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Preserved Flower Domes from Bloom Studio Singapore : A Perfect Gift Idea #Review

This is the perfect time to send and receive flowers. New Year 2020 is around the corner and festive cheers are everywhere. Have you decided on to whom you need to send flowers? Or have you received any flowers from your loved ones? Do you know that you can send preserved flowers in Singapore to make your loved ones surprised and happy?Then read this Bloom Studio preserved flowers review to know the details on how you can do it!After reading the Bloom Studio Singapore review,leave me a comment on your idea and experience with similar gift ideas.

Bloom Studio Singapore Review
Bloom Studio Singapore Review

It is the perfect time for me to receive flowers when I received these flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore. And do you know the secret? These are preserved flowers! Therefore these flowers can be last more years up to 3 years if I keep these in good condition. Isn’t it worth to receive such long lasting fresh flowers than a bouquet which lasts for a few days? This is why I want to share this review about preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore!  If you look for sending preserved flowers in Singapore then this Bloom Studio review may help you to decide!

preserved flowers from Bloom Studio

What is Bloom Studio?

Bloom Studio is founded by a team of experienced florists with the desire of providing a quality service to make others happy. Their designs are modern yet affordable. After all they believe in quality of the work.

Review of the preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore (my experience)

When I received this Olivia Flower dome from Bloom Studio Singapore, my first impression was a big ‘Wow’! Yes, these flowers are so pretty to receive. And these are well arranged inside the dome. It is perfect for any place at my home although I tried few different places including coffee table, a corner and a bedside table.

preserved flowers
Olivia flower dome from Bloom Studio Singapore

The flowers look so fresh with beautiful pastel colour shades. With the dome the flowers are safe from wind and heat. Even it looks really beautiful inside the dome. The beautiful preserved roses are paired with preserved hydrangea and dried & preserved foliage. After all it is a beautiful arrangement which is perfect as a gift!

When I check their website I found that these preserved flowers can be kept longer up to about 3 years as these are well preserved. However you have to keep it in a place where there is no heavy wind, heat or watery atmosphere.

My conclusion is that preserved flower domes are a great gift for anyone!If you don’t believe me then check these preserved flower domes for more design ideas.

preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore
A close up of the beautiful roses inside the dome.These are real fresh flowers,but preserved.

Features of these preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore

Below are some features of preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore. These are the reasons to shop with them and these are the reasons why they stand out from other florists in Singapore.

preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore
I opened the dome to see the flowers inside.

These preserved flowers are 100% real. These have gone a process of preservation in order to maintain the freshness and the shape.

During the preservation process they only use toxic free colours such as food colouring to make the preserved flowers and process environment friendly. Therefore these are risk free flowers to send and receive.

Free same day delivery for all purchases!

preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore

These flowers do not need maintenance, but these last long.

Bloom Studio donates a percentage of their profits to local animal shelters as part of their responsibility to give back to the society.

preserved flowers

Above are the reasons to buy preserved flowers from Bloom Studio Singapore when you want to gift flowers to someone. Now, don’t think twice. Think of your loved ones who like to receive a dome of preserved flowers. Choose the flowers by visiting and place the order. You don’t have to pay for shipping as you enjoy Free same day delivery for all purchases!

Connect with them in Social Media for latest news and updates.



Happy Holidays and Happy New Year 2020!

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with . I received the flower dome from them to facilitate this review.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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FARM Florist Review : Reliable 60-Minute Same Day Flower Delivery

Who doesn’t like fresh flowers? Who doesn’t love to receive fresh flowers as a surprise gift? After reading this FARM Florist review I am sure you want to find a reason to send flowers!

Why?Reasons are simple.And you will find reasons to send flowers when you finish reading this post. 🙂

FARM Florist review
Flowers from FARM Florist Singapore

When I received these beautiful flowers from FARM Florist, I was surprised with its beauty. This flower bunch was elegant on my desk and it could make me happy all the day. With a mix of pretty flowers with matching colours, it was one of the most beautiful flower bunches I received so far.

Now I know you are curious to know about FARM Florist online store.

Singapore Florist review

What is FARM Florist?

FARM Florist was formed by a group of well experienced florists with the aim of providing high quality flowers to the Singapore market. All these florists are with over 20 years of industry experience which is the secret behind the beautiful designs of their flower arrangements.

From beautiful Gerbera to lovely roses, you can find unique flower bouquet designs including bouquets of Hydrangea and sunflowers when you shop with FARM Florists.

