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Potty Training Tips for Positive Success

I remember the time which I was looking for potty training tips everywhere over the websites. I was excited to start our adventure with my little son and finally we could do it! Potty training is important when your baby grows. Usually toddler stage is ideal for starting potty training. It is also necessary to check whether your little one is ready to potty training or not.

Potty Training Tips

Potty training is not so simple. If you don’t do it right it can be a painful experience for both your child and for yourself. This is why it is important that you know the best approach to train your child for the potty at the right time.

To help you on this milestone, here are some potty training tips which I learned during my journey of parenting a little boy.

Start potty training when your child is ready

This is really important for a smooth potty training journey. If you start it at the right time when your toddler is ready, then you both will enjoy the process. As per my ‘go to’ potty training resource the golden window for starting potty training is when the kid is between 20-30 months of age.

Look for the potty training readiness signs before you start. Some of the signs include staying dry for few hours, able to sit on a potty and showing a regular pattern for the bowel movements. If you see these signs then that may be the ideal time to start your adventure with the kid.

Potty Training Tips

Read and learn about potty training

Learning about potty training is really helpful for you as a mom. Specially if you are a first time mom like me, you will have lot of doubts about potty training. Even if you are not a first time mom it is also important to refresh your knowledge and ideas about potty training. You can read some books about potty training. I always read mom blogs to find tips and advice about potty training from other fellow moms. Usually I trust mom blogs in my parenting journey because they share their actual experiences through the blog posts same as me.

Buy potty training essentials

To start your potty training adventure it is essential that you have all the necessary items. You can prepare a list of potty training essentials in order to not to miss any item. An attractive potty is one of the main essentials. You can shop together with your little one and choose a potty that he or she likes. This step will encourage your kid to be independent too. Don’t forget the pull up pants or underwear which is essential for successful potty training.

Potty Training success Tips

Make potty training fun

Don’t make potty training stressful. If you expect your kid to learn everything fast and go to the potty by his own when necessary, you will not only ruin yourself. You will make potty training stressful for your little one too.

Allow time and expect accidents during this period. Relax and make it a fun experience for your kid.

Above are some of the tips that you can follow in order to make potty training experience memorable for both you and your little one. It will take time although there are some kids who adapt to the potty fast within few days.

Be patient and enjoy your parenting adventure with your kid.

Happy potty training!

Essential Items for Potty Training

If you plan for potty training your toddler or preschooler, then be sure to start it right. When you start potty training at right age with right products, it is not a struggle anymore. We actually started our potty training when the kid was just above 2 years old. However with right products, tips and tricks we could pass the initial phase of potty training without much hard moments. This is my trick. To make potty training a fun and interesting milestone, you need to have right products around you. It is not a list of fancy items. Instead this is the basic and Essential Items for successful Potty Training which any mom should consider.

Essential Items for Potty Training
Make potty training an interesting activity for your kid!

Here is our list of Essential Items for Potty Training

A Cute potty

Yes, to start potty training you need a potty. However consider spending time to select an attractive potty for your kid. Invest some money on a cute design and your kid will love it. This will make it easier to make your kid keep sitting on the potty. I found beautiful and cute potty designs at My Teeny Weeny which is an online shop for both moms and kids. They ship worldwide. So you don’t have to worry about the location you live.

I really love the below cute potty from My Teeny Weeny.They have different cute designs which can make your kid happy.My kid loves animals,so I know he will love such a cute potty! Which kid doesn’t love animals! So,I am sure a cute animal potty will be their favourite item for potty training.

essentials for potty training
Who doesn’t love to sit on such cute potty! With a cute potty,you can easily keep your kid sitting on it for sometime.

Toilet Paper and Flushable Wipes

Toilet paper must be an item that is already you use in your toilet area. However consider buying flushable wipes too that is easier to wipe and clean your kid. With such wet wipes you will feel it is easier to clean the kid than using toilet paper.

