April 10, 2024

Pororo Themed Birthday Party for 3rd Birthday

We threw a Pororo themed Birthday Party for our kid when he turned three! This is a long due post and as always I am late with some posts. Now my son is going to be 4 years old in next October. So, before he reaches 4 years old, I am rushing to share some posts related to his Pororo Birthday Party!

Pororo themed Birthday Party
Our Pororo themed Birthday Party table

Why Pororo theme?

Pororo is a cute little penguin who is the main character of Pororo and the friends cartoon series. Well, I am a mom who allows my kid to spend time with apps and tv shows under my control with limits. Other than Peppa cartoon series, I allow him to watch Pororo and the friend too as this series is suitable for his age as I think.

Now, I am talking about last year which my kid was below 3 years of age. He loved Pororo and still he loves. He also loves to watch Pororo educational series which teaches about patterns, counting and other educational topics.

As I love to select a theme for his birthdays, last year I selected ‘Pororo’ as our 3rd Birthday party theme.

Well, we didn’t have guests for our home. Instead we celebrated his Pororo Birthday Party at his Playgroup with his teachers and friends. It was a lovely and memorable moment.

Here are some of the highlights from our 3rd Birthday celebrations with Pororo themed birthday decorations and supplies.

Design for Pororo Birthday Cake

Before everything I wanted to plan his Pororo themed birthday cake. When I checked online, I could find beautiful Pororo cake design ideas. However as we celebrated the birthday at his playgroup, I had to check with the teacher. Instead of cutting a birthday cake and serve the kids, teacher was happy to have cupcakes. I loved that idea too as cupcakes are easy to serve to the kids.

However, I couldn’t find a place to buy cupcakes easily. There are cupcake shops around my neighborhood, but they have some limitations. Finally I found thecakeshop.com.sg . They were really helpful and I could place my order online. We ordered Pororo themed cupcakes.

Design for Pororo Birthday Cake
Pororo Birthday cupcakes

Although we bought cupcakes for celebrations at the playgroup,I also wanted to blow candles at home as a way of family bonding. So,below is my birthday cake for him.

If you look for ordering last minute birthday cakes in Singapore,check our Whyzee cakes review.They deliver birthday cakes and you can even place order last minute.

How I made this Pororo Birthday Cake?

It is really simple. I bought a plain yet simply decorated cake from nearby bakery shop. The cake came with a ‘Happy Birthday’ topper. To the same cake, I created a cake topper using a sticker with Pororo and friends. I pasted that sticker on a toothpick creating a beautiful and easy cake topper. 🙂 Finally, here is our very own Pororo Birthday Cake!

Design for Pororo Birthday Cake

Pororo Themed Birthday Party decorations

This time, I didn’t spend much time for the Pororo Birthday decorations. Instead I could easily buy Pororo themed Goody bags and party supplies for affordable rates from the nearby shopping mall.(NTUC FairPrice)

Pororo themed Birthday Party

Party hats

Pororo themed Birthday Party
Goody bags and party hats with Pororo theme

I couldn’t find Pororo themed party hats. Instead I bought a pack of DIY party hats. Using Pororo and friends stickers, I personalized those party hats to match the party theme.

Pororo themed party
Pororo themed Birthday party masks and horns for kids

Here are some of the moments from our Pororo Birthday party with my kids playgroup friends.

Pororo themed party
A photo with his friends.I covered the little faces due to privacy.

Kid was so happy because his father visited his playgroup.This is once a year happening as I am the one behind the kid’s school events always.Kid had a big story to share with his dad after the playgroup. 🙂

And a mommy son moment!

After the playgroup,we celebrated his birthday at home blowing candles and cutting this really simple cake.

We had a great day with the kid.To make him happy,I also visited the Pororo Park with him.So he was full of activities with Pororo and the friends.It was a birthday party which created memories for him with his favourite cartoon character!

Birthday party Album

This time I created his 3rd Birthday party album with Zno photo books.

Mixbook is my other favourite company for his photo books.

These days I am busy planning his next birthday.He will be 4 soon. 🙂

Do you like birthday parties?Do you throw birthday parties with a theme?

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16 thoughts on “Pororo Themed Birthday Party for 3rd Birthday

  1. This is a really cute idea for a birthday party and it looks like your son loved it! I didn’t hear about this penguin before but everything with penguins has to be cute! 🙂 Who doesn’t love penguins?

  2. Aw I love the ‘pororo’ penguin theme for a birthday birthday and I love how you decorated the space for your son to enjoy. It looks like he loved his third birthday x

  3. Oh my, looking and reading this themed party makes me feel so old. I don’t know Pororo, I am so outdated, lol! This is such a nice idea. I guess my mommy friends know about Pororo, I will definitely recommend something like this for their kids birthday bash.

  4. This is a great theme for a kids birthday party. I will have to share this with my girlfriend. She has been looking for some ideas for her Sons party.

  5. This is an awesome birthday party theme. I don’t know about Pororo but it looks super-cute! Last week, I celebrated my daughter’s birthday and we had Frozen theme as she loves Anna and Elsa.

  6. This is absolutely so cute. The decorations and the birthday cake are so on point! I’ve never heard of poro before but it looks like such a cute theme.

  7. This is a cute birthday theme! Poporo is huge in South Korea, like Hello Kitty in US and Japan. I will bookmarked this idea for my little sister’s birthday 🙂

  8. Having two kids myself, I have been going to quite a few kids birthday party myself. Theme parties are great and the kids love the characters of their favourite cartoons. The best theme party that I hade been to was a Disney frozen themed party.

  9. I have never heard of Pororo before, but it sure looks look cute! It looks like your son had a great time! It’s always bittersweet celebrating your little one’s birthday! Thanks for sharing!

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