April 10, 2024

First Kiddy Ride at Johor Bahru

Kiddy Ride

We had our first kiddy ride! Yes, it is something to share here because so far our son didn’t show interest in riding on those beautiful cars and other such play equipment. He was afraid of riding, instead he loves playing with those just sitting and walking around.

But, in our recent getaway to Johor Bahru, Malaysia, we asked him to ride a car. He loved to experience but with me in a side. And do you know, this was my first kiddy ride too. 🙂

Kiddy Ride

Nothing to worry, in my childhood days we spent time in the parks and there were play equipment such as swings and seesaw. We enjoyed Merry go round trips in special places or carnivals. So, this is my first kiddy ride too.

Anyway we had great time by inserting coins, riding the car with the music, pressing the buttons and by looking at the colourful lights!

Location: Near the Angry Birds Activity Park – Komtar JBCC ,Malaysia


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12 thoughts on “First Kiddy Ride at Johor Bahru

  1. My kids too love to have such rides when they were younger. The youngest still ask for these kiddy rides when we go out

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