June 18, 2024

Potty Training Tips for Positive Success

I remember the time which I was looking for potty training tips everywhere over the websites. I was excited to start our adventure with my little son and finally we could do it! Potty training is important when your baby grows. Usually toddler stage is ideal for starting potty training. It is also necessary to check whether your little one is ready to potty training or not.

Potty Training Tips

Potty training is not so simple. If you don’t do it right it can be a painful experience for both your child and for yourself. This is why it is important that you know the best approach to train your child for the potty at the right time.

To help you on this milestone, here are some potty training tips which I learned during my journey of parenting a little boy.

Start potty training when your child is ready

This is really important for a smooth potty training journey. If you start it at the right time when your toddler is ready, then you both will enjoy the process. As per my ‘go to’ potty training resource the golden window for starting potty training is when the kid is between 20-30 months of age.

Look for the potty training readiness signs before you start. Some of the signs include staying dry for few hours, able to sit on a potty and showing a regular pattern for the bowel movements. If you see these signs then that may be the ideal time to start your adventure with the kid.

Potty Training Tips

Read and learn about potty training

Learning about potty training is really helpful for you as a mom. Specially if you are a first time mom like me, you will have lot of doubts about potty training. Even if you are not a first time mom it is also important to refresh your knowledge and ideas about potty training. You can read some books about potty training. I always read mom blogs to find tips and advice about potty training from other fellow moms. Usually I trust mom blogs in my parenting journey because they share their actual experiences through the blog posts same as me.

Buy potty training essentials

To start your potty training adventure it is essential that you have all the necessary items. You can prepare a list of potty training essentials in order to not to miss any item. An attractive potty is one of the main essentials. You can shop together with your little one and choose a potty that he or she likes. This step will encourage your kid to be independent too. Don’t forget the pull up pants or underwear which is essential for successful potty training.

Potty Training success Tips

Make potty training fun

Don’t make potty training stressful. If you expect your kid to learn everything fast and go to the potty by his own when necessary, you will not only ruin yourself. You will make potty training stressful for your little one too.

Allow time and expect accidents during this period. Relax and make it a fun experience for your kid.

Above are some of the tips that you can follow in order to make potty training experience memorable for both you and your little one. It will take time although there are some kids who adapt to the potty fast within few days.

Be patient and enjoy your parenting adventure with your kid.

Happy potty training!

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