July 15, 2024

How to Select the Right Preschool?

Selecting the right preschool is one of the important tasks when the kids reach their preschool age. Although there are many preschools available, as parents we should have some idea on how to choose the right preschool depending on various facts. As my child reached preschool age and started preschool this year, we had the same doubts when selecting a preschool for him. Therefore I think it is good to share some of our experiences as these ideas may help you to select the right preschool for your kid too.

How to Select the Right Preschool
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Consider the teaching method

As early education is really important for your kid, you also need to have some idea on different early education philosophies. Some common approaches are Montessori, play-based and academic preschools which gives some hint on how the preschool activities are created. Anyway there are preschools that use combine philosophies, but there are preschools that use one approach such as Montessori Method. For example, Richmond Hill Montessori ,Plano,Texas carries their programs according to the Montessori approach. Therefore the classrooms of the preschool are equipped with Montessori materials to give better learning environment for the kids.

How to Select the Right Preschool
Image credits : rhmontessori.com

When you know these terms clearly, you can easily decide on the right preschool for your kid.

Choosing the right preschool program is crucial as it sets the foundation for your child’s future academic and social success. By carefully considering the teaching method and philosophy of a preschool, you can ensure that it aligns with your child’s learning style and developmental needs. To understand more about learning programs, check details with the preschool in your local area. Whether it’s Montessori, play-based, or academic-focused, selecting a program that resonates with your child’s interests and abilities can make a significant difference in their early learning journey.

Do your research

If you ask your friends, colleagues, and family members who have young kids, they will give you loads of ideas regarding preschools. I also did the same at the time my son was attending playgroup classes. For me, selecting a preschool was a really new experience as I am from another country. However, the details and information I received from my friends and other parents of playgroup kids were really helpful in shortlisting a few preschools before we decide on one. If you find yourself wanting to do a bit more research into specifics of what the preschool offers, then searching online for preschool programs in Arlington, VA, or in your local area, will yield relevant results for you to discover and perhaps shortlist if they appeal to you. 

Visit the preschool before deciding

This is the next step I did before choosing a Preschool for our kid. I shortlisted a few preschools and then started visiting the schools. Although the preschool near my place was full, I also did not attract the place as it was too crowded with kids. I found a preschool that is some distance from my home with a peaceful environment which I believe is essential for young kids to learn. These can be your personal choices. However, by visiting a few preschools, you can easily select the right one which suits your expectations.

How to Select the Right Preschool
Image credits : rhmontessori.com

When you talk with the teachers or principal, you can easily clear any doubts you have regarding the preschool. This is really important and you will also understand how the school communicates with parents.

Above are the steps I followed when we select the preschool for our kid. So far our experience is really good with the new preschool and my kid happily wakes up in the morning to go to school. I hope these tips are helpful for you too. If you have any other ideas, please share those below, so that others can get the benefit!

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