July 19, 2024

FARM Florist Review : Reliable 60-Minute Same Day Flower Delivery

Who doesn’t like fresh flowers? Who doesn’t love to receive fresh flowers as a surprise gift? After reading this FARM Florist review I am sure you want to find a reason to send flowers!

Why?Reasons are simple.And you will find reasons to send flowers when you finish reading this post. 🙂

FARM Florist review
Flowers from FARM Florist Singapore

When I received these beautiful flowers from FARM Florist, I was surprised with its beauty. This flower bunch was elegant on my desk and it could make me happy all the day. With a mix of pretty flowers with matching colours, it was one of the most beautiful flower bunches I received so far.

Now I know you are curious to know about FARM Florist online store.

Singapore Florist review

What is FARM Florist?

FARM Florist was formed by a group of well experienced florists with the aim of providing high quality flowers to the Singapore market. All these florists are with over 20 years of industry experience which is the secret behind the beautiful designs of their flower arrangements.

From beautiful Gerbera to lovely roses, you can find unique flower bouquet designs including bouquets of Hydrangea and sunflowers when you shop with FARM Florists.

Flowers I received from FARM Florist (# Review)

Well,this my FARM Florist review and experience.

FARM Florist review
FARM Florist review

The flower bunch I received is a Premium Surprise Bloom Box which is a signature product of FARM Florist. Yes, it is truly a surprise box which could make me smile. The flowers in this Surprise Bloom Box are neatly arranges in to an elegant style to make the receiver happy and excite. There were different beautiful flowers in it including Roses, carnations and Gerbera. The pretty pink of Gerbera flowers attracted me to admire this Surprise Bloom Box together with scents of other flowers. The beautiful foliage added beauty to the whole bunch.

I am really happy with the quality of the arrangement, neat design and flower quality. This bunch was on my table for few days making our home beautiful. Really, it is worth the money.

FARM Florist Singapore review

Features of FARM Florist flowers

Well, in Singapore there are other florists too. Then what makes FARM Florist stand out from others? Below are some reasons.

  • Simple ordering system which allows you to order flowers in just 5 minutes.
  • Express 60 minute delivery together with the option of free same day delivery.
  • Affordable rates starting at $25 which includes free delivery.
  • Fair trade policies
Singapore florist review

With such features, you don’t have to wait until you find a reason to send flowers to your loved one. Simply find the reason of making them happy.

Visit https://farmflorist.com/ to choose the best flowers that can make your loved ones smile!

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with farmflorist.com . I received the flowers from them.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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18 thoughts on “FARM Florist Review : Reliable 60-Minute Same Day Flower Delivery

  1. The surprise bouquet is so pretty, no wonder it made your day so much more beautiful. The flowers look like they have just been picked up from the field.

  2. The flowers do seem like they are of great quality. Love the colour combination and type of flowers, they work very well together. Flowers do make a great gift.

  3. Your flowers are so beautiful- I love the colour combination and just how fresh they look! The benefit of express delivery is great too for forgotten anniversaries and birthdays!

  4. I’ve always liked local shops. For flowers it really matters that they aren’t sitting around for a long time. Don’t get me wrong I’ve received nice online bouquets but they last so much longer when they are freshly cut. Those arrangements are beautiful.

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