April 19, 2024

Youth Protective Gear: Sports mouth guard or dental mouth guard?

Children’s teeth are still vulnerable and easily damaged. You should not let your kids exercise without wearing a youth mouth guard. Mouth guards give protection to your child’s teeth so that even if their teeth are hit, the teeth will be fine. However, you may be confused about choosing between a sports mouth guard and a dental mouth guard. What are the differences between a sports mouth guard and a dental mouth guard?

Sports mouth guard or dental mouth guard?

What are the differences between Sports Mouth guardvs Dental Mouth guard?

Basically, there are no differences between sports mouth guard vs dental mouth guard. Both of these mouthguards have the same function in order to give protection to somebody’s teeth. Somehow, a sports mouthguard is specifically designed for sports. Some boxers usually wear sports mouth guards to protect their teeth from the opponent’s hit. In fact, the youth mouth guard is also available for kids. A youth sports mouth guard can be the best way to protect your kids when they join sports like baseball, basketball, kids boxing, martial arts, and much more.

Sports mouth guard or dental mouth guard?

Can you wear an ordinary dental mouthguard for sports?

Well, you can wear any kind of mouthguard for your daily activities. But, when it comes to sports, you are not recommended to wear an ordinary dental mouthguard because it is not specifically designed for sports. So, the best alternative to give the best protection to your kid’s teeth is by providing your kids with a special sports mouthguard. Youth sports mouth guard comes in various designs and styles. You can choose a sports mouthguard according to your favorite colors such as blue, green, red, purple, and much more. Some kids’ sports mouthguards also come with special themes such as Batman sports mouthguard, country flag mouthguard, Superman theme mouthguard, and much more.

Sports mouth guard or dental mouth guard?

Will your kids feel comfortable wearing sports mouthguards?

Some kids do not want to wear a sports mouthguard because they may feel uncomfortable with it. In fact, most youth mouth guard products are very comfortable to wear. The youth mouth guard is basically made from soft rubber which is quite elastical and safe for kids gum. Your kids will not feel pain in the mouth because it is adjustable. Moreover, this mouthguard is also reusable and has a strong construction.

How to wear a youth sports mouth guard correctly?

Wearing a youth mouth guard is very simple and easy. Your kids only have to put the mouthguard inside the mouth and then bite it. This mouthguard fits the teeth because it is designed specifically for kids’ teeth. Somehow, your kids can also remove it after wearing it. But, if you want to wear the mouthguard again, you must wash it and sterilize it to avoid germs and bacteria. If you want to keep it clean, you need to store it in its case.

Finally, that’s all about youth mouth guard which you may want to know. Sports mouth guards and dental mouthguards are actually the same, but a sports mouth guard is specifically designed for sports. Thus, you can buy a youth mouth guard for your kids so their teeth will be fully protected when joining sports or exercises.

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