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How to Find Parenting Advice for New Moms

Parenting is an exciting journey. If you are pregnant at the moment and going to bring home your bundle of joy, then here are some valuable tips that you can follow. New parents or first time moms do not have experience on parenting a newborn. Even they face difficulties in different stages of kids life. Toddler stage, which is also popular as terrible two is one of the milestones of a kid’s life which parents need to be careful. If you are a new mom, then you don’t have any idea on how to face the issues and challenges on parenting journey. It was same with me with my kid. From newborn age to until today, I wanted to seek advice from others when I face parenting challenges!

How to find parenting advice for new moms

Therefore below are some ideas on where to find parenting advice easily when you want quick decisions.

Ask advice from your parents and friends

Your mom knows the best. You can ask advice from your parents when you have issues in parenting. Other than that your close friends are a good source of information. Those who are already parent know how to find solutions in issues, which place to go for buying baby items or even which doctor to consult. Your friends will give you a lot of real experiences, details and recommendation which they know. Therefore contact your close friends who have kids when you want some advice.

How to find parenting advice for new moms

Follow mom blogs

Read and follow mom blogs which share real parenting experiences. Here I mean real mom blogs which you can see their personal stories in raising kids. Yes, of course you can follow this blog Diary of a New Mom which I share my own experiences and lessons learned while parenting my kid. Other than this blog, there are many other mom bloggers who share honest advice. One of such mom blog is Parental Grind.  Mom blogger Nidia shares her parenting experiences with others through interesting blog posts. She also shares tips on traveling with children, raising happy kids and other information that are helpful for a happy family. That is why I love to read such mom blogs to get more advice for myself. You can subscribe for few such mom blogs to get more tips on parenting.

Choose such few mom blogs and read their updates to gather more advice on raising your kids.

How to find parenting advice for new moms

Forums and mom clubs

There are forums and other online communities for mom where you can ask for advice. When you join with such community, you will connect with moms around the world. It is one of the quick ways to find parenting advice when you want. Most of the moms are with hands on experience of raising kids and they are helpful too. Therefore choose few forums and online mom communities to connect with other moms around the world or specific to your local area.

Above are some of my tips that I use for finding parenting advice. How do you get parenting advice and tips? Please share as a comment below.

4 Parenting Tips On How To Not Spoil Your Kids

We all love our kids and we always tell them that their ambitions should have no limits. However, when it comes to discipline, there needs to be limits in place so that our kids grow up to be well-mannered and are able to function well in the real world. Love has no limits, they say, but in order to love our children more, we need to establish rules and know when to draw a line in the sand. It’s important to address bad behaviour the moment it comes up and here are some steps to help you not spoil your kids.

Parenting Tips On How To Not Spoil Your Kids

1.Set Clear, Understandable, Simple Limits

It’s best to leave no room for ambiguity so that you don’t have to keep explaining yourself over and over again. Children interpret what you say in different ways, a lot of the time to suit themselves and so it is important that they understand exactly what you mean. If they ask for a glass of lemonade and your response is ‘OK, have a glass’ then some kids might interpret that as meaning if they ask again later, they might get another one. It is always best to say, ‘Yes, OK, but don’t ask me if you can have another one later.’ This way there is no confusion and a simple limit has been set. There are articles available online regarding setting limits for your child.

Parenting Tips On How To Not Spoil Your Kids

2.Stick To Your Limits

When you say something, stick to it. If you have told the child that one drink is all they are getting then stick to that. Children need consistency and flip flopping your decisions is not the way to teach them. If you give in just this time, then you are leaving yourself open to be second guessed again and again every time. Say what you mean and stick to it. Much like what the staff at the child care in Adelaide or in your local area teach them, your little ones need to be set boundaries in life.

3.Chores To Be Done Before There Is Fun

Children need to learn that there are rewards for doing something good. You also need to teach them how to handle their frustrations and to understand that you don’t just get something you want just because you want it. You need to work for things in life and it’s better to teach that lesson now while they are young. Sometimes, it’s difficult to get kids to do their chores, so check out articles online for additional advice.

4.Convince Me

If your kid asks you for something you are not really sure about, then ask them to justify why it is that you should give it to them. If your child responds by saying that they have done all their chores, cleaned their room and completed all their homework then this is reason enough to say yes. Always try to reward hard work.

You should never be afraid to disappoint your kids when it comes to their discipline. Accepting disappointment helps kids deal with emotional stress in their lives later. Get them to work for what they want and introduce some kind of reward system.


Easing Allergies for Kids

Americans spend a lot of time inside. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency believes that people spend 90 percent of the time indoors. That’s a problem because pollutants are up to five times higher inside. You’re breathing dirty air, which is bad for you and even worse for your children. Kids don’t have fully mature lungs. That’s why they’re more vulnerable to nanoparticles. When the air in your home is unclean, your kids are more susceptible to allergies and asthma attacks. You need to become an allergy warrior and fight back against air pollution.