Flowers I received from FARM Florist (# Review)

Well,this my FARM Florist review and experience.

FARM Florist review
FARM Florist review

The flower bunch I received is a Premium Surprise Bloom Box which is a signature product of FARM Florist. Yes, it is truly a surprise box which could make me smile. The flowers in this Surprise Bloom Box are neatly arranges in to an elegant style to make the receiver happy and excite. There were different beautiful flowers in it including Roses, carnations and Gerbera. The pretty pink of Gerbera flowers attracted me to admire this Surprise Bloom Box together with scents of other flowers. The beautiful foliage added beauty to the whole bunch.

I am really happy with the quality of the arrangement, neat design and flower quality. This bunch was on my table for few days making our home beautiful. Really, it is worth the money.

FARM Florist Singapore review

Features of FARM Florist flowers

Well, in Singapore there are other florists too. Then what makes FARM Florist stand out from others? Below are some reasons.

  • Simple ordering system which allows you to order flowers in just 5 minutes.
  • Express 60 minute delivery together with the option of free same day delivery.
  • Affordable rates starting at $25 which includes free delivery.
  • Fair trade policies
Singapore florist review

With such features, you don’t have to wait until you find a reason to send flowers to your loved one. Simply find the reason of making them happy.

Visit to choose the best flowers that can make your loved ones smile!

Disclaimer: This post is a collaboration with . I received the flowers from them.No monetary compensation received. All opinions are mine.

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With Floral Garage Singapore You Can Send Flowers to Show Your Love

Flowers are one of the best ways to convey messages. When you want to show your love and care to someone, flowers can easily send a powerful and thoughtful message even without talking a single word. This is why sending flowers is so much popular among people for any special occasion.

A beautiful bouquet of flowers which emits floral scent can easily fix the mood of anyone anytime. It was same with me after a hectic working day when I saw this beautiful flower bouquet from Floral Garage. I was so happy to see this pretty bouquet on our dining table and later decided our bedroom as the best place for it. 🙂

Floral Garage review-Singapore
With Floral Garage Singapore You Can Send Flowers to Show Your Love

Last month, we had few changes in our lives. We had to hire a domestic helper as lately I understood that I can’t do both household chaos and my work without any helping hand. It was time that we hired a domestic helper. My kid was undergoing a bit stressful period as he had to go to preschool with the new maid. He was missing me. Same time, I had to make sure that everything at home was going right. My husband was busy with his job too.

And, this flower bouquet from Floral Garage was an Icebreaker!

We all could admire the beauty of it. Kid was happy as he was at home when the flowers were delivered. I could smell fresh flowers while admiring the beauty of it after tiresome days. Truly this flower bouquet could change the way we lived for few days.

This is where flowers are more powerful!

Floral Garage review-Singapore

Flowers from Floral Garage Singapore

When the team at Floral Garage contacted me to send a flower bouquet, then asked me to choose any bouquet that I love to receive. Although there were bouquets with Roses and other beautiful flowers, I loved their photos of a bouquet with pretty carnations. This carnation bouquet comes with a glass vase which is helpful to keep flowers. So, I decided to choose that Carnation bouquet as I don’t have to worry about flower vase to keep it.

Their delivery procedure was really convenient and I could arrange my preferred time. Other than that these flowers were nicely wrapped and delivered without spoiling its freshness. Flowers were emitting fragrance which could attract anyone. We totally love this flower bouquet from Floral Garage and the flowers are of good quality. It is worth the money.

Floral Garage review-Singapore

Mother’s day is around the corner, you can think of your mom or any loved ones to send some flowers and say that you still think about them. With online flower shops such as Floral Garage, it is easy to choose beautiful flowers for really affordable rates. As they do the delivery of flowers for the recipient, this is really easy and save more time.

In Floral Garage, you can find flower bouquets, hampers which includes gifts and fresh flowers, Terrariums, congratulatory stands and many other flower arrangements that can use for sending love and thoughts.

I am glad that I received these pretty Carnations from Floral Garage at the right time which I wanted to have a break.

So, why don’t you check Floral Garage Singapore by visiting their website? You will find many reasons to send beautiful flower bouquets to your loved ones.

Check Floral Garage website by visiting

Don’t forget to send some beautiful flowers to your loved ones and show your love to them!

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Flower Delivery What Does Little Flower Hut Provide?

