June 18, 2024

Essential Items for Potty Training

If you plan for potty training your toddler or preschooler, then be sure to start it right. When you start potty training at right age with right products, it is not a struggle anymore. We actually started our potty training when the kid was just above 2 years old. However with right products, tips and tricks we could pass the initial phase of potty training without much hard moments. This is my trick. To make potty training a fun and interesting milestone, you need to have right products around you. It is not a list of fancy items. Instead this is the basic and Essential Items for successful Potty Training which any mom should consider.

Essential Items for Potty Training
Make potty training an interesting activity for your kid!

Here is our list of Essential Items for Potty Training

A Cute potty

Yes, to start potty training you need a potty. However consider spending time to select an attractive potty for your kid. Invest some money on a cute design and your kid will love it. This will make it easier to make your kid keep sitting on the potty. I found beautiful and cute potty designs at My Teeny Weeny which is an online shop for both moms and kids. They ship worldwide. So you don’t have to worry about the location you live.

I really love the below cute potty from My Teeny Weeny.They have different cute designs which can make your kid happy.My kid loves animals,so I know he will love such a cute potty! Which kid doesn’t love animals! So,I am sure a cute animal potty will be their favourite item for potty training.

essentials for potty training
Who doesn’t love to sit on such cute potty! With a cute potty,you can easily keep your kid sitting on it for sometime.

Toilet Paper and Flushable Wipes

Toilet paper must be an item that is already you use in your toilet area. However consider buying flushable wipes too that is easier to wipe and clean your kid. With such wet wipes you will feel it is easier to clean the kid than using toilet paper.

A good hand wash for kids

Together with potty training, you also need to teach the kid about basic hygiene practice. Therefore it is essential to train him to wash hands after the potty session. A safe and good hand wash is essential in such reason. Therefore look for a kid friendly hand wash before you start potty train your kid.

Potty training tools and other products to entertain the kid

start potty training
A potty training song is a great way to keep the kid entertained for few minutes.

Other than the above essentials for potty training, consider items which make potty training a fun activity. Rewards charts, stickers, potty training videos, songs, potty training apps and books for potty training are other items that you can consider before you start. With all these items, products and tools, it will be easier to train your kid to the potty!

Do you have any other ideas to add to this list of essential items for potty training?Please share as comments.Read this complete potty training guide to find all necessary tips which I shared with my own experiences with the kid.

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14 thoughts on “Essential Items for Potty Training

  1. My sister is actually expecting her very first child in about a month, so this article would definitely prove helpful to her in the future – I’ll give this a share her way fro sure. 🙂

  2. I only used a training potty for my first child and found a potty seat worked better for us with the remaining kids. I think it helped that they saw their older brother using the big toilet and a potty seat. But I do think having the child pick out their potty seat would get them more excited to use it.

  3. What a cute potty seat! I’ve always purchased the potty when my little ones reached the ten month mark. Now that we are approaching ten months with my youngest daughter I will have to look into this seat!

  4. I am going to need to remember this post in a couple of years from now when my daughter starts potty training. I love the penguin!

  5. We had a couple potties to help the process along. One in each bathroom and one in the car for convenience. We started out with our potty in the living room so the TV was their entertainment.

  6. Perfect items for potty training. I used all except Potty seat, actually I did way with Elimination communication right after a year and that too directly on the bathroom pot.

  7. O how I remember those days. They have come a long way with better products to help with potty training, wish I had some of this stuff back when I was doing it!

  8. When Elias was potty training I bought a portable toilet at target. It had lights and music. It cheered him when he peed or poop and it made noise when he flushed!!

  9. The potty makes all the difference!! When you’re potty training (like we currently are- for the THIRD time) it’s important to make it fun for the kids and like you said- get a potty that they will want to sit on!

  10. I have no idea yet when it comes to training toddlers nor kids. This post is such a helpful one. I will make this as reference in the future.

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