July 15, 2024

We Met the Zootopia Crew #ZootopiaSG

It is holiday week for playgroup. So, I wanted my son to have some holiday feeling as still he doesn’t have such experience. So, I prepared to go out with him to have some mommy moments with him. I asked him where is the place he wants to visit.

Posing with the crew of Zootopia 🙂

Animals are his friendly toys always. Whatever his suggestions include an animal always. So I didn’t surprise with his answer. He said he wants to see the monkey lanterns again. After the discussion he started talking about monkey lanterns and our recent visit to see the lanterns. Actually, now there are no lanterns at that shopping mall. It was a decoration for Chinese New Year. Anyway we came out to walk around without a special place to visit. Instead I wanted to spend time with him showing things around.


We were lucky. We found the crew of Zootopia! They were in a MRT station. My son was over the moon because the Zootopia crew is a crew of animals which he loves. He was cheering and talking to the animals. I was really happy with the finding of ZootopiaSG crew at this MRT.


It is so nice to see how we can make young kids happy. This is not any places of interests in Singapore. This Zootopia crew is a part of an advertising campaign for Walt Disney’s 55th animated film “Zootopia” which features a range of animal characters. But, for my son it is like we visited a Zoo. We spent some time watching the animal characters and returned home.

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And the ice cream! He was so happy because I bought him a very ‘BIG’ ice cream! 🙂 Little minds are always innocent and happy with the things around them.

Do you have any photo story this week? Please share.

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