July 15, 2024

Tips On How To Make Your Own Green Smoothies

Smoothies are a great way to get some of your five a day. They’re an even better way to get some healthy goodness into children. They’re easy to make, and they taste amazing.

You can make your smoothies even more healthy and delicious by growing your own ingredients.

How To Make Your Own Green Smoothies

5 Green Smoothie Tips To Help You Get Started

  • Stick to the 60/40 formula. When you start making green smoothies for the first time, avoid just throwing things into your blender. If you do this it will probably taste bitter before you even get started. To save you from those smoothie-fails, use measuring cups while you are still in the learning stages of making green smoothies.
How To Make Your Own Green Smoothies
  • It is also important that you blend your smoothie in stages in order to prevent leafy chunks. Having to chew on a smoothie is nobody’s idea of fun. To arrive at smooth green smoothies, blend the liquid-base and the leafy greens first. Spinach and kale are a great addition here – you can find instructions on Gardener’s Path on how to grow either. From here you can add your fruits before you start blending again.
  • Freeze a few fruits and avoid using ice in your smoothies. If you like your smoothies really cold, freeze a few fruit favorites like pineapple, grapes, berries or ripe bananas. This is also an excellent method to save fruits that are already ripe. It is also possible to freeze leafy greens, just make sure you use a bag that is freezer-safe. Add the frozen green directly to your blender (don’t defrost your leafy greens). Check this mango smoothie recipe too. It is delicious and easy to make.
Tips To Make Your Own Green Smoothies
  • Use natural and raw sweeteners. You can add fruits that are naturally sweet to any green smoothie that is tasting “too green” or bitter. When you use fruits that are naturally sweet like pitted dates, pears, apples, bananas, or mangos, there is no need to add processed sugars or artificial sweeteners.
  • Make your smoothies in advance for the ideal meal on the go. Many people are in a rush in the mornings, and this is why a green smoothie is classified as one of the healthiest types of fast foods for individuals that are always rushing around to get things done. Prepare your green smoothie the night before and keep it in the fridge (you can keep your smoothies for up to 2 days in the fridge). Make sure you cover the smoothie with an airtight-lid to prevent oxidation and to retain the nutrients and freshness. Just before you are about to drink it, make sure you give the container a shake before opening it.

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