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LOL Playland – Indoor Playground @JCube, Jurong East (#Review + Giveaway)

Visit to the LOL Playland is our latest adventure! Located at the JCube shopping mall, Singapore; this LOL Playland is a dream for any active kid who loves to engage in both active play and pretend play activities.

These days I visit many Singapore indoor playgrounds with my kid because I know the importance of actively engaging in play activities for the kids. I read more blogs for more information on keeping the kid active.Your House Fitness encourages parents to be active with their kids on a day to day basis.

So, here is my share with you because I know that parents around this blog are keen on raising active and happy kids!

LOL Playland-singapore-review

I am sure that you want to visit this newly opened Singapore indoor playground with your kids when you read this post about our experiences. Simply because, the experiences which my kid had are unique or not so typical!

Bit of Background Story of LOL Playland

LOL Playland is not just another typical indoor playground in Singapore. It is a dream of another mom who wished to have an indoor playground in Singapore West area which has facilities for both active play and pretend play activities. With proper planning and efforts, finally the LOL Playland is born with both active play and pretend play facilities for kids.

As LOL Playland is with many activities for kids of all ages, I think it is better to write my review post based on activities which kids can involve inside the playground.

Activities for kids in LOL Playland @JCube

Toddler’s House

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Toddler’s house includes both active play and pretend play facilities for young kids.

The name says it all. The Toddler house is designed for toddlers. But my son who is nearly 3.5 years old now spent most of his time inside the toddler house and engaged with many activities.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
After shopping around,he is ready to pay at the cashier! 🙂

Toddler house is in pretty decent size and allow facilities for young kids to play both pretend play and active play. The first floor area is full of toys which are especially suitable for kids to engage in imaginary play activities. Some of the activities include shopping, selling ice-cream and cooking. There are also activity boards which toddlers can spend time on activities such as solving maze.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Activities at the pantry.(at Toddler’s house of LOL Playland)
LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Activity boards are so much fun!
LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Grocery shopping is so much easier inside the Toddler’s House,LOL Playland…
LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Hair Dressers!You have facilities too!
LOL Playland-Singapore-review
At the LOL Playland!

Above the toddler house is full of active play ideas which kids can enjoy their time till they feel tired!

Role Play activities (Pretend play)

On the middle of the LOL Playland, you will find 3 rooms which are designated to role play activities for kids. Kids can dress up as a doctor, fire fighter or as a policeman and engage in role playing. The rooms are equipped with necessary toys for role playing these professions giving the kids opportunity to explore their imaginations!

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Role Playing facilities for kids

I love this facility as not all indoor playgrounds in Singapore come with role play activities like this.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
A doctor at the LOL Playland
LOL Playland-Singapore-review
We found a fire fighter too!

Main Playground for kids

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Active play area for kids….

On your right of the playland, you will find 3 storey main playground which is suitable for grown up kids. However, still this area is suitable for young kids too. Kids can actively play in this 3 storey playground involving activities such as climbing,jumping and sliding 🙂

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
LOL Playland-Singapore-review
LOL Playland-Singapore-review

Other activities

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Kids can involve in colouring activities too…

Other than main activities of the playground which are active play and pretend play, this LOL Playland provides educational activities for kids making it a complete edutainment center. One side of the playground is equipped with tables for those kids who love colouring. The other side is with a table with sensory play activities. So, kids will never get bored as there are different activities which they can involve during their time in the LOL Playland.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
In this table,young kids can spend time with sensory play activities…

LOL playland has never forgotten the infants. They have dedicated a separate area for infants too.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Designated area for infants…


LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Seating facilities for parents….

The playland comes with facilities for parents including seating areas, snacks, lockers and also with changing room facilities. Parents can watch their kids by sitting on seating area. Parents can also buy snacks from the counter during the wait.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Mini Snack bar

Events & Party Room

LOL Playland comes with a party room which parents can arrange their kids’ birthday parties. Other than the party room facilities, LOL Playland provides enrichment courses and other events which are helpful for both parents and kids.

