June 21, 2024

Personalised Name Labels from Bright Star Kids #Review

When the kid started his preschool, one of the tasks I had to do was to label all his belongings. However, so far I didnโ€™t use any printed name labels, instead I used hand written labels with sellotape on it to paste on his bag, bottle and meal boxes. But, that wanted me to label the stuff again and again after few days simply because of labels removing once I wash those. And it doesn’t look nice too ๐Ÿ™‚ That is the time I received the opportunity to review personalized labels from Bright Star Kids. Thatโ€™s timely when I was thinking of having durable and washable name labels for my kidโ€™s belongings!

Bright Star Kids-personalized-bag-tag
Personalised bag tag from Bright Star Kids

So, here is our experience with Bright Star Kids.

Personalised Name Labels from Bright Star Kids – Review

We received the Mega Name Labels Value Kit which is personalized with the name of my kid together with personalized bag tag which could make my kid exciting! A name label printed with his name could make my kid so excited. The best part is that I could personalize the name label design with the thoughts of the kid.

Mega Name Labels Value Kit

This Mega Name Labels Value Kit is really value for the money as it contains 385 labels in different designs for different functions. As we received 385 labels in this pack, it is really good enough to use throughout the school year for different labeling requirements.

To create the personalized labels, all you need to do is visit Bright Star Kids website and visit Mega Name Labels Value Kit page. The instructions are easy to follow. You only need to select the colour options and share the name that you want to appear on your labels.

Personalised Name Labels from Bright Star Kids -Review
Personalising the name labels is really easy using the facilities at Bright Star Kids website.

As my kid likes lion toys and lion figures so much, he wanted his labels to personalise with his favourite animal, the lion! So, we could easily create a set of personalised name labels which feature his name and a beautiful lion!

These labels are 100% waterproof and dishwasher safe. So, now I donโ€™t have to label his stuffs again and again.

Personalised Name Labels from Bright Star Kids #Review
Use of Personalised Name Labels from Bright Star Kids in different kid’s stuff

Personalised bag tags from Bright Star Kids

The next product we received is this personalised bag tag. It is really cute and also helpful for labeling the bag of our kid. This bag tag is helpful for preschool bag labeling or eve for luggage when we travel for holiday.

Personalized bag tag is also comes with many features. It is really easy to personalise it as the site shares different designs. We selected this safari theme as our kid likes to have anything with animal pictures. ๐Ÿ™‚

Personalised bag tag from Bright Star Kids-review
Personalised bag tag from Bright Star Kids

Overall we are happy with these name labels. By visiting Bright Star Kids website, you can check more details including many different product ideas!

Why we like these Personalised name tags from Bright Star Kids?

For me,I found that this is really easy and convenient way to label the kid’s stuff.As I mentioned at the beginning I used one of the old school method to label the stuff spending so much time.But,now it is really easy when I have to label new stuff such as books,dress,shoes and even his meal boxes using the sticker labels I have.It saves me time.

As the labels are water resistant,I don’t have to label the stuff again for a long time.After all,this is a cute and neat way to label the kid’s belongings keeping the appearance of the product.

Discount Code for Bright Star Kids Products

Bright Star Kids is not only for personalised name labels and bag tags.They offer a wide range of personalised items including wall art,clothing,bags & accesories which you can use as customized unique gifts or for your personal usage.In their range of stationary designs,you’ll find different ideas to use personalised products.

So,use the code AMILA and enjoy 10% off from your items when you shop with Bright Star Kids.(No minimum spend)

Below are the details which you can easily connect with Bright Star Kids.

Website :ย  www.brightstarkids.sg

  • Facebook – facebook.com/BrightStarKids
  • Pinterest – pinterest.com/brightstarkids
  • Twitter – @brightstarkids
  • Instagram – @bright.star.kids

Do you like to use personalised name tags and name labels to label your kid’s stuff? Why do you like such name label stickers?Please share your thoughts and experiences below.

Disclosure: We received the above products free in order to facilitate this review.However all opinions are mine.

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30 thoughts on “Personalised Name Labels from Bright Star Kids #Review

  1. I have twins infants and a teenager. This labeling system is amazing! I love the simplicity of this. Thank you for posting!

  2. Such a great idea! I remember scrambling to make labels for my daughter when she was little every year! This is a perfect and adorable alternative!

    1. It’s a sure thing.Kids love to paste stickers.And when they label their stuff alone,it is a great way to introduce them some responsibilities…I do the same with my kid allowing him to label his stuff alone ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. These look so cute. Love the designs and kids will definitely love them too. I don’t have to label anything here but when he goes to school I label everything!

  4. This is such a cute label and tags. I can send a gift for my nieces for the school bags and toys stuff storage. I hope that price is reliable. For the price of $54 or almost 2K here. I think some moms will print out and create their own design by not more than 1k or $25.

  5. Wow this is such a great help for personalized things. Perfect for souvenirs too and things to use by the kids before the classes starts.

  6. The tags are so cute! It sounds like durability was the issue that you were having and the tags solved the issue for you! Very useful!

  7. These tags do look cool. I admit that I don’t tag my childs stuff all that much. And in general we have not had problems with losing anything. But i can appreciate wanting to use them.

  8. Cuteness. Labeling my boys’ school supplies is also one mom duty I enjoy. We would look for designs and print them at home. Yours are cool ideas and I am excited to for this coming school.year because we get to again – design and print labels for the boys’ things.

    1. yes,agree.Spending time with these cute little work is always precious.I also enjoy such time.Nowadays I do most of such work together with the kid.So,he will learn some responsibilities too such as naming and labeling his stuff in this case.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Very cool tags. They will be great for Xmas and birthday gifts too! Thank you for the information.

  10. Omg how cute are these labels!!! I bet my daughter would love these for all of her belongings that need a label!

  11. Weeee! Labels are just my thing. Sometimes, I just really write on things because I so love writing. I even tell my mom to put labels on her stuff so people would return them when they borrow it. It could serve as a reminder too. Haha! Isn’t it really so much fun?

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