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A Quick Guide To Keeping Your Baby’s Room Warm

The approach and onset of winter bring about the hassle of keeping warm, especially for our babies. The little infants’ system hasn’t learned how to regulate its internal temperature.  It all falls back to you, to keep them and their rooms warm and comfortable.

With the help of some natural warmth, extra insulation, and home electric appliances, you can raise the temperature in your baby’s room to keep it consistently warm. Just keep track on the heat so that it doesn’t go overboard.

Keeping Your Baby’s Room Warm

Keep reading for the full guide.

1. Invest In A Thermostat or Indoor Thermometer

It is surprisingly easy to overheat a baby’s room in an attempt to keep it warm. Experts recommend you keep temperatures in your child’s room between 68 and 72 degrees Fahrenheit. That’s why you’ll need to install a thermostat or use an indoor thermometer to keep track of the temperature.

A good criterion to follow is to keep the room warm enough for a lightly clothed adult. Test it on yourself. If it is too warm for you, then it’s too warm for the baby.

2. Make Use Of The Natural Warmth

Keeping Your Baby’s Room Warm

Whenever it is beautiful and sunny outside, keep your curtains open to let in the natural sunlight and heat. This will keep your baby’s room bright and warm enough all day while saving you money as you won’t be running heating appliances.

3. Use A Space Heater

If your baby’s room is freezing and you need it heated up real quick, then you should consider using a space heater. They are perfect for such situations.

However, you have to consider the safety of the child. Keep the heater a reasonable distance away from flammable items. Keep it even further from the baby as the hot surface burns skin very easily.

Also, not all space heaters can be used in baby’s room. Kerosene or radiator heaters are to be avoided. If you want to select a space heater for your baby’s room, has reviewed some products.

4. Install Thermal Curtains

Thermal Curtains (also known as insulating curtains) are another excellent way of keeping warm air in your baby’s room. Keep them close to the windows as possible and let them fall on to the window sill or even the floor. Keep them closed at night to prevent the warm air from escaping through the window.

5. Seal The Windows

Keeping Your Baby’s Room Warm

Faulty windows are a “firm No” in your baby’s room. They tend to be drafty, letting cold air in and reducing the temperature of the room. This is bad for your baby’s health and your wallet. You will spend a load of money trying to keep the temperature up. Instead, use sealants like caulk or weather stripping to keep the drafts out and warm air in, or replace the old leaky windows with new sealed ones.

6. Keep The Door Closed

Once you’ve settled on the way to heat the baby’s room, keep its door closed. This way, no heat is lost, and if you are using a space heater, you will save more on energy bills as the device won’t work too hard to keep the confined space warm.

Why do Babies Smile While Sleeping

Why do babies smile while sleeping?

Have you noticed that your newborn smiles in his sleep?

This is a wonderful moment for any parent. However have you ever thought of the reasons for his sleep during the sleep?

As a mom I had such wonderful experience during my kid was a newborn. He laughed sometime while sleeping. These giggling moments brought me joy and I never thought of why.

However as this is an issue for some moms I thought of sharing this post with some reasons I found for such baby smiles during their first weeks of life.Why do babies smile while sleeping?Let’s discuss some of the reasons.

why do babies smile while sleeping

Do babies see angels while they are sleeping?

In most cultures parents used to say that babies smile with angels while they sleep. This is a reasons passed down from generation to generation. This is what I heard from my parents when my baby was smiling. They were happy by looking at the smiling baby. So, I was.

Although it is happy to assume that baby can see angels while he is sleeping it is not a fact that is proved. However this religious answer for baby smiles during their sleep brings parents happiness and joy. This can be a reason that most parents do not bother when their babies smile or laugh at sleep.However I came up with some interesting facts while reading around.

why do babies smile while sleeping

Reasons for baby smiles and laughs during the sleep

Emotional growth

There are many scientific reasons behind these beautiful smiling moments. According to some bloggers, babies laughing in their sleep can be due to their emotional growth. When they develop their emotions and when their brains develop faster they start smiling. This can be a reason for babies to smile or even laugh during their sleep.

Is it a dream?

Babies sleep for short cycles. Therefore as per scientific researches these smiles are due to REM sleep stage. REM is the stage that we dream in the sleeping cycle. Therefore such smiles can be due to the baby’s responses for their dreams. It is the way he responds to any incident he encounter while dreaming.   

Release of gas

As per some experts, babies start developing their emotions when they reach the age of 3 or 4 months. Therefore they believe that these early smiles cannot be due to the emotions of infants. As per them such smiles during their sleep can be due to the release of gas. Most parents experience the burping and release of gases during the first few weeks of their infant’s life.