LOL Playland-Singapore-review
Party Room

As a newly opened indoor playground in Singapore, LOL Playland is full of activities for both young kids and grown up kids.

Our Review of LOL Playland, Jurong East

LOL Playland Jurong East-Review

So far, I’ve visited different indoor playgrounds in Singapore with my kid. Some playgrounds such as Pororo Park are large in Size. Other playgrounds such as My Little Giant are with other entertaining activities for kids.

However, LOL Playland is decent in size, pretty decent in look and neatly arranged with facilities for all kids of different age groups. As there is a separate Toddler house, parents do not have to worry about their toddlers playing with active and grown up kids.(I mean the place is safe for young toddlers too)

Role playing activities are the best admirable activities for me as these days my kid shows more interest on pretend playing activities. All these activities are really worth for the entrance fee we have to pay.

If you consider raising happy and healthy kids,I am sure you love to visit such playgrounds with your kids to allow them to play till they get tired!

Important information on LOL Playland, JCube, Singapore

Location : 2 Jurong East Central 1, #03-04/05, JCube Shopping Centre, Singapore 609731

Opening Hours: Monday -to- Friday: 11 am – 09:00 pm, Saturday -to- Sunday & PH/SH : 10:30 am – 9:30 pm

Contact details:

Check more details, ticket prices and packages by visiting their website

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Disclosure:We received free entry for the LOL Playland in order to facilitate this review.However all opinions are mine.

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Playkeroo Indoor Playground (#Review+Giveaway)

Playkeroo indoor playground is our newest finding. 🙂 These days I like to visit playgrounds with my kid. We visit both outdoor and indoor playgrounds in Singapore to create the best playing environment for our kid.

It is no secret that playing is really important for growth of kids. There are many benefits of active playing. That is why as parents we have responsibility to create opportunities for our kids to play actively and happily. So, there is another indoor playground in Singapore which you can bring your kids to play. It is Playkeroo indoor playground!

Playkeroo Indoor Playground review

Playing is really important in early childhood stages.What do you think?

About Playkeroo indoor playground

I think it is good if I share some details about Playkeroo indoor playground before sharing our experiences there. Playkeroo is located at 100AM Mall which is near to the Tanjong Pagar MRT. It has some unique features including facilities for nail pampering. So, mommies, if you want to find some ‘me time’, you can visit Playkeroo! Let your kids play in the playground while you are having a nail session at the salon. Isn’t this sound a good idea to relax yourself? Well, let me share our experiences at the Playkeroo indoor playground!

Kangaroo inspired

Playkeroo indoor playground review

Playkeroo is inspired by the growth of a baby kangaroo. It provides safe and beautiful play space for little kids below 7 years old. There is a special area for each age group to involve in play, be it running, crawling, sliding or just imaginary playing!

Here are some of the highlighted play areas at the Playkeroo indoor playground.

Baby-Roo Forest Land

Playkeroo indoor playground review

Playkeroo Indoor Playground Review: Designated area for babies under 18 months old

This area is for infants and young toddlers to play actively while improving skills such as fine motor skills and other skills including crawling and walking.

In this area we found activities such as slides, ball pit and other play items which help little babies to be active.

On one side of the play area, there are activity boards. These colouful boards are with different activities which babies can experience.

Playkeroo indoor playground review

Playkeroo Indoor Playground Review: Activity boards are really fun and attractive.Don’t forget the educational value!

 Joey Hills

Playkeroo indoor playground review

Playkeroo Indoor Playground Review: Active play area for active kids! 🙂

Joey Hills is the active play area of Playkeroo which is designed for active walkers and toddlers. They can happily run around as the play area is really spacious. A lot of obstacle courses to experience! A trampoline to shed the energy till they feel tired! 🙂

Playkeroo indoor playground review

Ball pit, slides and there are other activities which creates Joey Hill is an attractive play area for toddlers and grown up kids.

Playkeroo indoor playground review

Lot of obstacles to pass! 🙂 But it was so much fun!

