May 22, 2024

Our New Preschool Experience

It’s another new preschool term. We had one month break and back to the daily schedule. If you follow this blog you know that Sanu changed his preschool in last May. So, during the month of May we had different experiences than the first few months of the year!

Our New Preschool Experience
He is a cheerful kid in the morning!

The new preschool is really active and busy with different activities. It is really a good environment for my kid. We are so happy that my kid started changing his behavior just in the first week. He is back with his love for reading. He plays happily including pretend play of his teacher. He talks softly and he even talks about good manners. At the same time, he also loves colouring activities and writing which will be helpful for him to prepare for his future classes.

Our New Preschool Experience
At home,he plays happily.In previous months he was different after the preschool hours which could make me headache! 🙂

With such changes, I am really happy because I am the one who started talking about previous preschool and our kid’s behavior changes. So it seems our decision to change the preschool could make the kid happy and cheerful.

Our New Preschool Experience
Just after the Mothers Day Celebrations

Other than the learning environment, the new preschool is also busy with extra activities which we really admire. During this one month (Month of May) our kid could join with few extra activities including Mother’s Day celebrations and Class concert. I am happy that Sanu participated with items in the class concert making me proud. He was not afraid of the audience at all and did his job well. I am happy because this is his first experience in front of a large audience and also it is his new school. In an environment which everything is new, kid could adapt for the changes well.

Overall, he is a happy kid and he does well in the preschool. He also loves his teachers and pretends like his teacher at home giving me some clues on what he learned during the day. The best thing I like is that we have good teacher-parent communication on what they learn during the preschool which is helpful for us to have some idea about how he is performing.

Just after one month of attending to the new preschool,Sanu is a happy kid same as he was during the Playgroup days.That is what we want.I hope I will have more success stories to share about him in coming days!

How about you?Do you have any experience with changing school/preschool of your kids?


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12 thoughts on “Our New Preschool Experience

  1. I can imagine the peace you are having now. A good school matters a lot during the formative years. Good to see your Sanu adjusting well and learning good things. Great pics.

  2. I remember my preschool days through your post. It was one of the most fun experience that life has to offer!

    I love how you two smiled for the photo. I heard that having a good communication between parents and teachers is also great for the child or for the student. It’s always great to read stories like this!

  3. Such a cutie to play pretend games and act as a teacher at home. He must really lovd his preschool. Good thing he appreciates school as some kids tend to equate school to stress and fear. He is indeed one happy kid.

  4. I am happy to read that the change brought good things to your family and child. Preschool is a very crucial time for our kids thus, a fitting environment is highly important. I am looking forward to more stories of his “adventures” in the coming days. 🙂

  5. It’s a good move that you transfer him and I think he is happier now. You as well. I am excited for my little boy’s preschool years to come. I am excited reading stories like this so I can also gain some knowledge and insights to moms like me.

  6. that stage is where the kids are having hard time adjusting to a new environment… when my younger brother was about to hit preschool.. we had a hard time convincing him about this new school routine and it takes a lot of convincing power to encouraged him to attend his classes everyday.. but eventually he got used to it and started to enjoy it as well

  7. I used to play pretend teaching when I was a kid too! Haha! It just shows your kid enjoys school. Glad you found a good school for your preschooler.l. 🙂

  8. Preschool period is crucial for a child’s development. It will make him for a judgment about education and schools in general. It is great that he likes his new school and that he is happy. Just make sure it stays that way! Good luck and all the best!

  9. Kids can quickly adapt to the changes! This is such a fortune that he is happy there and does well.
    Childhood should just be happy!

  10. I still haven’t experienced such as I don’t have a child yet. However, I’ve experienced changing preschool when I was a child. I don’t remember it clearly but I can recall that it’s really a fun moment to just play. I’m sure your kid will enjoy his new preschool.

  11. Wow, you’re truly hands on with you kid and I admire those mother who are like you. Preschool experience is such an important thing for a child’s growth. It help them to learn more and get the chance to engage not just with the activities, but also with other children. Thank you so much for sharing this with us.

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