Above are some of the explained reasons for baby smiles during their sleep. Although traditionally parents believe that babies smile with the angels while they sleep expert opinions are different on this topic. What I mentioned above are such expert opinions and scientific reveals about baby smiles.

How about you? Have you noticed that your baby is smiling during his sleep?

How to Choose a Safe Car Seat for your Infant

Expecting a baby is really exciting. You are full of joy and waiting for the big day that your bundle of joy arrives. I am sure that you have prepared everything your infant needs from baby nursery to his clothing. Did you buy a new infant car seat?

If you still haven’t buy a new infant car seat and still thinking whether your newborn want a car seat or not, let me share why it is important to buy a car seat even before the baby arrives. Anyway, before everything, below are the things to know about buying a safe car seat for your infant.These tips are even helpful for you to plan your first trip to grocery with your baby.

How to choose a safe car seat for your infant

How to choose a safe car seat for your infant?

Car seat for your infant should properly fit and easy to fasten. By reading infant car seat reviews, you will understand the features of different models before you buy. This will make your task easier as you will be familiar with new car seat features. As there are many car seat brands available in the market, you need to check latest reviews for the current year. After reading the latest reviews of latest brands available, you will know the best infant car seat 2018 and that will ease you to make your decision to purchase a suitable and safe car seat.

When choosing a car seat for infants, it is also important to consider the facts such as quality and comfort. However, before everything you need to choose an infant car seat according to the age and weight of your newborn. If you buy it before baby is born, don’t worry. You can choose an infant car seat that is perfect for newborn baby weight range.

How to choose a safe car seat for your infant

Do you really need to buy a car seat for your newborn?

Yes, you need a car seat for your infant. You need to have a car seat ready when you prepare for giving birth to the baby. This is because you concern the safety of your little one.

You need to place your newborn baby securely in a car seat even if you don’t own a car. Even if you plan hiring a taxi, having an infant car seat is important for the sake of baby’s security.

Now you know why it is important to buy a car seat for your infant. If you haven’t buy yet, start searching for the latest models. Don’t forget both comfort and safety too.

Baby’s First Trip to the Store: Tips to Make it Easier on You Both

Every new mom has experienced that feeling of simultaneous excitement and anxiety when thinking about that first trip to the grocery store with your newborn baby. The thought of leaving the comfort of your home and venturing out with your little one can definitely prove to be an intimidating step.

Baby’s First Trip to the Store

Don’t stress because we have a handful of tips that is sure to make that first trip out as successful as possible!

Timing is Everything

Getting your newborn on a schedule can be extremely difficult. In fact, most babies don’t settle into a routine until they turn two to four months old. Do your best to pay attention to their cues and plan your shopping trip around that.

If you’d like your little one to sleep during the trip, try feeding her and then taking off right after. If you want to go when they’re awake, leave right after they wake up from their nap. Whatever time is best for your baby is what’s going to be best for you.

Prep the Diaper Bag

Baby’s First Trip to the Store

When it comes to an outing with your baby, you can never be too prepared. Consider what might come up during your trip to the grocery store —will he need to be fed? Will he need a diaper change, or have a blow out that will require a new outfit? Does he have a preferred binky or blanket that can soothe him if he starts fussing? Stock up your diaper bag with all of the essentials before you head out the door.

Choose your Parking Spot Wisely

As you drive up and down the aisles of the parking lot, do your best to find a spot that is close to the cart corral. No matter how far away from the store you end up, this will make it easy for you to get a cart as soon as possible to get baby settled in. It will also prove to be helpful for getting your cart returned after your shopping trip without having to carry baby too far. Those car seats can get pretty heavy!

Make Baby Comfortable

Baby’s First Trip to the Store

Perhaps the most important point to keep in mind for the baby’s first shopping trip is to do everything you can to keep her comfortable. Dress her in a comfortable outfit for the outing, and be mindful of the weather for that walk from the car to the store. Consider looking at a car seat hammock, like Binxy Baby, to help you keep your baby in her car seat for the entire trip. As long as your baby is comfortable, she will stay content.

Keep it Simple

We wouldn’t suggest going to Costco for a big haul for your baby’s first trip to the grocery store. Make a small list of items you need, or go with the intent to get yourself a treat (because you totally deserve it!). Not only is this a big step for your little one, but it’s a big deal for you, as well.

Depending on how soon you’re making this trip after your delivery, it’s possible that your body is still healing and that you’re only able to do so much. Don’t push yourself! It’s ok to know your boundaries and keep this first outing quick and straightforward to help you both get used to it.

