July 16, 2024

Why Take a Road Trip?

Road trips cut out all of the waiting around for delayed flights and allow you to start your vacation the moment you pull off your drive. Sound good? It should. Below, we’re going to cover some other reasons to take a road trip.

Why take a road trip

But first, it’s prudent to mention that the open road attracts large transportation vehicles, and accidents do happen – try calling a Toronto truck accident lawyer if you are affected. Now, let’s get to it…

There’s more to travelling than turning up

There’s nothing wrong with a beach vacation. You sit in the sun, you indulge in the various cocktails, you put up with the hotel entertainment in the evening, and you go to bed happy that you’re living the beach vacation dream. Then, you wake up the next day and you do it all over again. What could possibly be missing? Well, quite a lot…

If you’ve never taken a road trip, you’re missing out on multiple daily experiences that you just can’t get from package trips. Simply chauffeuring yourself from A to B means paying attention to the area’s geographical layout and taking in visual cues as you learn your way – you don’t get the same sense of size and distance and location when you arrive by plane.

It’s not about the destination, it’s about the stories on the way 

Travel broadens the mind. It also makes you more chatty. Not necessarily in a boorish way, but more so that you will be able to chime in with remarks and opinions whenever anybody mentions places that you’ve visited. When you travel by car on a road trip, your potential for expanding your collection of travel stories is increased exponentially.

For example, nobody wants to hear about the person sitting next to you on the plane who insisted on hogging the entire armrest for the duration of the uncomfortable flight. However, people’s ears will prick up at the mention of the time you had to stop on a cliff edge mountain pass because an aggressive llama blocked the road ahead. Road trips have a natural ability to attract a whole library of stories that just can’t be experienced and compiled via any other form of travel. 

Plan your trip, your way, every day

Package holidays are old news, a throwback to a pre-internet era when people would struggle to conduct their own research, and so instead relied upon a travel company to lead the way. Bizarrely, that’s what some people who don’t mind paying for experiences that may not interest them still want. But if you’re somebody who likes to get the most of life, and if you’re somebody who wants to squeeze every minute out of your trip, road trips are the answer.

Choose a different city every day. See the things you’ve always wanted to see. Do all of the things in one trip that you previously thought might have to be drawn out over several years of vacations. Fill up the tank and start ticking off those bucket list destinations.

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