A good hand wash for kids

Together with potty training, you also need to teach the kid about basic hygiene practice. Therefore it is essential to train him to wash hands after the potty session. A safe and good hand wash is essential in such reason. Therefore look for a kid friendly hand wash before you start potty train your kid.

Potty training tools and other products to entertain the kid

start potty training
A potty training song is a great way to keep the kid entertained for few minutes.

Other than the above essentials for potty training, consider items which make potty training a fun activity. Rewards charts, stickers, potty training videos, songs, potty training apps and books for potty training are other items that you can consider before you start. With all these items, products and tools, it will be easier to train your kid to the potty!

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list of essential items for potty training?Please share as comments.Read this complete potty training guide to find all necessary tips which I shared with my own experiences with the kid.

How to Make Potty Training Fun for your Kid

If you are about to start potty training with your toddler I am sure you are bit nervous. Specially if you are a first time mommy same as me, you will look for lot of tips and ideas before actually starting potty training. It is true that potty training needs lot of patience and care. I started potty training my kid when he was around 2 years old and it was a really exciting experience for us. We did not try to train our kid so fast. We expected accidents and yes it happened. However, potty training was not a struggle for both my kid and me. Now, at the age of nearly four, we are almost done with potty training. We don’t have night time bed wetting or we don’t use diapers anymore!

how to potty train a boy

If you really want to potty train your kid without much struggle, then make it fun! If your potty training is fun and interesting to your kid, it will be an exciting adventure for your little one. I used the same idea and our fun and interesting potty training sessions end up making my kid with no more diapers.

Thankfully, nowadays there are lot of interesting products and tools for potty training. These products also make potty training a funful activity for both parents and kids. We used such products too to make our potty time special!

So here are the best ways that you can make potty training fun for your kid!

Also read this Step by Step Potty Training Guide

How to Make Potty Training Fun for your Kid?

Read books about potty training

Toddlers and young kids love reading. So, books are one of the best ways to convey any message. Potty training is another milestone that you can get the help of interesting potty training books. These stories always make the kid as a hero. So, that will easily convey the message.

Buy a cute potty

Potty is the main attraction for the kid. At first potty will be like a new toy. Nowadays there are cute potty designs available in the market which are colourful too. Consider buying such cute potty before you starting potty training. If your kid is a bit grown up toddler or a preschooler, you can ask the kid to select his or her favorite potty. I found beautiful and cute potty designs at My Teeny Weeny which is an online shop for both moms and kids. They ship worldwide. So you don’t have to worry about the location you live.

Use Potty training charts and rewards

Potty Training in 3 Days

Potty Training in 3 Days -Rewards charts and potty training fun

This is another trick I used when I was potty training our kid. Potty training chart is a smart way to encourage the kid to go to the potty when they need to pee or poo. I also used stickers as rewards. Those stickers could make a smile on my child right after a successful potty session till he trained completely.

Use potty training apps and songs

start potty training

Potty training apps and songs are another fantastic way to make potty time attractive for kids. We used a potty training song from the YouTube and my kid loved watching it while he was sitting on the potty.

Make it a playful activity

When we started potty training, I created fun activities which my kid could engage. We decorated our potty corner with his arts and crafts. That was so much fun and our potty corner had some personal touch of my kid. So, he loved to spend his time on this space.

Above are some of the tips that you can make potty training fun. Such activities and tools will sure help to make it interesting for the kid. As a result potty training will be much easier!




Complete Step by Step Potty Training Guide

A potty training guide can be really helpful when you are into the challenge with your little kid. Specially, if you are a new mom potty training may sound like a challenge. But, it is not. I was in the same doubt, but with easy and simple steps we could potty train our kid completely when he was 3 years old.

Although I have shared posts before for each of our potty training steps, in this post I want to gather all the posts. Check each post starting from the first post. All these are with our experiences and tips on potty training.

how to potty train a boy

Step by Step Potty Training Guide

Step 1:

Know the right time to potty train your kid! When the kid is ready, you are ready to start potty training.

