili crab, black pepper crab and Salted Egg Crab, we included more seafood and poultry to our order due to some dietary restrictions.

Our order included Premium Cereal Prawn, Prawn Paste Chicken, Yam Ring, Butter Battered Calamari and Mee Goreng.

Placing the order using 8 Crabs website was smooth and it only took few minutes. Once we add items to the cart, you can choose the preferred delivery time. Note that orders over $120 are entitled to free shipping.

Once we placed the order we received it at the specific time period without any delay.

Above all, the foods delivered were really hot and fresh. I only had to arrange the food for our meal.

Then the tasting experience!

Yam Ring

Yam Ring
Yam Ring

The Yam Ring was surrounded with crispy exterior that anyone cannot resist.The filling is so rich with blended flavours of nuts,shrimps,mushroom and other ingredients.

Cereal prawn

Premium Cereal Prawn
Premium Cereal Prawn

The cereal prawn must be another signature dish of 8 Crabs. Prawns were well coated with buttery and crispy cereals to add flavor. Overall it is a heavenly experience for any seafood lover. And don’t forget that we enjoyed bigger and meatier prawns and those were easy to de-shell too.

Mee Goreng

Do you know that all food items tasted heavenly? Well balanced flavours and freshness in every bite! Among all I cannot forget the delicious Mee Goreng which is well coated with flavours.

Mee Goreng
Mee Goreng

Butter Battered Calamari

This is one of our favourites! Butter Battered Calamari could caught my kid’s attention.He loved crispy tasted calamari and couldn’t wait until I complete my photo session. 🙂

Butter Battered Calamari
Butter Battered Calamari

Although these are home delivered foods,all food items were fresh and crispy.

Prawn paste chicken

Prawn Paste Chicken
Prawn Paste Chicken

This prawn paste chicken wings are definitely a must buy! Do you know why I want to say like that? In each bit I could taste the prawn paste flavor while enjoying the crispy delicious chicken!

8 Crabs Review

After all we are happy with our dining experience with 8 Crabs food delivery. I know that you may have bored with same food during this Circuit Breaker period. Then why not order your next meal with 8 Crabs?

Visit 8crabs.com for more details.

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with 8 Crabs. I received the above food from them to facilitate this review.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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