Kangaroo City

Playkeroo indoor playground review

We were busy at the Kangaroo City! 🙂

This can be the most attractive area for my kid. As he mostly love on imaginary play these days, my kid spent most of his time in the Kangaroo City.He also loved all the ride on toys at the Kangaroo City area.


Busy at the Fuel Station! 🙂

In the Kangaroo City, kids can experience the city life. They will experience driving along the city while following the traffic signals. There are many vehicle toys in this area which kids can play. The fuel station and car wash area are really interesting.

Playkeroo indoor playground review

Its time to clean the car!

Kiddy Rides

Kids can also enjoy kiddy rides when you visit Playkeroo. It is completely a play area for kids with different play activities.

Playkeroo indoor playground review

Do you like a ride? (Playkeroo Indoor Playground Review)

Other attractions and services in Playkeroo

Other than the main play areas, you will see many services and facilities in Playkeroo indoor playground.

Party Room

You cannot forget this spacious party room in Playkeroo. It is really spacious and with beautiful backdrop which you can easily plan your birthday parties or any other kids events. There are different party packages available which you can easily select the best package for your kids party. You can check the details on their website.

Playkeroo indoor playground review

Party room is really spacious!

Nail Services

Attached to the playground, there is a nail salon which moms can pamper themselves or spend time with little cuties. Manicure rates start at $15 and there are different services available.

Playkeroo indoor playground review

Mommy,do you want to pamper here? Or are you looking for some ‘Me time’ ? 🙂

Nursing rooms

Moms, don’t worry visiting the Playkeroo and spending long hours! There is a room with nursing and diaper changing facilities.

Playkeroo Indoor Playground review

Well, so far what I explained are the details and facilities of the Playkeroo playground. However, I am sure you found that this playground is another interesting play area for kids. You can see how my kid is happy with Playkeroo. As a summery we love our experience there at the Playkeroo.

Things to highlight.

  • Playkeroo is an indoor playground which is suitable for both infants and young kids (including toddler age)
  • There are play facilities for each age group.
  • It is a clean space and you don’t have to worry about hygiene issues.
  • Kangaroo city is our kid’s favourite play area which I want to highlight in Playkeroo review. You will find other active play facilities in other Singapore indoor playgrounds too. But this city life experience is unique for Playkeroo. Young kids will love such experiences for sure. I could see this area with many kids who were playing with ride-on toys. While imaginary playing opportunities are there, kids can also spend time actively on ride-on toy vehicles.
  • Nail Salon is one of the interesting things to highlight for my review.
  • And don’t forget the friendly and helpful staff. They offer a really friendly service for the playground visitors.
  • At the entrance,there is a photo booth which you can capture a beautiful moment.We tried too! 🙂

Playkeroo Indoor Playground review

Say Cheese! 🙂

Useful information about Playkeroo Indoor Playground

Opening hours: Monday to Sunday: 10am to 8pm


100AM Mall

100 Tras Street


Singapore 079027

It is few minutes walking distance from Tanjong Pagar MRT

For more details including the admission rates, please check the website:

Giveaway time (5 Lucky Winners)

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Giveaway will end on 13th April 2017, 12am.We will contact the winners through a Facebook message or email.

In case we do not hear from you within 72 hours, we’ll select another winner.

Disclosure:We received free entry for the Playkeroo indoor playground in order to facilitate this review. However all opinions are mine.

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Little Planet Playland Review & Giveaway

Little Planet Playland is the best place for pretend play activities for kids in Singapore! Yes, I am telling so because I spent time with my kid at this wonderful indoor playground and it is a great place for pretend playing. With soft colours and spacious rooms, the Little Planet Playland is equipped with mainly facilities for 6 pretend play activities. But, you know the behavior of kids. They will create lot of imaginations into the reality when they are surrounded with lot of toys. It was same with us. My kid played happily in these pretend play activities and even he created some of his inventions! This is why pretend playing is important for kids as a brain activity!


