June 15, 2024

Animal Resort Singapore (Farm Visit in a Weekend)

Not sure where to go in the weekend? With lot of kids friendly activities and places it is really difficult to decide where to go in Singapore with kids for a short break. It is same with us sometimes, but I planned a tour to Animal Resort Singapore from long time and final we visited!

For a toddler what else can make fun than animal sounds and animals! Our toddler is same and he loves farm animals and when he just started talking, he always muttered  ‘Old McDonald has a farm EiEiO…He has lot of farm animal toys and farm animal books, but he still loves watching farm animals live!

Animal Resort Singapore

Animal Resort in Singapore is a really fun and interesting concept to bring the kids and there are number of farm animals live there. They live freely and suddenly you will shock with kampong style when geese are waddling and ducks say Quack Quack roaming around you!

Here are some of the moments from our animal farm visit.

After feeding the horse,we started watching other farm animals.This cassowary stays next to the horse,so we cannot miss greeting him!

Animal Resort Singapore

See,he smiles!

Animal Resort-Singapore

Next is a small hut with rabbits.The time we visited this hut ,it was bit crowded,but we could watch rabbits.

iphone 311

Although other animals look lovely and stay freely,I feel these rabbits don’t like or do not enjoy their stay in these cages.With lot of people and with small space,it seems the rabbits are bit stressed! 🙁

Animal Resort-Singapore

Just after the rabbit house,it was a pond with fish.

Animal Resort-Singapore

What we saw next is really interesting!The peacock who opened his feathers!

Animal Resort-Singapore

The peacock in this cage fanned out his feathers and it was a beautiful scene for us to enjoy.

Animal Resort-Singapore

It was a beautiful peacock and he was walking around the peahen with his colourful feathers.

Animal Resort-Singapore

Isn’t this lovely?

Animal Resort-Singapore

Next we found ducks roaming around freely together with hens and geese.

Animal Resort-Singapore

Animal Resort-Singapore

We spent time looking around and feeding the animals.

Animal Resort-Singapore

Animal Resort is a great place to visit with kids.The day we visited was a bit sunny and hot day.But,still the Animal Resort was a shady place with trees around.

Animal Resort-Singapore

If you think of a day out with kids,this is a great place to visit.

Important Information to Visit Animal Resort Singapore:

Location : Animal Resort, 81 Seletar West Farmway 5, 798061

How to reach: By car or By taxi is the best way to reach the farm as there is at least 10-15 minutes walk from the road.

Admission: FREE

Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm Daily

Tips to visit Animal Resort Singapore:

  • Bring mosquito repellent with you.If you forget,don’t worry.There is a shop at the Animal Resort.
  • You can buy Animal food to feed the animals.Prices are really cheap.At the time we visited it was $1 per pack or $2 per every 3 packs.
  • If you don’t drive,then hire a taxi.But sometimes taxi drivers also cannot find the place as the surrounding area undergoes lot of new constructions.That happened to us.If you go by bus,expect walking around 10-15 minutes through  beautiful  area with lots of trees.
  • Inside the Animal Resort there is a shop which you can buy drinks and water.

Hope you enjoyed this week’s travel post.Please share your photo stories with me using the linky below.

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  1. Lovely place to take kids. I can’t wait for summer to bring my kids to the farm close by. Love the pic of the peacock.

  2. Those peacock are just the loveliest! I love your son’s reaction to seeing them too =)

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