You don’t need to worry about your first trip to the store with your new baby. This won’t be your last trip to the store and these tips will help you and your baby to have an easier time.

Things you Need to have Before Traveling with your Infant

If you are pregnant now, you are sure excited to bring your bundle of joy to home. After that you will have to travel with your newborn baby for many purposes. These trips can include from hospital visits to holidays. However, if you want to travel with your newborn baby, you also need to prepare for his safety. Newborn babies are so delicate and they need much attention and care during travel.

Things you Need to have Before Traveling with your Infant

In order to prepare for safe travelling with your infant, below are some of the things to know.Other than the things listed below,you will also need to pack a baby thermometer,diapers and baby formula to help your baby to stay healthy during the trip.

Invest on a quality Infant car seat

Things you Need to have Before Traveling with your Infant

It is necessary to keep your baby safely on a quality and comfortable car seat while travelling. Your infant car seat should be comfortable for your baby. It is also important to buy a safe car seat for the infant.

It also should have proper fastening and safety belts that ensure the safety of the infant. As there are many new infant car seats models available, check the features and buy a good quality car seat even for the first visit of newborn to your home.

Don’t forget Baby on Board Stickers

Having pasted a baby on Board sticker on your car will alert other drivers that you are driving with a baby. This will give a reminder to other drivers to drive carefully. And also, they will know that you drive slowly and carefully, not in a high speed. As a conveying of message to drive safely, it is a good idea to paste a baby on board sticker on your car’s rear window from the day one that you start traveling with your baby. It is really easy to buy baby on board stickers. But if you don’t like old designs, check these latest stylish Baby on Board stickers and choose your favourite design. Make sure you don’t clutter your car window with many Baby on Board stickers as this can distract other drivers.

Things you Need to have Before Traveling with your Infant

Removable car shades are important too

Get removable car shade screens for your car’s side windows. These shades will ensure that your baby is safe from sunlight. It is important to protect your baby’s eyes from harsh lights, so by having car window shades you don’t have to worry even if you travel during hot sunny days.

Don’t forget the Stroller and a baby carrier

Even if you travel by car, it is important to plan for walking with your infant. You will not spend whole day inside the car. Therefore having a stroller in your car will be helpful for you to keep the baby safe and comfortable when you have to walk. A baby carrier is helpful too.

Above all are things you need to ensure safe traveling for your infant. Other than above, be sure to pack enough diapers, tissues and baby wipes, milk formula and clothes in your diaper bag when you get ready to travel with your infant.

4 Tips For Picking Baby Names

Are you not having any luck finding the ideal name for your baby?  If so, then you are not alone.  Whether you are stressing out over “Sarah” versus “Sara” or fighting over various names with your partner, selecting a name for your baby can be a frustrating but still fun process.  One set of parents named their daughter Havana, not after the city but their favourite restaurant where they happened to go on their first date.  Then their son was named Cairo because they always wanted to visit Egypt and were planning on taking him there on his 16th birthday.  The couple is currently expecting their third child and are considering the following tips to come up with the perfect name for their baby.

Tips For Picking Baby Names

Keep It in The Family

One traditional way of narrowing your choices down is choosing an individual in your family who is very special to you as well as someone who embodies all of the characteristics that you would like your child to have.  It is very common in some cultures for the full name of the grandfather, father, grandmother, mother, etc to be used for a new child.  One way for your spouse and you to come to an agreement may be to choose your baby’s first name from your side of the family and the middle name from your spouse’s side of the family or vice versa.

International Flair

One way of adding a sense of interest and identity is to give your baby a name that is rooted within your personal history.  For example, if you have Scandinavian roots you could go with Kelsey or Finn. If you have French ancestry you could use Claude or Claudine.  The African name Juji means “heaps of love.”  You also don’t need to limit yourself to just your culture.  These days many parents are finding interesting and beautiful baby names from many different historical and ethnic origins.  For example, Suri Cruise’s first name is Persian for “red rose.”  If you want something a little more conventional but with a slightly more exotic spelling this list from VoucherCloud is a great one.

It’s All About Location

To find your baby’s name, look to the world atlas the way David and Victoria Beckham did when naming their son Brooklyn.  The hipster Texas town of Austin can make a very cool name for either a girl or boy.  Do you love you annual western ski trips?  Try Aspen, Vail or Jackson.  Make sure you choose a name that is easy to spell if it is based on a location.

Read A Great Book   

Like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, you can name your child after a character from one of your favorite books.  The couple named their daughter Scout after the girl in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird.  Many popular names are derived from characters out of bestselling books like Scarlett, Sawyer, Eloise and Madeline. Here is a good list of baby names from children’s books from Baby Center.




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