April 19, 2024

Why do Babies Smile While Sleeping

Why do babies smile while sleeping?

Have you noticed that your newborn smiles in his sleep?

This is a wonderful moment for any parent. However have you ever thought of the reasons for his sleep during the sleep?

As a mom I had such wonderful experience during my kid was a newborn. He laughed sometime while sleeping. These giggling moments brought me joy and I never thought of why.

However as this is an issue for some moms I thought of sharing this post with some reasons I found for such baby smiles during their first weeks of life.Why do babies smile while sleeping?Let’s discuss some of the reasons.

why do babies smile while sleeping

Do babies see angels while they are sleeping?

In most cultures parents used to say that babies smile with angels while they sleep. This is a reasons passed down from generation to generation. This is what I heard from my parents when my baby was smiling. They were happy by looking at the smiling baby. So, I was.

Although it is happy to assume that baby can see angels while he is sleeping it is not a fact that is proved. However this religious answer for baby smiles during their sleep brings parents happiness and joy. This can be a reason that most parents do not bother when their babies smile or laugh at sleep.However I came up with some interesting facts while reading around.

why do babies smile while sleeping

Reasons for baby smiles and laughs during the sleep

Emotional growth

There are many scientific reasons behind these beautiful smiling moments. According to some bloggers, babies laughing in their sleep can be due to their emotional growth. When they develop their emotions and when their brains develop faster they start smiling. This can be a reason for babies to smile or even laugh during their sleep.

Is it a dream?

Babies sleep for short cycles. Therefore as per scientific researches these smiles are due to REM sleep stage. REM is the stage that we dream in the sleeping cycle. Therefore such smiles can be due to the baby’s responses for their dreams. It is the way he responds to any incident he encounter while dreaming.   

Release of gas

As per some experts, babies start developing their emotions when they reach the age of 3 or 4 months. Therefore they believe that these early smiles cannot be due to the emotions of infants. As per them such smiles during their sleep can be due to the release of gas. Most parents experience the burping and release of gases during the first few weeks of their infant’s life.

Above are some of the explained reasons for baby smiles during their sleep. Although traditionally parents believe that babies smile with the angels while they sleep expert opinions are different on this topic. What I mentioned above are such expert opinions and scientific reveals about baby smiles.

How about you? Have you noticed that your baby is smiling during his sleep?

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