Are you looking for the freshest blooms and the wonderful designs? There are more to expect when you choose to maximize the services of Little Flower Hut. You can send Flower Delivery Singapore through the Florist and avail full services on special events and occasions. If you have a big event coming up and you will need more flowers for the celebrations, you may want to check the full service floristry that the florist offers:

Little Flower Hut

Flower Arrangements and Designs

A full service flower shop is your best place if you need beautiful designs of flower bouquets or floral arrangements. There are hundreds of designs to choose from in Little Flower Hut and some are perfect as birthday flowers, flowers for romantic purposes, anniversary flowers, graduation flowers, and other occasions. The florist will make your gift of flowers more wonderful by adding a touch of elegance and uniqueness in each design. Fashion is also given consideration to create stylish and modern flower arrangements and designs.

Florist Delivery

A full service online florist also provides fast and reliable florist delivery. When you send the gift of flowers to your loved ones in Singapore, you can count on the efficiency and prompt service of Little Flower Hut. All flowers are hand delivered to ensure that the flowers will arrive at the recipient’s address in fresh and hydrated condition. You can buy and send your flowers and gifts on the same day, in case you forgot the occasion. The florist accepts orders usually until 3 pm for this service. You can also send flowers on the next day or on the exact day of celebration.

24 Hours Accessibility

Whether you want to place orders of flowers or you want to ask for assistance in planning the flower arrangement, you can easily access the florist through the online flower shop. They are accessible 24 hours a day for seven days a week to help you choose the best floral bouquets and to assist you as you purchase and place your orders online. You can even track the flowers you order through the website anytime you want to know the status of the flowers you ordered for delivery.

Little Flower Hut

Florist Consultation

It is an advantage if you will seek the help and expertise of a professional florist on whatever floral designs you need for occasional flower gifts or for floral decorations on events. If you are planning a big event wherein you will need fresh flowers, you can count on the florist in Singapore to help you all the way. Moreover, a good florist can even make the most elegant and fabulous design for your event at your given budget or for an affordable price.

In a florist industry, a full service flower shop, like the Little Flower Hut, may also provide customer care and prompt and proper responses to customer’s questions and inquiries. More than just giving the customers and clients the best flower bouquets, being a full service florist is also about making them happy and satisfied with the Flower Delivery you send.

Design your Own Bouquet Online

Sending flowers is one of the best ways to send love. It is a lovely way to spread love even in a busy work schedule. This is why I always choose to send flowers to my friends and relatives in their special occasions. But, sometimes I spend many hours to choose a suitable bouquet as most of the florists offer similar flower arrangements which include popular flowers such as Roses, Gerberas, Orchid etc. Recently when I found the new feature of DIY flower bouquets facility choosing the flowers that we like I was excited. The main reason is with the facility of design own flower bouquet online, it is easy to add a personal touch. We can easily choose flower that receiver like most. After all it is flower bouquet that is created with love!

Design your Own Bouquet Online

For this flower bouquet,I chose roses.

Do you like to know how to Design your own bouquet online in Singapore? Here is how to do.

The popular flower delivery service in Singapore, 24Hrs City Florist offers their customers this exciting service of designing their bouquet online. You will need to spend few minutes only to choose the suitable flowers and wrapping. They will do the rest including flower delivery to the recipient.

How to Design your own bouquet online?

First visit to start designing your flower bouquet Singapore with the flower arrangement that you prefer. Once you complete the design of your bouquet, they will arrange flower delivery to the recipient within few hours. It is really easy and exciting way to make someone happy even when you have few free minutes at mid night!

Step 1: First choose the main flower type from the collection

Step 2: Select your bouquet style. This step will be easy as there are suggestions given.

Step 3:  Choose your wrapping type.

Design your own bouquet online

I chose Hydrangea for my flower bouquet design.It was really easy to do my design with options available.

You have completed designing your personalized bouquet within few minutes in three easy steps. Complete the order including the recipient address. You are ready to make someone happy and surprised with your own DIY flower bouquet!

Design your own bouquet online

Flower bouquet I designed online using Hydrangea flowers.

Why such facility of Design your own bouquet online is beneficial?

The first benefit for me with such customized service is that I am able to deliver a DIY flower bouquet which includes my creativity. I am sure you like this facility too. Other than that you can choose flowers and design which your receiver loves. If you have budget limitations, don’t worry. You have options to choose which flowers to use. And after all, this is one of the best things to do even if you have few free minutes at mid night among the busy lifestyle. You don’t have to shop spending hours. You will save time by designing your bouquet online at home.

Check for more details and how to design your flower bouquet online. You will sure love this option same as I do. Start creating a flower bouquet to make your close ones excited!

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