April 19, 2024

Cake Delivery Singapore Review : Express Cake Delivery

Here is my Cake Delivery Singapore review after trying their delicious and colourful Rainbow Cake. Yes, it is like a rainbow with few different colourful cake layers topped with buttercream.Check Cake Delivery Singapore for different varieties of cakes even before you read further!I am sure you will find wonderful treats for your celebration!

Cake Delivery Singapore Review

Celebrating the birthday with a delicious and beautiful cake is one of the precious moments in life. I was lucky to celebrate my birthday in September with this Rainbow cake received from Cake Delivery Singapore and here is my experience and review. I am sure you like to read it and check Cake Delivery Singapore for your next happy occasion.

Cake Delivery Singapore Review

About Cake Delivery Singapore

If you haven’t heard this brand name or online shop before I am sure it is a great find for you. Because we all love to celebrate moments with a cake! It can be an anniversary, birthday or even graduation; you can celebrate the moment with a delicious cake. But, ordering a cake needs extra efforts if you want it to be freshly baked.

I have that experience many times specially during the birthdays. Usually it is necessary to place the cake order at least 3 days before the occasion. Then you are assured to have a freshly baked cake. I have practiced the same in previous birthdays for the kid.

But, there are many chances that you may forget to order a cake. What you can do? Just buy a cake available in a store. But, these cakes are in store cabinets for few days. The taste is not fresh and even you cannot choose your favourite flavours.

The solution? Is that to place your order at least before 3 days? What if you forget?

This is where Cake Delivery Singapore is the smart solution.


They deliver cakes in 1 hour! Yes, they deliver cakes on same day after you place the order.

Isn’t this sound amazing? Yes, now you don’t have to worry about forgotten birthdays or even last minute celebration arrangements.

Cake Delivery Singapore Review and our Experience

Cake Delivery Review
The beautiful birthday cake

It was my birthday on September and I loved to have a Rainbow cake due to its beautiful and delicious layers. After placing the order with cakedelivery.sg I received the cake at the time I was chosen. The cake looked beautiful at first sight and it was perfect for a birthday celebration.

Birthday Cake is ready

Do you think it is beautiful only? No it is not. The cake was really delicious and flavourful. With creamier taste of each layer this fluffy sponge cake is the perfect cake for a birthday.

The kid who can’t wait till I cut the Birthday cake

We enjoyed its taste and even the beautiful look.

Rainbow Birthday cake
Beautiful Rainbow layers

Features of CakeDelivery.Sg

Now I know you love to find more details about this cake delivery service in Singapore. Here are some of the noteworthy features.

  • Freshly baked cakes
  • There are different flavours to choose from
  • Affordable rates
  • 1 hour delivery or same day delivery
  • Overnight, 12 Midnight Delivery
  • Premium ingredients and award winning recipes

Above are some of the notable features to show that it is worth to order cakes from this online shop. Simply visit www.cakedelivery.sg to find out more details. I am sure you will appreciate their cake delivery service!

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