June 21, 2024

One Hour Florist : Florist in Singapore #Review

Flowers are wonderful! Flowers can make anyone happy and cheerful. This is why fresh flowers are the best gift to send to anyone to change mood. Recently I could make my son happy and cheerful with flowers delivered from One Hour Florist Singapore. This post is all about one Hour Florist Review and our flower experience with them. I am sure you like to read our experience.

One Hour Florist review

Why I Ordered flowers from One Hour Florist?

As we all know, this is a tough period with Covid-19 pandemic and related strict measures. For a kid it was not a happy period. During the circuit breaker period it was all about home based learning and some activities he had to do inside the home. No more traveling and outside dining for a period of time.

Luckily we could enjoy home delivered food from 8 Crabs and durian from 8 Durian to add some different activities to our daily routine.

Finally schools were opened and that made the kid happy. But what happened to him next?

Get well soon flowers

After about a week, he showed some mild fever symptoms which made us worrying. Although the doctor identified it as a mild flu condition, kid had to stay at home in order to not to spread others. We were watching his symptoms at home. But kid was not happy to stay at home as he is always motivated to go to school daily.

florist Singapore

It was the right time for me to order flowers from One Hour Florist. I had a coupon received from them. Instead of just placing an order, I ordered a surprise bloom box with ‘Get well soon’ theme. I mentioned the message ‘Get Well Soon Sanu’ to add to our flower delivery. And this was the greatest idea during the tough time.

Get well soon flowers

Now do you think boys don’t like flowers?

No it is not. The kid who was bit worrying about staying at home for a longer period was surprised with the delivered flowers. He was happy to read the complimentary message that says ‘Get well Soon’! He was surprised and started asking me who sent flowers to him and how that person knows he is not well!

After all this Surprise Bloom Box from One Hour Florist could make my kid cheerful and happy!

The flowers from One Hour Florist

One Hour Florist review

We received beautiful red roses which is great for making someone cheerful. Together with fresh roses there were other flowers and foliage which made the bloom box so beautiful and attractive. We could keep the flowers for around 5 days with its beautiful fresh look and then it started withering.

Other than the beautiful flower arrangement, ordering flowers from One Hour Florist is really easy and simple. The website is easy to navigate and therefore payment is hassle free.

One Hour Florist review

They also offer 60 minutes free same day delivery for all the flower orders. This is worth mentioning.

Instead of reading this One Hour Florist review, why don’t you visit their online store? Check www.onehourflorist.com to find more details. Don’t forget to order some flowers to make your loved ones happy and cheerful!

Disclaimer : I received a coupon from One Hour Florist to order flowers as part of this review.All opinions are mine.

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