About Little Planet Playland

Located at the Centrepoint shopping mall, Little Planet Playland is a wonderful place for kids to engage in imaginary play and pretend play activities. With themed play stations which includes a farm, a market place, a kitchen & cafe, a fishing area, a castle and a forest maze ,Little Planet playland aims to provide the young kids entertaining and educational environment while promoting the safe and hygienic place to play.

Little Planet Playland review

As my kid is so much into pretend playing these days, our visit to the Little Planet Playland was remarkable. Though there are hygiene practices and health checks at the entrance, he couldn’t wait to enter into the playground as he was much excited just by the view of it! Below is our Little Planet Playland review and experience. Hope you love to visit this amazing playland after reading our experiences because we also love to visit there again!

Fishing area

Little Planet Playland review

Although the farm area is located near the entrance, my kid ran into the fishing area. May be it is because fishing is a new experience for him. He loved to try fishing while sitting on the boat.

The fishing area is one of the pretend play stations in Little Planet Playland which provide facilities for fishing. There are lots of sea creatures around the boat which kids can use to catch them using the magnetic fishing rods.

Little Planet Playland review

It’s really interesting. Not only the kids will play with fishing activities, they also will learn names of the sea animals and also the different colours.

Market Area

Little Planet Playland review

This market at the Little Planet Playland is full of vegetables, breads & buns, fish and other groceries which kids can enjoy their time in shopping. There are trolleys for them to collect all the things they buy from the supermarket. It is really fun and I could see most of the kids in the playground enjoyed this activity.

Little Planet Playland review

Farm & soil ground

Little Planet Playland review

Farm is another interesting play station which provides facilities to pretend like harvesting the crops and planting those again. With the provided wheelbarrows and other farm tools kids can easily pretend like a farmer.


Busy farmer!


Little Planet Playland review

Next to the farm, there is a soil ground. At first I thought this area is for sand playing. But, it is not sand. This soil ground is with some clean seeds which is helpful for kids to use as the soil medium.

Little Planet playground review

Kitchen & café

Little Planet Playland review

Though my kid is a boy, he loves cooking. Usually he spends time at the pantry area with his own cooking when I prepare our meal. So, the kitchen area is one of the best places for him to play.

The kitchen and café area of the Little Planet Playland is a complete kitchen. It includes pretend play kitchen items such as cookers, oven, sink and also necessary pots, pans and cutlery.


Busy at the kitchen!

Once cooked, kids can enjoy their meal at the café area. Isn’t this a fun activity for little kids?


Little Planet Playland review

Let your kids to role play like a prince and princess at the castle area. In this play station, you will not only find a castle but also costumes to pretend as royal members! The photo booth is really great to capture a snap of the kids with their royal dresses. But, I am sure instead of posing for a photo, they will sure run around the castle same as my kid did!

Little Planet Playland review

Costumes for kids!

Forest maze

Little Planet Playland review

The forest maze area is really interesting. It is located near the entrance and just before the fishing area. Kids can walk through the forest maze and pick fruits in to baskets. They can even enjoy time with picnic activities. And don’t forget the hide and seek! We loved our experience there. So, I am sure you will!!

Party Room

Little Planet Playland review

Little Planet Playland also includes a party room which you can book for your kid’s party. The party room is clean and neat with decorations. If you like to host your kid’s birthday party at the Little Planet Playland, you can choose one of the party packages!

Our thoughts about Little Planet Playland

We enjoyed our time there. Not only my kid, I also joined with pretend play activities to encourage my kid. It was so much fun. And it was great as I could spend time with my kid with activities he likes. This is a great playground for parents to spend time with kids. Unlike with active playing, you may need to talk, pretend and play with kids when they are role playing or in pretend play activities. Finally, that will improve the bonding time!

Useful information about Little Planet Playland

Location :

176 Orchard Road, #02-21
The Centrepoint
Singapore 238843

Nearest MRT: Somerset

Opening hours: Sunday to Friday: 10am – 7pm    Saturday & Public Holidays: 10am – 8pm

For more details including the prices and packages, please check the website :


Little Planet Playland Discount from the entry fee

There is a 20% discount exclusively for the readers of this blog. You will get the 20% off admission fee on weekdays (excluding weekends and PH) for the month of Apri. To get the discount,

-Simply show this facebook post when you make the payment.

