July 18, 2024

When to Get Braces for Kids

When to get braces for kids? Is this the problem you have right now? Do you know as a mom of a kid who is 7 years old, I have the same question right now. Yes I also in doubt thinking whether my kid needs braces or not. This is why I wanted to find out more details on how to straighten kids teeth and when to get braces for kids.

When to Get Braces for Kids

As I found some interesting and valuable details I want to share all these as my new blog post. I am sure you will find this information as helpful.

Most parents worry about their kids’ teeth problems. Crooked teeth or if the teeth are not straight it is time to think about orthodontic treatment. Don’t worry.You can expect straighten teeth with braces if you take action at the right time without waiting.

However you cannot decide whether your child needs orthodontic treatment or not. Even if your child needs to wear braces to straighten teeth you have to seek advice from a professional orthodontist. In this way you will get the right decision and treatment.

Does your child need braces?

Well, how to you tell if your child needs braces?

If you suspect that your child has an issue with teeth and teeth are not straight then it is recommended to visit an orthodontist.

Usually you can achieve better results if you visit an orthodontist at his early age.7 years is an ideal age to visit an orthodontist.

If you notice any crowded or misplaced teeth or if you notice the teeth and jaws are not in correct shape or not in appropriate proportion then these are signs to visit an orthodontist.

Some other signs include chewing difficulties of kids, finger sucking, abnormal or misaligned teeth and mouth breathing.

If you notice such signs then make an appointment with the orthodontist and he will recommends if the child needs braces.

Does your child need braces?

The right time to wear braces for kids

Usually orthodontic problems can solve at any age. However it is recommended to visit an orthodontist at early stage. Between 10-14 years is known as the ideal time for wearing braces for kids. Before placing the braces it is also important to discuss with your child and let him know the importance of wearing it.

This age can be very sensitive and due to different appearance it may not comfortable for him to wear it.It is good to share information with the child about braces and how it improves the smile.

Types of braces for kids

Types of braces for kids

There are different types of braces for kids.

Metal braces are more popular for many years. Kids can even choose different colours for metal braces. With improvements Metal braces are known as comfortable to wear for young kids compared to other available braces for kids.

Tooth coloured braces which are made of porcelain are suitable for teenagers as these are less noticeable compared to metal braces. However these porcelain braces needs more time to clean.

In below video Dr.Kevin Lee from Pacificwest Dental explains the different types of braces. It is worth watching to have more understanding about the braces for kids.

video by Dr.Kevin Lee

After all, if you suspect that your child has an issue with his or her teeth and if you suspect the teeth are not straight then don’t wait. Book and appointment with an orthodontist in your area and seek his professional advice.

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