The most important aspect of your home is the indoor air quality (IAQ). Your HVAC system will circulate air no matter how clean it is. You need to make sure that your vents are clear of dust mites and other allergens. Fortunately, you have plenty of options to improve your IAQ. One smart strategy is to buy allergy-proof bedding for your mattress. Several brands of comforters, bed sheets, and pillows have smaller holes in the fabric. It’s a design choice to reduce the gaps where dust mites would otherwise fit. You can even buy mattresses that reduce the spread of allergens.

You should also hire a professional HVAC worker to do maintenance on your vents. This person will clean your HVAC unit and its outlets and also replace the filter. You should also ask for suggestions about other ways to improve IAQ. For example, a filter with a higher MERV rating will spread cleaner air throughout your home. You should contact an HVAC professional from Freedom Heating and Air to discuss the situation. It’s the best way to combat air pollution

Easing Allergies for Kids

We Met the Zootopia Crew #ZootopiaSG

It is holiday week for playgroup. So, I wanted my son to have some holiday feeling as still he doesn’t have such experience. So, I prepared to go out with him to have some mommy moments with him. I asked him where is the place he wants to visit.


Posing with the crew of Zootopia 🙂

Animals are his friendly toys always. Whatever his suggestions include an animal always. So I didn’t surprise with his answer. He said he wants to see the monkey lanterns again. After the discussion he started talking about monkey lanterns and our recent visit to see the lanterns. Actually, now there are no lanterns at that shopping mall. It was a decoration for Chinese New Year. Anyway we came out to walk around without a special place to visit. Instead I wanted to spend time with him showing things around.


We were lucky. We found the crew of Zootopia! They were in a MRT station. My son was over the moon because the Zootopia crew is a crew of animals which he loves. He was cheering and talking to the animals. I was really happy with the finding of ZootopiaSG crew at this MRT.



It is so nice to see how we can make young kids happy. This is not any places of interests in Singapore. This Zootopia crew is a part of an advertising campaign for Walt Disney’s 55th animated film “Zootopia” which features a range of animal characters. But, for my son it is like we visited a Zoo. We spent some time watching the animal characters and returned home.

Singapore parenting blog

And the ice cream! He was so happy because I bought him a very ‘BIG’ ice cream! 🙂 Little minds are always innocent and happy with the things around them.

Do you have any photo story this week? Please share.

Benefits of Listening to Parenting Podcasts

Parenting and raising a child with good health and behavior is not that easy. Each and every parent undergoes the situation of mix feelings such as happy moments, sad and even full of anger and stress sometimes. From pregnancy to potty training, educating children to raise them with developed and good behavior is not so easy. Sometimes, it is like a sacrificing life to raising children.

Benefits of Listening to Parenting Podcasts

With young kids at home, even parents do not find time to read a book or share ideas with friends. Parenting podcasts are really helpful for such parents to get helpful advice from the experts. If you search ‘Parenting’ on iTunes you will find lot of podcasts that are for parenting. But, finding suitable and helpful podcasts for parenting is not that easy.

Benefits of Listening to Parenting Podcasts

You can even find helpful Podcasts on managing anger in parenting and managing conflict. These advice will help you to raise your kids without having many stressful moments in your life.

How to find Top Podcasts for Parenting

Instead of downloading lot of parenting podcasts, you can research on best podcasts for parenting and download the most helpful ones. For this, you can read reviews and experiences shared by other parents. If there are podcasts that are recommended by many parents, that can be a good selection for you too. Check these top five podcasts for parenting which are recommended by other mommies and daddies. Advice  in these podcasts will really help you to raise happy children while staying happy!

Benefits of Board Games for Toddlers

Having a toddler at home, it is really important to pay attention to his skills and development with different age stages. At the age 2, he easily gets bored with games we introduce to him.

Playing different game will enhance skills of your toddler and most importantly he will be happy by playing them. Board games are also a great opportunity to bring the family together.

Here are some of the top benefits you can expect by introducing board games for young children and especially for toddlers at very young age of their life.

Easy to master new skills

With age appropriate board games, you can easily introduce new concepts and skills for your toddler. Below are some of the concepts that you can teach your toddler through the board games.

  • Learning numbers, counting, shapes and grouping
  • Recognition of letters, images and colours
  • Eye-hand coordination
Taking Turns and Having Patience

It is common that toddlers are usually with less patience. They even tend to shout till they get the thing that they want. When playing board games, they have to wait for their turn. At first, toddlers will not happy with this. But a board game is an easier way to teach them about patience and taking turns. They will learn the skill with the time.

Improve Strategy Skills

Once your toddler starts enjoying board games, he will explore new ways to win the game. This will enhance his strategic thinking. When they develop their skills with time, they will be good decision makers in future.

Benefits of Board games for toddlers

Selecting Board Games for Toddlers

If you search, you’ll find that there are lots of board games available in the market. However finding age appropriate board games that enhance skills of a toddler is really important. Before choosing board games for your toddler, think of his interests and also the skill levels. Most online shops like Game Night Mania which sell board games offer lot of age appropriate games with description. So you can easily read and understand the concepts of the board game for toddler and choose accordingly.

Finally, with board games enjoy family time together and just have fun! That’s what your toddler wants!

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