April 20, 2024

Getting Rid of Head Lice Fast : Here are the things to do

For most moms this is one of the biggest issues with their children’s hair and scalp. Head lice can make their life uncomfortable. This is why it is important to know how to get rid of head lice fast.Head lice can even affect children’s concentration and studies. Therefore a clean and healthy scalp is important same as healthy teeth and oral hygiene.

Getting Rid of Head Lice

As There are three kinds of head lice in a lice infestation: lice eggs, also called nits, immature lice called nymphs and fully grown adult lice about the size of a sesame seed, To remove the infestation down to the roots, you will have to go after all these three forms. You will need to know how to get rid of head lice easily. However this is never going to be an easy game at all, using the over-the-counter products. Sometimes it is better to consult a doctor to get their advice to get rid of head lice. With these small insects you will feel uncomfortable with scratchy scalp. That’s why we hate lice and need to keep clean and healthy scalp. It is same for the kids too.

Here are some treatments and remedies that will tell you how to get rid of lice super fast. If followed carefully, all of these will work and you will be tension-free as a mom. Yes, I know that you are worrying about your children and their scratchy scalp with lice problem. Here is what you can do.

Use a product containing pyrethrins or pyrethrum

Chrysanthemum flowers are rich in a remarkable substance called pyrethrum also found as an active ingredient in Rid shampoo. These flowers harbor the natural insecticides called pyrethrins that prevent head lice. Unfortunately, this treatment does not always work because some lice have become resistant to pyrethrins over the years. However, the procedure is quite simple to follow. You just have to apply the product to the head and wait for around ten minutes. Then add water to form lather and rinse the hair efficiently before washing them thoroughly. Comb out lice and nits from the wet hair section by section. Use the product again to completely get rid of the head lice.

Apply olive oil as a natural remedy

Besides helping with your digestive metabolism, this kitchen staple has also proved as a natural remedy for head lice problem. Not only for head lice, olive oil is also good for your hair. It nourishes the scalp making your hair grow nicely. Here is what you can do with to remove head lice.

Apply olive oil to the scalp and leave it overnight.  in the morning you can  comb out the  lice.  Then shampoo    your hair rinse and repeat the same again.

Hire a de-lousing service

Do you know that there are lice removal salons? They will evaluate, treat head lice and also help you with preventing them getting back. Find a friendly delousing service or a lice removal salon in your area to get rid of the head lice. Be sure to ensure that the salon environment is clean before you agree. After the treatment is done you need to take care of your scalp for not getting them again. Preventing head to head contact is the best option.

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