Check this post for how to start potty training.

Step 2:

Now you know how to start potty training.The next step is to collect all the essentials for potty training.

Check this post for detailed descriptions and list on essentials for potty training.

Step 3:

Once you are with all essentials,plan your potty training.I potty trained my kid in 3 days and it is possible.Consider starting your potty training during a weekend or on a long holiday.So you can fully attend with potty training.

Check how to potty train in 3 days.

However don’t forget to make potty training a fun activity for the kid!

Step 4:

Continue potty training for a period of time till he or she is completely trained and no more accidents.During the potty training period,you will experience accidents.However,encourage your kid.Don’t blame or discourage the kid from sitting on the potty.Once they are used to the routine,they will start going to the potty.When you reach this step,you are almost done.

Step 5:

Special Training for boys 

Actually,nothing special.But,boys will still on the potty when they need to pee.Start teaching the boys on how to go to the potty time like a boy.

Check these tips on how to potty train a boy.

Step 6:

Once the kid is trained for potty during day time,it is time to start night time potty training.In my case I still used diapers during the night time till my kid was completely trained during day time.

Check how to potty train at night.This post will give you all the necessary steps to potty train your kid during night time.

Once the kid is fully trained for night time,you will not need any more diapers!

Hope this complete guide for potty training is helpful for you.Read each post for detailed steps.With this potty training guide,you will sure have wonderful time with your kid!

How to Potty Train at Night?Here is our Complete Guide for Nighttime Potty Training

We are successful with our nighttime potty training. It is a great milestone in my parenting journey so I want to share our experience as this post can be helpful for anyone who need tips on how to potty train at night! Below is a complete guide on nighttime potty training which includes how to start nighttime potty training, When to start night time potty training, Essentials  for the night time potty training and How to potty train at night with step by step guidance. These are all the tips and steps we followed at our home and we could successfully potty trained our kid for night time. He is now 3.5 years old and almost he can go out without using disposable pull-ups or diapers.

How to potty train at night

How to potty train at night?

It is no doubt that Potty training is one of the milestones in parenting. However complete potty training success doesn’t mean that your child goes to the potty during the day time or at the time when he or she wakes up and active. Keeping your little ones dry during nights is one of the big challenges in the potty training journey. However, don’t get panic. You can’t do all overnight. All these training need patience and the right guidance.

When to start night time potty training?

Before you start nighttime potty training, it is best to train your kid to go to the potty during the daytime. Don’t worry if your kid is still not ready to sleep without the diapers although he is potty trained during the day time. It will take time.

Check how to start potty training if you are planning the whole process of potty training including the day time.

Essentials for the night time potty training

Night time potty training is entirely different from day time potty training. Though we don’t use many accessories during the day time potty training, it is better to use essentials such as bed protector when you start night time potty training. When you are ready with such items, you will be less stress with bedwetting accidents during the night time.

Here are some of the essentials I used for night time potty training of our kid.

Training pants for night time


If you use training pants for day time you know that they are not much absorbent. However nighttime training pants are more absorbing and avoid wetting the bed. Therefore it is best to have few nighttime training pants for your kid when you start nighttime potty training.

Nighttime training pants are available as disposable pull-ups and as cloth training pants. You can decide the best one for you as reusable training pants need to wash regularly.

However in my case, I started with disposable pull-ups and the transited to cloth training pants.

Protective Cover for mattress


Check this Mattress Protector and detailed review /product details here

Although you can easily remove and wash your mattress sheets, fitted sheets it is not easy to clean a soiled mattress. That will make you stressful if your kid makes frequent bed-wetting during the transition time from diapers to training pants and the final transition period. To avoid such stressful situations, it is better to think of protective covers for your mattress, so you can easily wash the cover if the child makes any accident.

