June 15, 2024

Freshly Baked Mooncakes from Bing Liang Bakery #Review

Before sharing this Mooncakes review I have to share a story behind it. As always I love story telling before any review. ๐Ÿ™‚ Story telling is part of my blogging journey. That’s why this Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes review post too comes with a life story. ๐Ÿ™‚

Living in Singapore this is the season I love most! Why? Simply it is time to celebrate Mid-Autumn festival or Mooncake festival. Among other activities such as lanterns, mooncakes take an important place during this season.

This is how I became a huge fan of Mooncakes! ๐Ÿ™‚ Anyway,before reading further,don’t forget to read this Whyzee cakes review too.

Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes

Working in Singapore, this is the season our offices are filled with different flavours of mooncakes. Other than delicious mooncakes, I love this season for another reason. The mooncake box! ๐Ÿ™‚

Always mooncakes come in pretty boxes. Not only me, my colleagues too loved to keep one beautiful Mooncake box to organize small items till the next year Mooncake festival.

Now as a self-employed professional, I didnโ€™t even imagine of tasting delicious mooncakes this year. But it was the right time when I received these mooncakes from Bing Liang Bakery!

I am really happy because this year I didnโ€™t miss the chance to taste delicious Mooncakes from a well reputed bakery.

So, letโ€™s read my experience and review of Mooncakes from Bing Liang Bakery.

Mooncakes from Bing Liang Bakery

Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes

I wanted to taste few different flavours. Luckily Bing Liang Bakery offers their customers to choose flavours and customize their mooncakes. This is a great opportunity for anyone who like to sample few flavours before the final order placement.

The flavours I ordered are White lotus, Red bean paste, Green tea and Durian flavour. All these are my favourtie Mooncake floavours with experience in tasting this traditional delight each year since I came to Singapore.(Since 2008)

Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes

What is Bing Liang Bakery?

Well if I try to explain the well reputed Bing Liang Bakery and its Mooncakes to those who are Singaporeans, it sounds like I am going to do something not necessary. Because Bing Liang Bakery is well known among Singaporeans for its handmade delicacies. But if you are a new resident in Singapore, you may not know what Bing Liang Bakery is.

Bing Liang Bakery started their business in 1998 in Muar, Johor using their family recipes. Over the years baked goodies from Bing Liang Bakery become popular among people in both Johor and Singapore. As a result, now people in Singapore can order Mooncakes and other baked goodies online from Bing Liang Bakery online store.

The Taste, Experience and Review

Well, as I mentioned I received 4 different mooncake flavours. These were nicely packed in a pretty box with labels on each mooncake to identify the flavor. Therefore it was easier to taste each mooncake by exploring its flavor.

Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes

The Lotus flavoured mooncakes are simply yummy. Not overly sweet. In each bite I could taste the lotus seeds which I loved.

Durian flavor mooncake is my next favourite flavor. Although it is a Durian Mooncake, it is not overly flavoured with Durian taste. Simply tasteful and you cannot stop tasting another bite.

Green tea flavour mooncake is my next favourite. It gives the strong flavor of green tea together with crunchiness of white lotus seeds. Wonderful experience during the teatime!

Red bean paste is my all-time favourite mooncake flovour which second to only white lotus seeds. The mooncake from Bing Liang Bakery was just nice. Not only me, it was the favourite of my kid too.

Bing Liang Bakery Mooncakes

After all, I like all these flavours. The mooncakes are fresh and flavourful.

These handmade mooncakes are easy to order. They deliver within 60 minutes of your order. Free delivery for orders above $88.

Visit Bing Liang Bakery to read more details about the mooncakes.There are different flavours you can choose.Check www.bingliang.com.sg

Disclaimer: I received these Mooncakes for review purpose.However all opinions are mine.

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29 thoughts on “Freshly Baked Mooncakes from Bing Liang Bakery #Review

  1. I have never had a mooncake before but after reading your post I would love to try them. The ones you got from Bing Liang Bakery look so delicate, I love their decorations.

  2. I’m really not a big fan of mooncake but when I see them I feel like eating them but I really don’t fancy the taste hehe. They look so good but I’m very picky with the flavors. Although the green tea sounds nice? I tried the white lotus and it wasn’t so bad too. I could eat it but not my favorite.

  3. I am traveling there soon. Their mooncakes are really amazing. Thanks for the reminder. I am going to eat as many as I can during my visit.

  4. I loved your story telling part here. It was so good. However, these cakes and their designs are amazing. I would love to try them.

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