-You need to be a fan of Little Planet Playland facebook page


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Giveaway will end on 25th April 2017, 12midnight.We will contact the winners through a Facebook message.

In case we do not hear from you within 72 hours, we’ll select another winner.

Disclosure:We received free entry for the Little Planet Playland in order to facilitate this review. However all opinions are mine.

My Little Giant – Singapore Indoor Playpark with Kids Entertainment Centre

Did you hear it right? There is a new indoor playground in Singapore! My Little Giant is the newly opened indoor playground for kids which has some unique features. It is not just another indoor playground in Singapore which has typical play equipment. Instead, My Little Giant includes a kids Entertainment area as well. This side of gaming area will give you a carnival feel while playing games or experiencing rides on different play equipment including a train ride.

Doesn’t this sound interesting? Sometimes, indoor playgrounds can be boring for parents. I’ve seen most parents spend their time on mobile phones while kids are playing. But, the gaming area of My Little Giant is really an exciting area for both adults and kids to have fun together! And it is located in the popular shopping mall, Big Box which is easy to reach!

Early this month we spent an afternoon at the Pororo Park and had a great fun.After that, My Little Giant is entirely different experience which includes carnival experience while spending time at the indoor playpark.We spent an afternoon there and had really exciting time in both gaming area and inside the playground.

Here are some of the moments from our experience.

Kids Entertainment Centre  (Gaming and Entertainment area of My Little Giant)

This area will sure give you the feeling of carnival. Among the train rides, carousel and other kiddy rides, who can forget the carnival experience! My kid really loved the train ride. Not only him, I enjoyed the train ride too.

There are lot of games which you can play and enjoy during the time you spend in My Little Giant

There are lot of games which you can play and enjoy during the time you spend in My Little Giant

Some more games!

Some more games!

The games and entertainment area is full of activities which are also suitable for toddlers and young kids too.

The games and entertainment area is full of activities which are also suitable for toddlers and young kids too.

Having a rest after playing and running around the arcade area! :)

Having a rest after playing and running around the entertainment  area! 🙂


My favourite activity is this train ride! :)

My favourite activity is this train ride! 🙂 Isn’t this too cute?

A rocket and cars around!Perfect for kids to enjoy!

A rocket and cars around!Perfect for kids to enjoy!


Gaming time!

Other than the train rides, carousel and kid friendly rides, this area is full of different entertainment activities which both kids and adults can enjoy. There are different games which you can enjoy with kids forgetting all the stress of a hard working day!

Indoor play area of My Little Giant

Before you enter into the indoor playground area, you need to remove shoes. The facilities are there to keep the shoes.

At the entrance, the staff will do the usual procedure for any indoor playground such as measuring temperature and sanitizing the hands. They also gave us a tag to wear on hand which allow us re-entry within the day! Isn’t this a good idea?

Ball pit is really interesting and I really love the colour combination of balls. Blue and white balls give eye pleasing look and we had so much fun there.

There are activities for toddlers too

There are activities for toddlers too

For toddlers there is a play area inside My Little Giant. With play items that are suitable for young kids, the play area is really spacious!

My Little Giant -Big Box

Toddler play area is spacious and with different activities

My Little Giant -Big Box

Running,hiding,climbing…Many activities for kids..

We can’t forget the trampoline in the level 1 of the playground. My kid had lot of fun with jumping till he was tired reminding the song ‘Five little monkeys jumping on the bed’! 🙂

One Little Monkey...Jumping on the bed! :)

One Little Monkey…Jumping on the bed! 🙂

The big slide!

The big slide!

Level 2 of the playground is with the access to the giant slide and other play items. It is with lot of climbing, bending, jumping and sliding which are suitable for grown up kids to be active and shed some sweat!