There are waterproof mattress covers which can fit over the mattress same as your fitted sheet. I use such cover over the mattress so I am with less work during the nighttime bed wetting accidents.

A mattress pad – extra protect

Although there is a protective cover over the mattress, I also use a mattress pad over the bed. These mattress pads ease my washing routine in small bed wetting accidents. As you can easily select mattress pads in small sizes, it is easy to wash and dry than mattress covers.

Few Extra Sheets for the bed

It is wise to stock up few fitted sheets for your bed in order to use when there are accidents. This will save your time during midnight bed wetting accidents as you can easily change the covers of the bed when you have extras.

How to potty train at night? Steps we followed

Here are the simple steps we followed during our night time potty training.

Get organized

First we were organized with new essentials which we didn’t have such as nighttime training pants and pull ups.

Wait till he is ready with day time potty training

how to potty train a boy

We were not in a hurry to potty train our kid for night time. Instead we started with day time potty training. However, when we started day time potty training, we also switched to disposable pull-ups during night time. For him the feeling is same like he is wearing a diaper. However, with this transition to disposable pull ups during the night time, he got some idea about night time potty training.

Decide when to start or wait for the night time potty training readiness

In our case, our kid started refusing wearing a diaper/disposable pull-up during night time. Instead he wanted go to the bed only with his night pajama. When he starts refusing disposables, we started training him for the night time. So that was easier for us to train.

From disposable diapers/pull ups we switched to cloth training pants which are suitable for night time. I prefer cloth diapers and cloth training pants at night during this period as it can give some feeling of wetness for the kid when the make accidents at night.

During this period, he woke up every time he passed pee in his cloth training pant and asked me to change his pant. That was a good clue for me that he was getting the understanding about bedwetting at night.

No more diapers and training pants

Finally we achieved the stage of no more diapers or training pants. However I always prepared the bed with protectors and also with a mattress pad in case if he wet the bed. But he is able to continue his sleep till morning. If he gets up in the early morning, I ask him to go to the potty because when he sleeps again, there is a possibility for bedwetting.

Nighttime Potty Training tips

If you follow the above mentioned steps for nighttime potty training here are some tips which we used for training our kid for the night time.

It is true that Kids who have just come out of the habit of using diapers in the night should be given the right training. This can help them from not wetting the beds in the night. So, here are some tips that can make the overnight potty training process easy for both child and the parents.

Limited liquid before bed time

Cut out the drinks for your kid’s at least an hour before they go to the bed. This can eventually reduce the tendency of wetting the bed while they sleep.

Use the potty just before the bedtime

It is essential to go to the potty just before the bedtime. Your kid may refuse this as it is a new activity for him. However, try to make him sit on the potty even if there is nothing to pee. With time he will continue this habit same as brushing teeth before the bed.

Make the bed with Layered Sheets

Make a bed with layers of protective sheets for your little one who is not using diapers or training pants. You can use a fitted sheet, water proof mattress cover and a waterproof pad to protect the bed.

Use another sheet where possible to make the bed comfortable for the kid. This way even if one layer is wet then the second layers will remain dry. Wash the layers in the morning and reuse it during night.

There are several ways that you can get potty training for your kids especially during night. Whichever way is used make sure that they are comfortable and can get a good night’s sleep without any pull-ups or diapers.

Midnight Potty trips – is this working?

It is important to take your kid to the washroom or potty before they go to the bed. Some parents take their kid mid night during they sleep just to avoid accidents. However, I didn’t use this method or I didn’t take my kid to the potty during the midnight to avoid accidents. Instead I allowed accidents on first days to teach him the uncomfortable feeling of disturbed sleep. Though he made few accidents in our first weeks of night time potty training, lately he started sleeping for longer hours without wetting the bed.

Above is our complete guide for potty training a kid at night time. We could successfully potty train our kid for night time routine. So, these tips will help you too.

How to buy Essentials for nighttime potty training?

