May 22, 2024

Mixbook Photo Book Review

As Mixbook is one of my favourite photo book creating companies I want to share this Mixbook Photo Book Review to help you to decide on creating your next photo albums. Actually Mixbook is not only a company which provides the facility to create photo books.They also offer wide range of products and services which are really helpful for anyone who loves creativity and who loves to organize things in a better way.

Mixbook Photo Book Review
Mixbook Photo Book Review

Things you can do with Mixbook

You can easily find beautiful themes and designs for birthday invitations and baby shower invitations. Not only for baby birthdays, you can also use photo printing service for other events such as your wedding or even for travel memories. Are your phone and computer full of digital photos? Why don’t you think of printing some of the best photos and create photo albums? With Mixbook you can also order photo prints and the rates are really affordable. Thinking of decorating your home with some beautiful wall art? I always love to create canvas prints using my travel photos which I am proud of. Printing a beautiful canvas print is really easier with Mixbook as you can do all just by staying in front of your computer within few single clicks.

Mixboo Photo Book Review
Mixbook Photo Book Review – Our Family Photo Book for 2015

What I mentioned above are some of the things which you can do with Just by visiting the site, you can find more details of their products.If you love to create a scrapbook online,their photo book making software is really fun and easy to use.

Actually in this post, I want to share about Mixbook Photo books which I always love to create. I’ve shared some Mixbook reviews before and I also plan to share a Mixbook birthday photo cards review in future. Till that, here is my review on recent photo book created with Mixbook.

Mixbook Photo Book Review

If you remember, recently I shared a post about my experience on creating a photo book with Mixbook. Now, it is time to share the actual experience and review of Mixbook photobook.

Truly I love to create photo books with Mixbook. There are many reasons for me. But, to keep the post simple and short, below are some of the reasons to choose Mixbook as my favourite photo book creating company.

  • Use of the Mixbook photo book making software is really easy and fun. I could select a beautiful design from the available designs. What I like most is that I could insert text as I want. I could also change the design and insert some custom pages to my photo book when I create it with Mixbook.
How to create a family photo book
Mixbook Photo Book Review – Easy to use photo book software
  • I could create custom  pages as I like.Use of stickers and text was really fun and it is a good way to write some memories on the photos.
Mixbook Photo Book Review – Easy to use custom pages with text and stickers
  • Finally, the rates are really reasonable and shipping rates are not so high.
  • I also want to mention another feature I really like and which I use for my next photo book with Mixbook.

It is the facility of adding contributors. That’s really helpful when we need to create a photo book together with friends and other family members.

Here is how I use that feature and why I like Mixbook so much. If you heard, recently Sri Lanka faced to an unexpected severe flood situation. Our homes were flooded too till the roof top.( Can you imagine the condition of my school day photos and childhood day’s photos? All are damaged and I really feel sad. But, now I have facility of collecting the photos from my school friends who live in different countries. Using the Mixbook facility to create photo books with contributors, I started another photo book to print some memories from school days. As my other friends have their own copies; I invited them to contribute to my photo album with photos they have. It is so much fun and really helpful to collect some of my photos.

Overall I am happy with my photo books created with Mixbook and I’d like to recommend this photo book making company for anyone who likes to preserve family memories. You can easily preserve your family memories with Mixbook!

How to save money when you order your photo book?

Well, this is for those who like to save money from their shopping.

Do you know that Mixbook offers really good deals time to time?

To receive the latest updates, you need to join with their Newsletter. When you visit, create an account and start creating your photo book.

While you create your Mixbook photobooks, you can keep an eye on ongoing promotions. Some promotions offer upto 50% discounts on photo book prices. Some time they also offer free shipping. They send Mixbook coupon to your inbox and when there is a great discount you can order your photo book. This is the best way to save from your photo book.

Other than using Mixbook coupon codes, you can also join with their refer friends program. That will allow you to earn $20 when your friend orders a book.

Don’t you think making photobooks are really awesome way to preserve family memories?Check Mixbook and see how amazing their photo book designs are!

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Do you like photo books? How do you preserve family memories?


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28 thoughts on “Mixbook Photo Book Review

  1. With this digital era and everyone taking on the go pictures we end up with a million photos that most of the time you don’t even see. That being said we have come to the conclusion that it is a great idea to be able to do fun albums like the one that you are featuring today.

    Thanks for sharing with us.

  2. I am a huge fan of Mixbook! Their software is so easy to use, and the quality of the books is amazing. I did one with all of our wedding photos. Looks like yours turned out great.

  3. I love photo books! I always say I will print out and frame my photos but I never do! This is a great way to keep photos from special events together and they make great gifts. This company seems like a great choice so I will check them out. Thanks!

  4. I never heard about this one yet and this is truly interesting. I like doing scrapbook sometimes and this will surely be a help. This is such a great Photo book review and I will surely check this Mixbook one of these days. Thank you so much for sharing about your thoughts on this. I really appreciate it!

  5. Creating your own photobook is like scrapbooking. Only it is being created and crafted through the computer! It’s like a more techy-way of preserving memories. 😀 Photobooks are also a thing here in the Philippines. It’s becoming more and more famous as time goes by.

  6. I enjoy doing scrapbook. This MixBook sounds cool and imressive. it certainly helps to create wonderful memories with our pictures. An online album where we can save our memories and cherish. I will surely check this out. Thanks for sharing. And its nice to see your family album 🙂

  7. Awesome product! With the abundance of travel photos that I have, this will surely be helpful. It preserves those precious moments. It also goes beyond merely making collages.

  8. I take lots of pictures but I fail miserably when it comes to compiling them creatively. Mixbook seems to be a great option. I will try out their features.

  9. I think photobook are great for gifts, I remember making quite a few in the past myself. It’s great when the companies that do them provide an easy software to use to build them and easy templates to customise. The add-on of certain elements, like hearts, or ribbons is really nice too, it definitely makes the photo book personalised.

  10. Creating a photobook is similar to a scrapbook, well that’s the case for me. It’s like a modern photo album where you could always go back to the memories you had. It’s so quaint and I like it. I like browsing photos whenever I feel lonely.

  11. it is my first time to hear about Mixbook Photo! And I am glad you share this one. I hear similar like this but way too expensive. And some got it printed really well. Love how creative this mixbook is and sure win for a great memory.

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