June 21, 2024

Japanese Green Tea – Why is it so Special?

Do you like tea?I am a tea lover and I’d like to try different tea types.It is always exciting and relaxing to zip a cup of tea in a calm and peaceful environment.For me,a cup of green tea gives much relaxation.So far I’ve tried many types of Chinese Green tea.However,recently I was curious about Japanese Green tea and thought of sharing these interesting information about Japanese tea and its reasons to make this tea so special!

How to buy Japanese Green Tea

What is Japanese tea?

In Japan, Green tea is much popular and more than 90 percent of its tea production is green teas. The most popular Japanese teas including sencha, hōji-cha and gyokuro are green tea varieties.

If you wonder what green teas are, simply Green teas are not fermented in the process of making tea. However Black tea is produced with fermentation process.

Japanese Green Tea

Why Japanese Green Tea is so special?

Basically green tea is not been fermented. This process requires heating of tea leaves as soon as they are picked. The most popular method of heating tea leaves is by placing them with contact of heat surface. However, in Japan this Green tea making procedure is different and that makes Japanese green tea special.

Healthy Benefits of Japanese Green Tea

In Japan, tea leaves are heated in water vapour. By heating tea leaves in water vapour just after they’ve picked, Japanese Green tea is produced. Although this method is originated in China many years ago, currently Japan uses it for their Green tea production, but disappeared from China.

Healthy Benefits of Japanese Green Tea

Catechins are polyphenols which are in Green teas and it is with the ability of fighting against the viruses. Other than that, Catechins are also beneficial for slow aging and it also contains anti-cancer properties.

By drinking green tea, you can reduce the high blood pressure and also lower the blood sugar. It is beneficial for healthy immune system and also helpful in lowering cholesterol. There are many health benefits of green tea and to get the best of the healthy benefits, you need to find high quality green teas.Japanese Green tea can be a best choice for any gift basket which you make for your loved ones.

How to buy Japanese Green Tea?

You can easily buy Japanese Green tea from most of the online shops. There are Japanese green tea varieties such as Sencha, Fukamushicha, Konacha,Matcha,Gyokuro and so on. These types vary from its appearance and taste. Other than the types of Japanese Green tea, refer to popular Japanese green tea brands before you make a decision on your order. That will help you to make a quick decision on selecting best Japanese tea brand to purchase and to try Japanese green tea.

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