June 22, 2024

6 Tips For Working Mom To Keep Kids Safe At Home

All working moms have to go through the stress of ensuring safe environment at home for their kids while they are away. There are several factors that must be accounted to ensure safety of your kids. Increased children related crimes like kidnapping, abuse etc. have made every parent reasonably worried.

Tips For Working Mom To Keep Kids Safe At Home

If you are a working mother planning to keep your kids safe at home, this article might be useful as we list 6 tips to do just that! Let’s begin:

1. Teach Your Kids Safety Tips

If your kid is going to be alone at home it becomes even more important to teach him about safety precautions. Make specific ground rules about what your kid will be allowed to do when he is alone. Make sure that he doesn’t get to operate gas stove or other appliances. It might be a good practice that the kids don’t answer the door-bell or phone in your absence. If they are big enough to pick a call, they must be instructed to how to speak with a stranger.

2. Online Safety Is Also Important

We live in a digital era where it is quite difficult to keep away from internet. It’s no denying the fact that internet is full of novel materials to boost your kid’s intelligence, but it also contains a dark hidden world which might influence your kids wrongly. When you are away for work, it would be hard to monitor your children’s activities.

tips for working mom to keep kids safe at home

Your kids might require internet for doing his homework or assignments so you can’t deny them access to internet completely. However, you can install some security software that come with child lock facilities to restrict access to dangerous pages.

3. Lock Away Dangerous Items

Every kid is a curious soul and you can’t take that quality away from him. However, what you can do is to secure the dangerous items in your house away from their reach. Make sure that items like chemicals, firearms, gardening tools, kitchen knives, medicines, razors etc. are out of reach from your kid.

4.  Prevent Boredom

An idle mind is the devil’s playground! Ensure that your kids are occupied when you are away. Make a schedule and ask them to strictly follow it. Include homework and some basic chores appropriate to their age to keep them busy. 

tips for working mom to keep kids safe at home

5. Invest In A Good Alarm

No matter how good you plan and how carefully you execute, there might be some instances where your kid is exposed to a risk. It therefore makes sense to install a smart security alarm like Duress alarm at your home. These security alarms are software driven and just a mouse-click on your computer is sufficient to instantly alert the authorities. They also come with an optional hardware alarm button which you can install at multiple locations at your home

6. Educate Them About Safety Actions

Your kid must be well taught about steps that need to be taken in case of an emergency. Stick a list of important phone numbers where it is easily visible. Ensure that you have a trusted friend or neighbour whom your kids can reach when things go out of control. Teach them how to raise an alarm when they see smoke, fire or an intrusion.

Summing It Up:

You must note that each child has different maturity level and functions differently. So just because your colleague’s child of same age can manage on his own you should not push your child to stay home alone.

When it comes to safety of your child, you know that nothing you do will ever be enough. But if you are well aware of your kid’s activities and possible risks at your home, you can succeed in creating a safe place in your absence. We hope the tips mentioned in this article are helpful!

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