Our thoughts about My Little Giant Indoor Playground @Big Box

My Little Giant -Big Box

The newly opened playground is really full of exciting activities. The staff is friendly and ready to assist. They concern the safety and hygiene first. With new and clean play area, anyone will have so much fun while spending quality family time. And don’t forget the fact, it is unlimited play! With the tag on your hand, you can also re-enter within the day!

My Little Giant -Big Box

At the entrance we received a tag which allow us to re-enter to the play area within the day.Isn’t this sounds so good?

Location of My Little Giant indoor playground

My Little Giant is located at the Big Box.

Location: BigBox, 1 Venture Avenue, Singapore 608521

Opening Hours: 10am to 10pm daily

For Ticket Price & More details,please check here.


**Disclaimer – We received free entry for the playpark.However all opinions are mine.












Pororo Park Singapore : Playland for Kids with Edutainment Activities

Last week we had so much fun at the Pororo Park Singapore. It was a great opportunity for my kid as he is also in love with the Pororo, the Little Penguin. Those who follow my blog stories know Sanu loves Peppa so much. But after our visit to Kids World Fair, he found a new cartoon character and that is the beginning of his love to Pororo!

Pororo Park- Singapore

Pororo Park- Singapore

Anyway Pororo the Little Penguin is an award winning Korean animation series. Pororo Park Singapore is a play and educational indoor playground which stretches over 11,000sqft area.If you look for fun things to do in Singapore or kids indoor playgrounds in Singapore,dont forget to visit this Pororo themed Park for kids!Here is why!

Why Pororo Park Singapore is special?

If you think Pororo Park is just another indoor playground with themed Pororo characters, no it is not! Instead of just another indoor playground, Pororo Park is a place for edutainment. It is designed to entertain and educate children while enhancing social skills allowing them to play in group play environment.

Here is a photo walk of our experience there. Sanu enjoyed his time at the Pororo Park and was busy with different activities. Really great experience just before his 3rd Birthday!

Meet & Greet with Pororo & Friends

Pororo Park- Singapore

It is so much fun to talk with Pororo & Friends.They are too cute!

Well, when we just entered into the Pororo Park, Sanu found this cute penguins and attracted them so much. He was a little butterfly, so I don’t have a good picture with him. Most are shaky or blurr pictures as he was too active!

Shark Ball Pool

Pororo Park- Singapore

We had so much fun at the Shark Ball Pool.More photos soon!

The next attraction we loved in Pororo Park is this Shark Ball Pool. Actually it is designed for throwing balls to the shark’s mouth. But, my kid including most others played with the balls forgetting the Shark. And me? Of course, I played with the balls too!

Pororo Express

Isn’t it so much fun if we get the chance to having a ride with most loving characters? Sanu got that chance of having a train ride with Pororo and friends!

Pororo Park- Singapore

A train ride with Pororo & Friends is the most exciting activity for me.This is my 2nd round! 🙂

Not only Sanu, any kid can enjoy fun rides on this motored Pororo & friends train. And there are endless photo opportunities too!

At first I thought Sanu will get scared to ride alone without me as this is his first time to such ride without me. But, for my surprise he was not! Even he had a second ride alone just before we left the park at the evening.

Below are photos from other fun areas.

Pororo’s House

Kids will amaze just by the view of the Pororo’s house. It is similar to the Pororo’s house of the cartoon series and a perfect idea for pretend playing. Kids can enjoy their time at the Pororo’s house as they love.

My kid was really surprised to similar arrangement inside the Pororo’s house and had fun time running here and there.

Pororo Park- Singapore

Wow!This Pororo House is same as the Pororo’s house in the Pororo & Friends cartoon!

Pororo Park- Singapore

Looking out from the Pororo’s window!

Eddy’s Playroom

Eddy’s playroom is with fun and interactive activities for little ones. There are monthly activities such as ‘Pororo Times’, ’I am a Fashion Designer’ & ‘Cooking for Moms’. Best part is that, these activities are changed monthly giving the visitors the opportunity to enjoy something new each month.

