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iTeaworld Tea Review : Traditional Chinese Tea

A few weeks ago I shared about over 100 years old tea trees and about receiving tea samples from iTeaworld. Finally, I received those Chinese tea samples to write a review about the quality of the tea and about my tea-tasting experience. As a tea lover, I am happy with the tea packs I received and I had the opportunity to try different teas originating from China. With that experience, here is my honest review of iTeaworld tea. I hope this iTeaworld Tea review will help you to know more about this brand and how they produce tea to the tea lovers around the world.

The sample pack I received included their Oolong Tea selection, Black Tea selection and Classic Tea selection packs.


About iTeaWorld and their sustainability efforts

After my research about iTeaworld, I found that it is not just another tea brand. There are unique features of this company that I would love to share before starting my tea-tasting experience. iTeaworld is a company that promotes sustainable protection.

  • iTeaworld is committed to preserving the essence of traditional Chinese agricultural practices, revitalizing the ecological balance in tea gardens, and enhancing soil and environmental conditions.
  • They claim that their tea products are free from pesticides, chemical fertilizers, synthetic auxins, and similar substances. iTeaworld is committed to providing its consumers with organic tea of exceptional quality and safety.  
  • iTeaworld’s efforts include around safeguarding the diversity of tea tree species and fostering the growth of tea gardens at regional and communal levels. Therefore, their goals are to maintain an extensive range of tea tree species to ensure resilience and longevity.

As a blogger who promotes a green lifestyle where possible, I’d like to share my experience in tasting this Chinese tea that originated in China from over 100 years old tea trees and finally came to my hand well-packed in cardboard boxes and paper sachets without any plastic portion. 🙂

Classic Tea Selection

Among the tea boxes, I’d like to simply introduce this classic tea collection before I share my tea-tasting experience. This tea collection is a great way to try all 8 varieties of teas that are offered by iTeaworld. The box included all 8 tea varieties, 4 Oolong teas, and 4 Black teas. There are 16 total sachets inside the tea pack.

Anyway, as I tasted all 8 tea varieties that were inside the Black tea selection and Oolong tea selection, below I share my review of my actual tea experience.

Black Tea Selection

We already know what black tea is. Black tea is a fully oxidized type of tea derived from the Camellia sinensis plant. The leaves are plucked, withered, rolled, and then exposed to air to trigger oxidation, leading to their dark color and robust flavor. This oxidation process sets black tea apart from other types like green and oolong teas.

The Black Tea Selection from Iteaworld included 16 sachets of 4 different varieties. Below are the different varieties with sample photos.

  • Yingde Black Tea  
  • Yunnan Black Tea  
  • Lapsang Souchong Black Tea  
  • Wild Souchong Black Tea

When I opened the sachets of each variety, the first thing I did was feel the tea aroma. This is the most interesting step of my tea-tasting experiences. The aroma of tea leaves attracted me even before I tried each tea.

And, see the appearance of tea leaves before brewing! Those are sharp and thin!


Then I made my tea for tasting. I tasted all 4 varieties at the same try to facilitate this review. But, I spent more time experiencing the tea taste and identifying the different flavours of each tea.

The tasting experience of black tea is a journey of senses that encompasses aroma, flavor, and mouthfeel. When I steeped black tea leaves, they released a captivating aroma that ranged from flowery and sweet to earthy and even slightly smoky, depending on the specific variety.

See the different colour of tea varieties and how those thin and sharp-looking tea leaves were opened. I used a small portion of tea leaves for each cup as I like light tea instead of dark and heavy tea.


Among the different tastes, I like the taste of Wild Souchong Black Tea most due to its smoky pine aroma.


When I took my first sip, I was greeted with a bold and robust flavour . Sometimes, the taste was complex and difficult to explain, ranging from flowery to smoky flavours. I was excited about this satisfying tea-tasting experience and I started feeling more energy to continue my other tasks for the day!

Check iTeaworld black tea selection here.

Oolong Tea Selection

Now I come to my favourite tea among different teas. That is Oolong tea!

Oolong tea is a semi-oxidized traditional Chinese tea that falls between green and black tea in terms of processing and flavor. The leaves are plucked, withered, and then partially oxidized before being rolled and fired to halt oxidation. This unique process results in a tea with a diverse range of flavors, aromas, and colors. Oolong teas can vary from light and floral to dark and robust, depending on the degree of oxidation and the specific cultivar used.

The Oolong Tea Selection from iTeaworld included 4 varieties and total 16 sachets. Below are the different varieties with sample photos.

  • Dahongpao Oolong tea
  • Minnan Narcissus Oolong tea  
  • Tie Guanyin Oolong tea  
  • Fenghuang Dancong Oolong tea  

Among the different varieties of tea, the Tie Guanyin Oolong tea is a curled and rolled tea that is smooth on my hand. Other tea varieties are rolled to sharp and thin leaves.


Interestingly, the curled and rolled tea leaves were opened during the brewing step. 🙂 (This is one of my favourite experiences during tea tasting)


The leaves opened out beautifully during brewing, releasing complex aromas and producing a well-balanced taste profile. In my experience, these Oolong teas gave delicate sweetness with floral or fruity undertones, and sometimes a hint of roasted flavors.


The Oolong tea tasting is another great experience although I tried all 4 varieties at one session. Still, I could taste different flavours and aromas as I spent more time experiencing the real flavours of each tea variety.


Read more about iTeaworld Oolong Tea Selection here.

My iTeaworld Tea Review

Finally, after tasting all 8 tea varieties from iTeaworld, I should say that I am happy with my tea-tasting experience. The teas gave me different experiences with different flavours, aromas, and feelings. However, I like each moment with these teas. I could experience the quality of tea that originated from China. Other than the quality of tea, I should mention about shipping and delivery as well. I received the tea with a tracking option which made it great for a customer. The well and nicely packaged tea could attract me at first sight which made me eager to try these teas.

I hope this iTeaworld tea review is helpful. I am sure now you want to find out more about these teas. Visit to read more information about how these teas originated in China from over 100 years old tea trees.

Do you like to taste different varieties of teas? 🙂 Please share your tea experiences and thoughts about these teas from iTeaworld below as a comment.

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  1. Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment and beautiful photos! Please look forward to our upcoming first-grade green teas! Welcome tea lovers from all over the world to email me( and join the journey of tea review together!
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  2. Wow, you got such a variety of teas. I love Oolong but not am not a fan of black tea. That is great that you got to try so many kinds and that you found a favorite.
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  3. Oh Amila, I seem to have misunderstood the teas I received. I am SO glad the T Tuesday group was able to see your post because it was so much better than mine. I am going to follow your lead next time and leave the tea leaves in the bowl, not in an infuser. You made it so much better and easier for others to understand. Thanks for a far better review than I gave for T this Tuesday, dear.

  4. This tea looks amazing. I love the fact that they use whole leaves and not ground up tea. They look so beautiful in your tea cup when you add water and those leaves open up. I also think its very fascinating how most tea starts off with the same plant, and how so many different teas can be produced. This is a really interesting post Amila. I hope you had a wonderful T day. hugs-Erika

  5. I agree with Erika, this is a fascinating post. Though I have flavored loose teas, I must confess to be lazy and just brewing tea in a bag. I’m the only one who drinks tea here so it seems like so much fuss to use loose tea. Happy T Day

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