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Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub – Singapore

Last week I shared about the Magical Christmas Dream Party at AMK hub.We visited the shopping mall again during the night time to experience the Snowy bubbly show.

Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

It was fantastic for kids.My son also enjoyed his time catching bubbles and shouting and running here and there with other kids.

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Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

On one side,it was snow effects.Kids had great time experiencing ‘snow’ and it was great for both young and elders.

Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub
Snowy Bubble Show at AMK Hub

See,lot of snow till kids get covered with some snow! 🙂

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub

My son was bit surprised with his new experience.He was checking foam on his hands.

Snowy Bubbly Show at AMK Hub

Finally,it was a great night at AMK hub.

How about your week?Please share your posts with memories and stories.

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DIY Kids Art Display Without Damaging the Walls

I’ve seen many beautiful kids’ artwork display ideas over web. This is one of such ideas and I adapted this method after seen many posts over Pinterest and other blogs.

However this artwork display line needs no brain. It is so simple and easy to create a line and hang the art work.

My son still doesn’t start his play group. But he enjoys some painting activities with me at home. As these drawings and artwork are his first drawings, I like to keep those protected. He will admire these drawings one day!

art work display ideas

Other than displaying his artwork, I also want to train him to keep his drawings organized. Now he knows where to keep his drawings after he finished those.

kids art work display ideas

Here are the items which I used to create this artwork display line.

You Need:

A ribbon
Self-adhesive hooks/ Self-adhesive wall hangers(Command Hooks)
Wooden pegs

kids art work display ideas


Simply stick the two wall hangers on the wall you want the display line. I used Self-adhesive wall hangers , so I don’t want to damage the wall. Then tie the ribbon and create a line. (Similar to clothes line)
Hang wooden pegs and when there is a finished art, simply hang it using wooden pegs.
A simple and easy artwork display line is ready for kids arts.

Why I like to use Command Hooks?

I always use command hooks,(Self-adhesive hooks/ Self-adhesive wall hangers) to my wall decorations and displays.Simply,these are great hangers to display anything in few minutes.You dont need to have skills to drill the wall.Even you dont need to damage the wall.Simply stick the command hooks on to the wall and you have  a nice wall hanger.

There are also different styles and sizes available.For simple hanging like this kids artwork display,I always use beautiful command hooks.These are not much expensive too.You can also check these similar Command Medium Hooks

Do you use these Command hooks to hang things on the wall?


How to Get Pregnant Fast?

A baby is a precious gift for any couple. I know how dull the life is without a baby. However, these days we hear lot of couples are suffering with infertility. Most complained reason is work stress that most ladies are undergoing. Other than that there are many causes for infertility such as smoking, food habits and conditions of your body.

Anyway, are you here to find ways to get pregnant fast? Have you tried lot of methods and spent lot of money on medical treatments? And finally fed up with no results and only remaining is the frustration and stress you have? If so, here are some tips for you to help get pregnant.

How to get pregnant fast?

Now don’t look at me. I know you want to get pregnant fast and you searched the term ‘How to get pregnant fast?’ for few years in Google and tried all what those topics discussed. You followed all the advises your doctor gave you.

You stopped smoking, turned into healthy food habits; you always checked your ovulation calendar and had frequent sex. Usually these are the tips for getting pregnant fast. But still you are searching the same term because you couldn’t get pregnant. It is so stressful.

Have you tried Pregnancy Miracle? If your answer is ‘No’, then simply read further.

How to get pregnant fast?

What is Pregnancy Miracle?

Pregnancy Miracle is the system to get pregnant fast introduced by Lisa Olson who is a Chinese Herbal Health care Researcher. In her product she discusses methods to get pregnant fast with naturally and clinically approved way.

Many women got pregnant after following her advice. For most of them it was a miracle. Now she shares her Pregnancy Miracle as a book where anyone can get benefit of it. Simply read some pregnancy miracle reviews to get more information on this pregnancy miracle guide.Hope this post and pregnancy miracle reviews will help you to get pregnant fast.

Wordless Wednesday #1

I am wordless and speechless.My son who is 2 years plus is suddenly too active.End of the day I am really tired running after him and taking care of him. 🙂

We were in the kitchen.I was cooking and he was talking with me.Suddenly he was silent and I knew something is happening.


Luckily I use this basket for his clothes.He was making fun out of it! 🙂

This is my Wordless Wednesday post for this week and I am planning to continue this link up with speechless moments at our home.

Please join with me.



5 Ways to Save Money on Baby Expenses


Having a baby is really exciting. However, as parents we should prepare for the increased expenses that come to our lives with the new arrival. Most of the moms including myself stay at home to take care of their babies. That means, you need to depend on one salary and savings if available. So, it is better to think of saving in every single way in order to have a smooth life without worrying too much about the expenditures on baby stuff. Here are some of the tips from me to save money on baby products and expenses. Hope these are helpful for you if you are keen on saving some money from your baby stuff.

Sign Up for Free Samples and baby clubs

Most companies send free samples of their products. Take the advantage of this and receive free samples or free trial offers. Some samples are really small in portion, but there are companies who are generous to offer a full size product as a free sample.

Baby clubs are another way to receive free samples, offers and discounts. I signed up with most of the baby clubs for moms in Singapore. Sometimes it is really exciting to receive free gifts for my son for special occasions such as his birthday.

ways to Save Money on baby expenses

Simply search the words “free baby samples” in Google and you will see lot of offers available in your area. Your only cost is may be to join with their newsletter.

