July 15, 2024

Post Office Visit, Library, and Over 100 Years Old Tea Trees

I hope you all had a lovely week. Our week was good too with different experiences. We had a great experience last weekend, that is posting a letter! Well, it is truly a great experience for the child. Now, with emails, video calls, and SMS, sending a letter by post is something that we do very rarely. Although my son has visited the post office a few times, those are for tasks that were done by me. Therefore, his experience was minimal than looking here and there around the post office. This time he posted a letter to Singa! ( Singa is the kindness lion, the mascot of the Singapore kindness movement)


Last week son wrote a letter to Singa about his idea for ‘Racial Harmony Day‘ which is also a contest. The letter needs to send by post. He was eager to go to the post office because there is no other place to buy postal stamps.


Interestingly, postal stamps are self-adhesive unlike before. 🙂


He experienced how to post a letter. We also bought a few additional stamps.


On this day we went to the post office with a plan of having lunch outside. So we had to wait for the husband to come after office. During the wait, we went to the Woodlands Regional Library to browse books. As part of the Read! Singapore movement, there was a promotion too. Son received a goody bag for borrowing Tamil books to read. (Program was to encourage reading books written in the mother tongue languages). The goody bag included a few story books that he can read together with notebooks.


He was really happy with his goody bag from the library. 🙂

Tea from iTeaworld and Over 100 Years Old Tea Trees

I mostly write about my son and his experiences. But, here is from me. Those who read my blogs know that I am a heavy tea drinker 🙂 Well, I am used to it! Mostly I drink black tea, but my next favourite is Oolong tea. Do you know that I will be having a great tea-tasting experience soon with some fresh teas from China? The guys at iTeaworld asked me to send some Chinese teas. I agreed because I didn’t taste new teas for a few months other than tasting teas that I own. Isn’t it good to taste new teas?

Over 100 Years Old Tea Trees tea

What I like about Chinese tea is that those are aromatic and I always experience the shape of tea leaves. Different teas come with different tea leaves. The above is a photo of Oolong tea leaves which are rolled keeping their length.

Over 100 Years Old Tea Trees
100 Years old tea trees (Image credit: www.iTeaworld.com)

The other interesting fact is that these teas are from 100 years old tea trees! 😮 🙂 This is interesting and surprised me because I didn’t know that there are old tea trees that tea pluckers need to climb it. I only knew about tea bushes that are popular in Sri Lanka tea estates that originate Ceylon teas. 🙂

Over 100 Years Old Tea Trees
Oolong tea (Image credit: www.iTeaworld.com)

According to what I read,the flavour of these teas from 100 years old tea trees lasts even after 10 brews.

One of the most remarkable aspects of 100-year-old tea trees is the distinct character of the tea they produce. Their long-established roots and age-old wisdom impart unique flavors and aromas to the leaves, resulting in teas that are often considered more complex and nuanced compared to younger tea plants.

After reading these facts, I really want to try the teas and see whether these claims are true or not! So, I am counting my fingers till I receive the tea parcel from China (From iTeaworld). See more photos and details about these 100 years old tea trees and the tea manufacturing process by visiting this link. I also found this article helpful which is about Tea Therapy.

Once I receive the teas, I will share my true experience. Till that let me know about your tea experiences. Did you know that there are old tea trees that still supply harvest for tea drinkers? Do you like Oolong tea? Or what is your favourite tea? Please comment below.

Update: I received teas from iTeaworld and I am happy with my tea tasting experience. Check my iTeaworld tea review post to learn more about tea tasting experience.

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26 thoughts on “Post Office Visit, Library, and Over 100 Years Old Tea Trees

  1. It sounds like a great week for you. I never knew about that much old tea trees. Definitely, it is well worth trying such precious teas. I enjoyed reading your sons adventures too. Beautiful stamps from Singapore!

    1. Thank you for your kind words! Yes, it has been an amazing week exploring the ancient tea trees and discovering such rare and precious teas. The experience has been truly remarkable, and I’m glad I could share it with you. I’m delighted to hear that you enjoyed reading about my son’s adventures as well.

  2. How exciting for your son to actually post his first letter. That is a big deal. I hope that people can post mail for many years to come. And those are cool stamps. And I love that photo of the tea picker in the tree. I’m not sure if I’ve had oolong tea, but I must have at some point because like you, I very much like tea. And I love to try tea too. I hope you have a super T day Amila and also a great start to August. hugs-Erika

    1. Good day!

      It is truly a blessing to see so many enthusiasts interested in our iTeaworld tea. We invite you to taste our tea for free and share your valuable opinions on the tea journey together.This is my contact email zoey@iteaworld.com. I am looking forward to hearing from tea lovers at any time.Best regards,Zoey

  3. How fun to see the process of your son posting some mail. Love that goldfish stamp. Interesting about the tea and the 100-year-old tree. Happy T Day.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment! I’m glad you enjoyed seeing the process of my son posting mail. It’s always heartwarming to witness their excitement when they take on small responsibilities like sending letters or postcards.
      As for the tea and the 100-year-old tree, it’s truly fascinating how nature’s wonders can produce such exceptional flavors and aromas in the teas.
      Wishing you a very Happy T Day as well!