Below are some places that you can buy essentials for night time potty training. Hope these details are helpful.

From Amazon:

Check  nighttime training pants here

From Singapore online shops:

Check training pants designs available in Singapore here here

Check waterproof mattress protector here

How to Potty Train a Boy? Here is how we did!

Potty training is another milestone in parenting which most parents struggle with their kids. How to potty train a boy is a doubt for many parents.Potty training can be tough with boys as they sometimes try to be stubborn or more active during this stage of age. Although some parents assume that potty training a boy is difficult than potty training a girl, I never found it as a difficult milestone. We happily potty trained our kid although there were accidents during the period.

How to Potty Train a Boy?

Before you potty train your son you need to know the things such as potty training age, when to potty train and how to start potty training. When you have a good start on potty training, it won’t be difficult even for a stubborn boy. Make the potty training a happier incident, so you will do it fast same as we did it in 3 days.Check how we potty trained in 3 days with fun activities!

how to potty train a boy

how to potty train a boy

I am happy that we are almost potty trained our boy before he is 4 years old. Now he is 3.5 years old and he doesn’t wear diapers or pull ups for his preschool. He is a big boy now who wears underwear for his preschool and even for other outside visits. 🙂 Now we are in the final step of potty training which is night time potty training. However, our night time potty training is also almost success as we could stop using the diapers at night. It is a big win!

So, here are some of our tips on how to potty train a boy! Although Potty training can be tough when it comes to boys with these few tips the whole process can be made easy for both parents and the kids! Read on!

Milestones for potty train a boy

Although there are many steps in potty training a boy,here are my main concerns of potty training with our kid.If your concern is how to potty train a boy,then below steps can be helpful for you too.

1.No more diapers at home during the day

2.Use of training pants for the day time

3.Completely use the potty at home.

4.Start wearing underwear when we go out (no more diapers)

5.Night time potty training

Potty Training Tips for Boys

Start at the right age

You need to know when to potty train before start the whole process. Although you can start potty training as early as age of 18 months, most parents are successful on potty training during the age of 2-3 years old. Usually kids during the age 2-3 years like to imitate or pretend others. This is where parents can get the benefit.

Actually we were success in our day time potty training of our son when he was at 28 months old.(he was just 2 years plus).Our potty training was really fun and that made him excited to sit on the potty and flush after passing pee.

Check how we did potty training in 3 days!

how to potty train a boy

How to Potty Train a Boy?

Let your son decide his position

Kids show that they are ready for potty training by around 2 to 2 1/2 years. However most parents are in doubt of the position when they potty train a boy.

You may in doubt thinking whether he will sit or stand while using potty. Don’t worry and don’t force your son to use the potty with stand position for pee and sitting position for poo. This will make him confuse and stressful.

It is better to relax and leave him to decide and use the method that he is comfortable with. First let him get comfortable in one position and then later switch on. Most of the moms train their boys in sitting position. We also did the same. Once he is familiar with the potty and when he understand the time to go to potty and when there are no more accidents with no diapers, you can start teaching how boys use the potty in standing position.

Buy the best potty and other accessories

Buy a potty that your son can use for his own use. This will make the whole process easier for him than using the toilet. He will have the ease of hoping on and off the potty and to shift from one place to another.

how to potty train a boy

At first we bought both potty and a seat cover for the toilet. However, we found it is wise to train him to the potty before we train him to use the toilet. So, we started potty training our boy with the potty. We also visited the store with him to buy the potty. So, he could select his favorite potty and he likes it.

start potty training

Potty training songs,apps and books are great to keep kids on the potty!

Other than a potty, you also need other accessories such as potty training books, games, potty training rewards charts and don’t forget the beautiful underwear and training pants. All these new items will make him happy with his new milestone which will lead to a successful potty training of a boy!