There are also exclusive members classes such as ‘kids yoga’, ’Mom & Toddler Yoga’ and ‘Let’s learn about the weather’ which are helpful for kids to learn different experiences through activities.

Pororo Park Singapore

Lot of activities to do with Magnetic play items

Pororo Park Singapore

And building blocks!

Pororo Park Singapore

Wooden toys to play and think!

Toddler play area

In Pororo Park there are areas that are designated for toddlers and even for infants. With activities to enhance skills such as fine motor skills, hand eye coordination and imagination, these designated areas are with colourful toys and activities.

Pororo Park Singapore

Play area with pretend play activities

Pororo Park Singapore

Play Gym

The Play gym is full of activities. From climbing to running, sliding and hiding, Play Gym is one of the most attractive areas inside the Pororo Park.

Pororo Park Singapore

Petty’s Super market

My kid loves this area. He pretended like he was in a super market. This super market is great for pretend play which enhances the imagination and creative skills of kids.

Pororo Park Singapore

It is so good that I could go for shopping

Pororo Park Singapore

Now,it is time to pay for the vegetables I selected.

Tong Tong’s Little Theater

One of the favourite places of my son is this little theatre. However we missed watching a musical show there.

If you visit Pororo Park, don’t forget to check the schedule and daily programs, so you can enjoy a musical with your kids and Pororo.

Pororo Park

We missed the Musical show.But my kid had lot of fun with the recorded music and lights inside the theater!

Other than these daily musical shows, there are monthly special performances too happening there which includes magician, puppets and juggling shows which can entertain your kids. Activities such as ‘Be a Kpop Star’ are exclusive members-only activities which are also changed monthly.

Loopy’s Café

Inside the Pororo Park, there is also a café which you can buy food & drinks to indulge yourself. Parents can enjoy time there till the kids are in activities.

Rody’s Toy Store

Pororo Park- Singapore

Lot of toys!Which one to select? 🙂

Rody’s toy store is located outside the Pororo Park just before the entrance. There are many Pororo Toys and Pororo souvenirs are sold in this toy shop. A great place to buy Pororo inspired items for kids!

Overall, Pororo Park is not just another indoor playground. It is full of activities which are really helpful for enhancing kids activities and skills together with fun play. With lot of different activities for each age group, having a visit to the Pororo Park is worth for the price paid!


Birthdays Parties with Pororo & Friends

If you want to throw a Pororo & Friends themed birthday party, then is there any other venue in Singapore than the Pororo Park? With activities for kids, a birthday party in Pororo Park will sure make your kid and other kids excited!

For more details check here.

Membership for Pororo Park

Other than buying tickets for daily entrance, you can get the membership at the Pororo Park for a reasonable rate. This is not only a great way to enjoy savings; you can enjoy the member only privileges including monthly programs and more play time.

How to get there

Pororo Park is located at Marina Square which is a popular shopping destination in Singapore.


6 Raffles Boulevard.

Marina Square #02-29

Opening Hours:

Sunday – Thursday: 10:30am to 8:00pm

Friday & Saurday: 10:30am to 9:00pm

More details,Visit :

Current events at Pororo Park:

Below are the upcoming events at the Pororo Park Singapore which you can bring your kids for fun play and edutainment programs.

Halloween Party will be on October 29th to 31st, Read more details about Halloween Party with Pororo and Friends at the website

Halloween at Pororo Park Singapore

Halloween Decorations at Pororo Park Singapore

Kids Diwali Bollywood party will be happening on 22nd October. Save the date to enjoy this cultural performance and activities.

Other than these  Christmas and New Year activities will be there at the Pororo Park.

Also don’t forget to join with the 1st year anniversary programs which will be happening soon!

There are lots of ways to enjoy your time with Pororo & Friends! We enjoyed our time there and hope you will too!


We had really great time there at the Pororo Park Singapore.Have you been there?Do you like to take kids to indoor playgrounds?Please share your thoughts below.














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