May 22, 2024

Pororo Park Singapore : Playland for Kids with Edutainment Activities

Last week we had so much fun at the Pororo Park Singapore. It was a great opportunity for my kid as he is also in love with the Pororo, the Little Penguin. Those who follow my blog stories know Sanu loves Peppa so much. But after our visit to Kids World Fair, he found a new cartoon character and that is the beginning of his love to Pororo!

Pororo Park- Singapore
Pororo Park- Singapore

Anyway Pororo the Little Penguin is an award winning Korean animation series. Pororo Park Singapore is a play and educational indoor playground which stretches over 11,000sqft area.If you look for fun things to do in Singapore or kids indoor playgrounds in Singapore,dont forget to visit this Pororo themed Park for kids!Here is why!

Why Pororo Park Singapore is special?

If you think Pororo Park is just another indoor playground with themed Pororo characters, no it is not! Instead of just another indoor playground, Pororo Park is a place for edutainment. It is designed to entertain and educate children while enhancing social skills allowing them to play in group play environment.

Here is a photo walk of our experience there. Sanu enjoyed his time at the Pororo Park and was busy with different activities. Really great experience just before his 3rd Birthday!

Meet & Greet with Pororo & Friends

Pororo Park- Singapore
It is so much fun to talk with Pororo & Friends.They are too cute!

Well, when we just entered into the Pororo Park, Sanu found this cute penguins and attracted them so much. He was a little butterfly, so I don’t have a good picture with him. Most are shaky or blurr pictures as he was too active!

Shark Ball Pool

Pororo Park- Singapore
We had so much fun at the Shark Ball Pool.More photos soon!

The next attraction we loved in Pororo Park is this Shark Ball Pool. Actually it is designed for throwing balls to the shark’s mouth. But, my kid including most others played with the balls forgetting the Shark. And me? Of course, I played with the balls too!

Pororo Express

Isn’t it so much fun if we get the chance to having a ride with most loving characters? Sanu got that chance of having a train ride with Pororo and friends!

Pororo Park- Singapore
A train ride with Pororo & Friends is the most exciting activity for me.This is my 2nd round! 🙂

Not only Sanu, any kid can enjoy fun rides on this motored Pororo & friends train. And there are endless photo opportunities too!

At first I thought Sanu will get scared to ride alone without me as this is his first time to such ride without me. But, for my surprise he was not! Even he had a second ride alone just before we left the park at the evening.

Below are photos from other fun areas.

Pororo’s House

Kids will amaze just by the view of the Pororo’s house. It is similar to the Pororo’s house of the cartoon series and a perfect idea for pretend playing. Kids can enjoy their time at the Pororo’s house as they love.

My kid was really surprised to similar arrangement inside the Pororo’s house and had fun time running here and there.

Pororo Park- Singapore
Wow!This Pororo House is same as the Pororo’s house in the Pororo & Friends cartoon!

Pororo Park- Singapore
Looking out from the Pororo’s window!

Eddy’s Playroom

Eddy’s playroom is with fun and interactive activities for little ones. There are monthly activities such as ‘Pororo Times’, ’I am a Fashion Designer’ & ‘Cooking for Moms’. Best part is that, these activities are changed monthly giving the visitors the opportunity to enjoy something new each month.

There are also exclusive members classes such as ‘kids yoga’, ’Mom & Toddler Yoga’ and ‘Let’s learn about the weather’ which are helpful for kids to learn different experiences through activities.

Pororo Park Singapore
Lot of activities to do with Magnetic play items
Pororo Park Singapore
And building blocks!
Pororo Park Singapore
Wooden toys to play and think!

Toddler play area

In Pororo Park there are areas that are designated for toddlers and even for infants. With activities to enhance skills such as fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and imagination, these designated areas are with colourful toys and activities.

Pororo Park Singapore

Play area with pretend play activities

Pororo Park Singapore

Play Gym

The Play gym is full of activities. From climbing to running, sliding and hiding, Play Gym is one of the most attractive areas inside the Pororo Park.

Pororo Park Singapore

Petty’s Super market

My kid loves this area. He pretended like he was in a super market. This super market is great for pretend play which enhances the imagination and creative skills of kids.

Pororo Park Singapore
It is so good that I could go for shopping
Pororo Park Singapore
Now,it is time to pay for the vegetables I selected.

Tong Tong’s Little Theater

One of the favourite places of my son is this little theatre. However we missed watching a musical show there.

If you visit Pororo Park, don’t forget to check the schedule and daily programs, so you can enjoy a musical with your kids and Pororo.

Pororo Park
We missed the Musical show.But my kid had lot of fun with the recorded music and lights inside the theater!

Other than these daily musical shows, there are monthly special performances too happening there which includes magician, puppets and juggling shows which can entertain your kids. Activities such as ‘Be a Kpop Star’ are exclusive members-only activities which are also changed monthly.

Loopy’s Café

Inside the Pororo Park, there is also a café which you can buy food & drinks to indulge yourself. Parents can enjoy time there till the kids are in activities.

Rody’s Toy Store

Pororo Park- Singapore
Lot of toys!Which one to select? 🙂

Rody’s toy store is located outside the Pororo Park just before the entrance. There are many Pororo Toys and Pororo souvenirs are sold in this toy shop. A great place to buy Pororo inspired items for kids!

Overall, Pororo Park is not just another indoor playground. It is full of activities which are really helpful for enhancing kids activities and skills together with fun play. With lot of different activities for each age group, having a visit to the Pororo Park is worth for the price paid!


Birthdays Parties with Pororo & Friends

If you want to throw a Pororo & Friends themed birthday party, then is there any other venue in Singapore than the Pororo Park? With activities for kids, a birthday party in Pororo Park will sure make your kid and other kids excited!

For more details check here.

Membership for Pororo Park

Other than buying tickets for daily entrance, you can get the membership at the Pororo Park for a reasonable rate. This is not only a great way to enjoy savings; you can enjoy the member only privileges including monthly programs and more play time.

How to get there

Pororo Park is located at Marina Square which is a popular shopping destination in Singapore.


6 Raffles Boulevard.

Marina Square #02-29

Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 10:30am to 8:00pm

Friday & Saurday: 10:30am to 9:00pm

More details,Visit :

Current events at Pororo Park:

Below are the upcoming events at the Pororo Park Singapore which you can bring your kids for fun play and edutainment programs.

Halloween Party will be on October 29th to 31st, Read more details about Halloween Party with Pororo and Friends at the website

Halloween at Pororo Park Singapore
Halloween Decorations at Pororo Park Singapore

Kids Diwali Bollywood party will be happening on 22nd October. Save the date to enjoy this cultural performance and activities.

Other than these  Christmas and New Year activities will be there at the Pororo Park.

Also don’t forget to join with the 1st year anniversary programs which will be happening soon!

There are lots of ways to enjoy your time with Pororo & Friends! We enjoyed our time there and hope you will too!


We had really great time there at the Pororo Park Singapore.Have you been there?Do you like to take kids to indoor playgrounds?Please share your thoughts below.














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