Breastfeed as long as you can

Well, breastfeeding is not only cheaper when you consider money, it also the best source of nutrients that you can give to your baby. Cost of formula is considerable when you exclusively depend on it. I actually, breastfed my son till he is 2 years old. But, when he was 6 months old, we introduced formula milk together with breastfeeding. Other than breastfeeding, there are many ways to save on baby formula, such as buying bulk or use of coupons.

Make nursery decorations yourself

ways to Save Money on baby expenses

Arrival of a baby is so exciting. We parents like to do all the best things to welcome the new baby. A DIY Baby Nursery is one of the ways to cut down initial expenses. Instead of hiring someone to arrange the baby nursery, you can simply do it yourself. We decorated our baby nursery using interesting baby stuff and it didn’t cost much. At the end, it is completely interesting to decorate our own nursery to welcome the baby.

Use cloth Diapers

ways to Save Money on baby expenses

One of the most expensive items with infants and babies are the diapers. It can cost a lot. However, cloth diapers are a great way to cut down the costs on diapers. Although initial cost is high, when considering the cost per year, use of cloth diapers are really cheaper. We use cloth diapers during day time and disposal diapers for the night time. It is really convenient and really beautiful on my son!

Use vouchers and coupons

ways to Save Money on baby expenses

Vouchers, coupons and offers are a great way to save money on different baby products. Most of the companies send discount vouchers when you join with their baby club or when you subscribe for the newsletter. Other than that, you can check for coupons online for popular brands. Some companies give discounts when you buy in bulk. Keep in touch with these offers, because you can save lot on your baby items. I even use discounts to create photo books for my son.

Above are some of the tips I use to save money on our son’s costs. There are many other ways such as buying cloths from sales, making your own baby food and even DIY cloth items such as baby blankets and cloth wipes.

How do you save money on your baby items? Do you have any more tips to add? If so please share with us as a comment.

Moms Know the Importance of Web Development Training

Nowadays, most moms are up to date on technology. Most moms use the latest phones and gadgets and they are well equipped with the knowledge of latest happenings. The others, although even if they use an old phone or even if they still use an old desktop computer, they are equipped with the latest happenings and changes on technology. Most of them know the latest iPhone release or even the latest Apps which are good for their kids. Moms always want their kids to learn these new tech items because they know the importance of knowing these for their kids in future.

That’s why most parents allow their kids to learn and have hands on experience with computers and other gadgets. Nowadays, most parents allow their babies to use phones and laptops when they are really few months old. Even I did the same and the results are amazing. They know how to play their favorite app from the phone when they are just one year old. Most kids know how to use computer, how to build a website or create apps when they are young. These all things are because parents allow them to get hands on experience with computers and other gadgets.

Importance of Web Development Training

According to The New York Times, nowadays most schools are teaching web development training to kids at younger age of five-year olds. Don’t surprise, kindergartners are now learning both their alphabet learning and design web pages at the same time. With available facilities, young kids are learning the basics of computers and gadgets from home following their parents. Even, they can follow web based programs easily.

Anyway, if you have a doubt in mind about web development training for kids, let me explain. Actually why we need to teach web development training to young children? Without doubt, computers are the future. With the demand of computer skills for today’s job openings, we can foresee the future. If your kids are not equipped with proper and advanced computer knowledge, then he will face problems in competing with others. That’s why it is advantage to teach your kids to create programs, fix some problem and totally web development training from the young age.

As a mom who wants to give the best to her kids, start teaching technology for your kids. Start it from their young age. If you are lack of knowledge on web development, then take a beginner course. You can follow a beginner web development training course online easily from a reputed course provider such as appendTo. They offer different courses on latest development tools and technologies. With appendTo, you can learn the things that you want to know in web development and you can easily train your kids with the knowledge you gained.

Finally, as a parent, our responsibility is to train our kids with all the skills and habits for a bright future. So, we need to do our maximum to shape up their future. for Kids and an Online Resource for Moms

It is a well-known fact that children including young ones learn fast through music. With my experience, my son learned lot of words in his early ages and started telling these words when he was able to talk. We were really surprised with his vocabulary at such a young age. When he just reached the age of 1 year, he could sing parts of some nursery songs. But, really we didn’t spend specific time teaching him. Instead we played music for him when he was just few months old.

Recently I found another good radio for kids, which is on air 24*7.After listening to it for few days,I thought of sharing my experience and the review of this radio and hope you like to know about it.

What is

With, you can listen many of most popular pre-school nursery rhymes. Even you can listen to the Disney animation hits. With carefully curated playlists, you will only listen the best tunes. Definitely, kids would love this online radio if they listen once. is not just an online radio for kids. As a mom, you can easily find lot of resources which are helpful in your journey of parenting. With lot of helpful parenting advices and resources, it is definitely a great place for moms to stay informative.There are parental articles which shares information, tips and advises on raising a well-balanced, healthy and happy child. Actually I spent a lot of time reading these articles, because those are written in interesting way which keeps you reading these articles continuously.

There is also a videos section which carries videos of full length popular kids’ videos. These videos include kids favorite characters such as Barney, Peppa and Thomas.

Our Experience and Review

My son really loved listening I,as a mom,listened to the songs which was on air.Those are really educational songs and helped my son to sing along.He was really happy to find his favorite series of ‘Mother Goose Club’ and ‘Thomas and friends’ under the video section.

Please have a look into and listen to some songs.Not only your kids,you will also love this online radio.You can also download their App from App Store,Google Play or BlackBerry World.

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