June 21, 2024

Malaysia Johor Bahru, Decathlon & Koong Woh Tong Five Flower Tea

In this post, I will share about our latest tea tasting experience with Koong Woh Tong Five Flower Tea and our shopping experience at Decathlon. 🙂

During the weekend, we had a day tour to the nearest state of Malaysia which is Johor. Visiting Johor Bahru takes only a few hours and it is a good way to spend a day as a family in various activities. But, on this day, we went to Johor Bahru just for food and shopping. Interestingly, this was our first visit to Johor Bahru after the pandemic. We were frequent visitors to Johor Bahru before the pandemic. We spent December 31st of 2019 in Johor Bahru. Lately, though we booked a hotel in Johor Bahru to spend the 2020 Chinese New Year holidays, we couldn’t travel due to arising of Covid virus. And, finally, we made this visit in 2023!


We bought items that we wanted. We also enjoyed the good food there. Here is a quick post with some of our experiences in Johor Bahru. (With fewer words and more photos 🙂 )

Shopping @ Decathlon

Decathlon was our first stop which is a place for outdoor gear. I bought a backpack for me and my son bought a football. He was asking for a proper football as the balls he owns are simply balls that we bought him as a kid. There was a range of footballs and we could choose one after reading the features and after testing.


I simply learned how to buy a football for a child! 🙂

The child was happy that he could test different footballs before he choose one.


Stationary and clothes shopping

We also bought some clothes and also stationary from different shops at City Square Mall.


I found some beautiful photo albums at Popular Bookshop. But, I didn’t buy it this time. I though I should print some photos first and then buy photo albums.Otherwise,these albums will stay in my wardrobe for few months or sometimes years until I print photos 🙂

Spending quality time with the child is so important and I believe it is one of the important aspects of parenting if you do not want to be a toxic parent.

Tasting Five Flower Tea at Koong Woh Tong

Although we tasted different food,I will share our herbal tea tasting experience in this post. We had Five Flower Tea at Koong Woh Tong which is a traditional herbal tea shop. Koong Woh Tong is popular for their herbal jelly. But, we tried Five Flower Tea which is refreshing. According to their menu, this tea is made for moisturizing and good eye sight.


The outlet has a traditional appearance with its golden colour teapots and decorations.

Koong Woh Tong Five Flower Tea

Some of the walls were decorated with Chinese porcelain plates and some other ornaments.

Koong Woh Tong Five Flower Tea
Koong Woh Tong Five Flower Tea

The five flower tea was refreshing. It is of bitter-sweet taste. Considering its herbal value for the body, I forgot about the bitter taste and concentrated only on the sweet taste. Yes, it was refreshing! 🙂 Anyway, while my husband and I enjoyed this tea, son wanted an ice cream from the next outlet.

Five Flower Tea at Koong Woh Tong

Finally, it was another weekend that we spent happily. It is a new week already. We are back to our busy daily lives. How about you? How was your week? Do you like herbal teas? Please share your thoughts below.

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12 thoughts on “Malaysia Johor Bahru, Decathlon & Koong Woh Tong Five Flower Tea

  1. That’s very interesting about the tea. Lovers of tea really have a lot of choices. (I just drink black tea, sometimes.)
    best, mae at maefood.blogspot.com

  2. Sounds like a lovely trip and an adventure as well. Your son is so cute and the tea sounds wonderful. I love seeing how the shops look there. I wish there was a tea place around here! Happy T-day and hugz

  3. Sounds like a great day out, I’m sure buying a football was a great happening for your son. And I know what you mean about photo albums – I have so many, all empty, and one day I must fill them with photos. Happy T Day, Valerie

  4. I love the idea of testing before buying. Nice set-up. The tea shop decorations are interesting. Great atmosphere. I like some herbal teas but don’t see a wide variety to try.

    Happy T Tuesday

  5. This sounds like a fun bit of time away. Even for your son. He looks like he’s having a good time trying out footballs. I love the name of that tea. 5 flower tea. That’s an interesting tea shop, and I think I would have to try it too. I hope it’s been a great T day, and have a great week ahead too. hugs-Erika

  6. Sounds like a fun day. My children would be wanting ice cream as well instead of tea. I loved the interior of the shop with the porcelain plate display. Tea tasting would be enjoyable for me but we don’t have any shops near us that offers this. Glad you enjoyed your tea.
    Happy Tea Day,

  7. I love herbal tea. I don’t drink black tea, but anything else that doesn’t have black tea in it I will drink.
    I love Decathlon. The last time I went there was in June in Italy. I bought a basketball basket and stand for my grandson.
    How wonderful for your boy that he could test the footballs before buying. That was an experience.
    Happy T-Day,

  8. I loved seeing your trip top Johor Bahru and Decathlon. Nice to see your son with the soccer balls before he chose the one he wanted. Of course, for me the most interesting was the tea ceremony and the beauty of the teapots and lovely plates. I am glad you enjoyed your tea. It sounds unique and interesting. Thanks for sharing this experience with us for T this Tuesday. Better than my weekend. Sorry I am late visiting. I spent time today in an ice bath trying to help my back I hurt during the neighborhood clean up. Even though I bent with my knees, I felt something go when I stood up.

  9. Fun shopping expedition. I’d like to visit the stationer’s shop. Maybe it’s the herbal teas here, but they smell prettier than they taste. At least to me. Happy T Day

  10. Thank you for this informative post about Johor Bahru. I learned a lot from your description of the Five Flower Tea and its benefits. I have heard of Koong Woh Tong before, but I didn’t know they had such a traditional and beautiful outlet. I would love to try their herbal jelly too. How was it? Did you like it?

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