  4. Wonderfully interesting post, Amila. Love those stamps you got and the concept of a kindness event (we need it here too). Libraries are one of my favorite places so good you took you son and he was encouraged by one of their programs. You son get’s cuter every day!

    I drink tea but it is almost always in bags so I have no real concept of tea as it should be. I love your pictures of the dried leaves and the tea pickers. So interesting. Thank you for sharing all this. Happy T-day and hugz

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words and appreciation, it means a lot to me! I’m delighted that you found the post interesting, especially the stamps and the concept of a kindness event.
      I’m glad you enjoyed the pictures of the tea leaves and the pickers; it’s truly a beautiful process to witness.
      Thank you for joining me on this journey and for your warm wishes for T-day. I wish you a wonderful T-day as well!

  5. I remember in my childhood we got a lot of mail. I’d put it on the dining table for my parents to see. Snail mail is almost extinct now and becomes an adventure for young children. Times change!

    1. Absolutely, times have indeed changed! It’s heartwarming to hear about your childhood memories of receiving mail and eagerly sharing it with your parents. Snail mail had a special charm, and the anticipation of receiving letters or cards added a sense of excitement to our lives.
      Thank you for sharing your memories and reflecting on the changes over time. It’s a beautiful reminder of how simple things can hold special places in our hearts. Have a wonderful day!

  6. Wonderful that your son was able to mail his first letter. Those are beautiful stamps, too. I was surprised to learn you were not familiar with self stick stamps till now. I hope your son gets some sort of recognition for participating in that contest. He really lucked out when he went to the library. That is a great bag and he got some lovely gifts just for doing something that should be taken for granted and that is reading.

    Congratulations to you, too. The first tea I remember drinking is Oolong. I look forward to reading when you receive your tea and what you think of it after you drink it. I also learned a lot about Oolong. I had NO idea the leaves came from trees that were over 100 years old.

    Thanks for sharing your son’s trip to the post office, his bag he received at the library, and you winning that tea with us for T this Tuesday, dear Amila.

  7. I love the bag that your son received and what pretty stamps. Our stamps are now adhesive as well instead of the lick-the-back kind.
    I love trying new teas and I love that there are so many different varieties. Tea is the only beverage I drink so I am right there with you. I really love oolong. I can’t drink a lot of black tea as I have a sensitivity to it but I can drink green or white. When I do drink black, I prefer a flavor added instead of just plain black. I have had some that taste like dirt. But I haven’t had a oolong yet that I don’t like. Looking forward to hearing about your taste testing experience.
    Happy Tea Day,

  8. When I lived in Taiwan I drank Oolong tea and really liked it. Usually I’m not much of a tea drinker.
    How fun that your son could send a real letter! I still have a couple “real” pen pals and always enjoy receiving letters. The stamp is very beautiful. Our stamps are self-adhesive as well and I prefer that to the lick-the-back ones. Happy T day!

    1. It’s wonderful to hear about your experience living in Taiwan and enjoying Oolong tea! Oolong tea is a delightful beverage with a unique taste, and it’s great to know that you found enjoyment in it, even though you’re not typically a tea drinker.
      The beauty of the stamp is an added bonus, and I agree, self-adhesive stamps are much more convenient than the old lick-the-back ones.
      Happy T day to you as well!

  9. How fun to enter a contest, write a letter, and then post it. Pretty stamp. I hope your son wins. I love the goodie bag he got from the library, too. Very interesting read about tea. Happy T Day

  10. What fun to visit the post office with your son! The stamps are lovely. It seems you picked the right time to visit the library – your son must have been excited! I can’t comment on the tea as my stomach can’t tolerate tea – I just gave up drinking it! Belated Happy T Day, Chrisx

    1. Absolutely! The post office visit with my son was a blast, and the stamps were indeed charming. The library visit was perfectly timed, and my son was thrilled! I know, taking care of your stomach is vital. Thanks for visiting and commenting! Have a great day!

  11. I love receiving a letter in the post, and remember childhood visits to the post office with my Mum. Trees have such amazingly long lives, I didn’t know there were 100 year old tea trees though. I quite like a cup of Oolong tea.

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