June 15, 2024

Sell your Handmade Items Online With Kate and Bean

Small business owners always face the problem of finding the market. Sometimes they are unable to get good prices which value their products as they have to compete with lot of other sellers in the same market.

**update in 2019 :Later I found that this online shop is no longer available.

Sell your Handmade Items Online With Kate and Bean

Most of the stay at home moms use their creativity to make beautiful handmade items and crafts in order to earn an income through their products. Most of them are successful in selling those crafts online in places like Etsy. However, with the competition and with lot of similar sellers available, it is not easy to success as a seller in most of these popular online shops.

Today I want to introduce you a new online market place for your crafts and handmade items. Simply it is an Etsy alternative.

Whether you want to Sell Handmade Online, Sell Crafts Online or Sell Vintage Online, you can join with Kate and Bean and be successful as a small business owner.

What is Kate and Bean?

Kate and Bean is an online market place for vendors which you can start a shop and sell your handmade items online.

They will start accepting applications from vendors from April and you can join with them and start selling your items as soon as they opened for new vendors.

Features of Kate and Bean

  • When you join with Kate and Bean, you will receive a welcome gift which includes personalized business cards. You will also get the opportunity to store your inventory in their headquarters.
  • One of the main features includes professional photography which most of the vendors are difficult to create for their listings.
  • You will also get a vendor shop for you with web address personalized for your shop.
  • There are many other features included including social media shouting and free featured listings each month.

So, why wait? Visit www.kateandbean.com for more details.

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7 thoughts on “Sell your Handmade Items Online With Kate and Bean

  1. This sounds like a terrific alternative to Etsy. Thank you for posting about it. I will definitely check it out.

  2. I’ve been on Etsy for about 8 years so this sounds like a great idea. Over the years a lot of sellers on etsy are becoming “corporate” and not so much homemade. This makes selling difficult.

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