Show him the way

Sometimes it is much easy for father to show his son what needs to be done. This can be perfect at the end of potty training a boy. Mom can start potty train a boy in sitting position until he is ready to use the potty without making accidents. And the father can start training him on how to use the toilet as a boy.

how to potty train a boy

Reward charts can be a great way to encourage the use of the potty!

Get him trained

Don’t get panic in potty training your son in the quickest way. Yes, it is possible to potty train a toddler in 3 days. However, all boys are not the same. Some kids take more time than you think. So, let them learn the way to use the potty under your guidance.

how to potty train a boy

As little guys learn more from their parents a male model at home can help them to learn the correct way. Usually little ones like to follow his daddy. The difference in the use of the toilet by both the parents can pile up questions in the mind which can be cleared by fathers.

Make your kids comfortable as they learn a new phase of life by getting trained to potty. Let your son to use his own methods and positions until he find the correct way. This will allow them to grow up happily.


Potty Training in 3 Days – Is it Possible?

For me  potty training in 3 days was something impossible.I never thought any success of it.However I read lot about 3 day potty training methods and potty training tips before we actually started our potty training adventure.Finally it was a success!

I could potty train my son in 3 days. I never expected to potty train him in just three days, but it happened! Before start potty training with my toddler son, I prepared for it. When he was about 18 months old we started potty training. But it was not serious. We also couldn’t continue potty training as we were on a holiday for about 1 month. It is best to forget about potty training when you are on a holiday!

Once we came back to Singapore, he started playgroup. So, I didn’t want to stress him with another potty training session as he had to adjust to his new life. So, actually our first potty training routine was disturbed and neglected. But we switched to pants and completely stopped diapers during day time.

Potty Training in 3 Days

Potty Training in 3 days – Is it possible?Here is how we did it!

How to Start Potty Training

You can also check how to start potty training and how to prepare for it before you read this post further.

For our actual and serious potty training period, his age is 28 months. He understands what is potty and when to go to the potty. But he refused to sit on there. He showed some stubborn reactions when I asked him to sit on the potty. Anyway, I understand he is in his terrible two, so I didn’t want to make our potty training sessions stressful.

I wanted to potty train my little bit stubborn toddler with fun activities than making it stressful for him. My method worked. For my surprise he loved potty time and we could complete potty training in 3 days. I started during a long weekend which we could utilize complete three days for him.

Anyway,at this stage I prepared lot before starting potty training.I gathered lot of tips on how to potty train.I allowed him to watch potty training videos and it was fun for him to get some understanding.I also watched a video about potty training and I could get some tips and ideas.

How to make potty training fun for toddlers?

Here are my steps of potty training a toddler boy with fun activities.

Step 1: We made a potty Corner

Yes, we made a special and decorative potty corner. Well, our bathroom is bit small, so I keep the potty just outside the bathroom. When we start potty training, we bought both a potty and a seat cover. We used both potty and toilet seat cover in our potty training area.

Here are some of the moments of creating our beautiful potty training corner. This activity made my toddler happy. He involved in making his potty corner and he had so much fun and some authority over potty training.

Here is how we made our potty corner for successful potty training.

My toddler son likes to use wet tissues. So I gave him wet tissues and we started by cleaning the potty and the seat cover.(Note: These are new clean potties, I only asked him to clean the potty just to make it interactive)

We mopped the floor and arranged both potty and the seat cover in a line.

Well, potty is for my son. Seat cover is to potty train his teddy bear.

We also decorated the walls with some of his artwork.

Potty Training in 3 Days with fun

Potty Training in 3 Days with fun

Being so creative, my son added another bench to the potty area and placed some of his toy animals on it saying all are on the potty.

Making our potty area was so much fun and it was a good activity for him to spend the day.

Potty Training in 3 Days

Potty Training in 3 Days – our potty corner

Finally, before I ask him he sat on the potty .My first step on potty training was Success!

Step 2: Potty training rewards chart

I also created a potty training rewards chart and bought some rewards stickers and other character stickers.

Potty Training in 3 Days

Potty Training in 3 Days -Rewards charts and potty training fun

I actually used an A4 sheet on the wall and planned to give rewards stickers when he does anything that is helpful for potty training.

You can download a free potty training rewards chart here.

A beautiful potty training chart will be more fun than just a paper.

Step 3: Plan how you keep him sit for a longer period on the potty.

Well, my son is so active and he didn’t want to sit for more than few seconds on the potty. So, this time I planned few things to keep him sit on the potty for few minutes.

how to potty train a boy

Potty Training in 3 Days – Activities

I was prepared with Jigsaw puzzles, new story books and with potty training songs to keep him sit on the potty.These methods really worked on him to keep him sitting on the potty.

Now we are ready to potty train. Our potty training corner is ready. We also have a potty training rewards chart and stickers. I also bought new jigsaw puzzles and some story books for him to read. But I didn’t show those to him till we actually started.

Now, let’s start actual potty training.

How to Potty train a toddler in three days?

Well,this is my actual experience on potty training our toddler boy.This is how we potty trained our son in three days. Actually first day morning we spent few hours to prepare the potty training area. Once we finished preparing the area, even before I asked my son sat on the potty and started reading books. I understand he found this area as an activity area than a potty area.

I explained him how to go to potty which includes removing his pants, after done washing his hands and flushing.

Potty training with fun

Potty training with fun – My son was teaching his teddy how to go to potty. (repeating what I told him) #pretendplaying

I gave him water every 1 to 2 hours and also asked him to sit on the potty if he needs to pee. Sometimes he passed pee. Sometimes he didn’t. But, I continued giving him water and keeping him on the potty.Anyway,these sessions were not forceful or stressful for him.

To keep him sitting, we both read books or we both solved jigsaw puzzles.

When he did anything that is helpful for potty training, I gave him a sticker.

Sometimes I gave him few sticker one for each action such as removing pant, sitting on the potty, peeing on the potty, throwing into the commode, flush with me and to wash hands after any session.

For him, these reward stickers were fun gifts. He pasted those on both his rewards chart and pictures on the wall.

When he got up from a daytime nap, the first thing I did was keeping him on the potty. I did the same before sleeping at night and on the next day morning when he got up.

During this weekend, I actually didn’t do much of other tasks at home. Instead I gave the priority for his potty training.

When we reached the second day and third day, he started to sit on the potty when he wanted to pee. He did such successful potty time few times a day and we praised him for his success saying he is a clever boy. This potty training celebration was fun for him.

End of third day, he was completely potty trained. Still I continue the same routine with him and he loves to sit on the potty.

Activities to make potty time fun

We created potty training area fun. Now, this is how we made his potty time fun with different activities.

We read Story books during his potty time. We also solve jigsaw puzzles at the potty.

After he is done, he loves to flush and see the water bubbles. (Only for pee time)

Potty training rewards chart, reward stickers and jigsaw puzzles as gifts for after each successful potty session gave him some fun and celebration mood for his success.

We also watch potty training songs from youtube and those are helpful too.

start potty training

His father also was at home during the weekend. Our son loved to celebrate his potty training success with his father and I found my son was proud of his each potty session.He shouted and laughed with excitement when he was successful.

how to potty train a boy

potty training in 3 days – Is it possible?

Above is how we actually potty trained our toddler boy within three days. It was really fun and interactive.

Remember, still there can have accidents. Don’t get stressful and don’t make your child stressful if he faces any accidents. Sometimes he or she may not ready for potty training. If you find first potty training session is unsuccessful, don’t get stressed. Wait for few other weeks and start again as we did.For me potty training in 3 days was successful.But,every child is not the same.Some,they are good in potty training in 3 days,but some kids may take longer time.You need to prepare for all these things when you plan potty train your kid.

We still continue the same potty training routine and he enjoys his time there.

Potty Training Resources

Here is a list of potty training resources which are helpful for me.In this list,I included resources which help me to make our potty training in 3 days fun and enjoyable.

I use books during our potty time.You can check this collection of books about potty training.

We also like potty training videos.




How to Start Potty Training

Potty training is one of the milestones for parenting journey. It is exciting, fun and active. However, you need to prepare a lot and you need to expect lot of accidents during the potty training period. We started potty training our son when he was around 18 months old and it was the time he started showing the potty training readiness.

How to Start Potty Training

With his clues on potty training readiness, we bought a potty and I included sitting on the potty as the first thing to do in his daily routine. With my experience on potty training him, here are some of the tips on how to start potty training.

How to start potty training?

Switch to pull ups or training pants

This is one of the first things we did in our potty training period. We started using pants during day time and completely stopped the use of diapers when we are at home. He gradually learned how to pull the pants up and down, however we had many accidents and I had to spend more time on cleaning. Anyway switching to pants was a good way to teach him on the feeling of pee and poo. For toilet training toddler boys, you can buy training pants which are decorated with their favourite characters such as Thomas the train. That would be fun!

How to Start Potty Training

Teach him about the need of using the potty

Toddlers are really smart in learning. This is the right time to teach right things. Talk about potty and why we use the potty. I also showed him photos and videos which I found over internet of other toddlers who use the potty. This awareness was a good start to train him to use the potty.

Make it fun

Potty time should be full of fun and interactive. There are songs and books about potty training. Use such media to make toilet training fun. A favourite song, dvd or a book can do the trick of keeping the toddler sitting on the potty for some time. I usually use a potty training song from YouTube and he loves watching it.

How to Start Potty Training

Don’t make it stressful

Don’t force your toddler to use the potty within a day. It can be stressful for both you and your toddler. Instead try to give the idea of using the potty and monitor the success. When you force, he will never sit on the potty and that will create another problem. So, you as a parent need to prepare to be patient and interact with your toddler to ease his pressure of adjusting to a new schedule.

Finally, potty training is just another milestone of your parenting life. Take it easy and be prepare with helpful tips on potty training. When you know more about potty training, that will be an easy process and finally both you and your baby will be happy.

Check how we potty trained in 3 days.

The Ecobabyloo – The World’s First Toilet Chair for Babies!

One of the interesting and most important times at any child’s development is his toilet training time. Same as introducing solids, parents cannot ignore the right time to train them to use the toilet. It is exciting and can be bit challenging too. Some parents wait till they see the signs of potty training from their kids, but there are others who like to train their kids to the toilet at very early stages such as 2-3 months old.

The Ecobabyloo is designed for parents who like to start toilet training at the very early stages making the toilet time fun and interesting.

The Ecobabyloo – The World’s First Toilet Chair for Babies!

The EcoBabyloo is children’s eco-friendly toilet made from recycling materials. With the features of easy washable, durable and with appropriate size for the little ones to sit, Ecobabyloo makes it interesting to the babies to learn and train their toilet time.

Feature of the Ecobabyloo toilet

The Ecobabyloo – The World’s First Toilet Chair for Babies!

The Ecobabyloo – The World’s First Toilet Chair for Babies!

Ecobabyloo is recognized as the first children’s toilet which is eco-friendly. It comes with below features which any parent like to have their kids’ toilets.

  • It is designed in a way keeping the young children in mind, so it is easy for babies to sit on it comfortably and spend time learning their body parts and how to cope with their toilet needs.
  • The design is convenient for those parents who are interested to start potty training at the early stages of their baby’s life.
  • EcoBabyloo is designed in a way that parents can have face to face interaction with their child when they are on toilet. This is good to improve the communication between baby and the parents while teaching him toilet habits. It is a great way to improve bonding while they are on potty training.

You can find more details of this EcoBabyloo by visiting http://ecobabyloo.com/.You can also join with the EcoBabyloo kickstarter campaign and help them to make toilet training effective, fun & easy!

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