July 20, 2024

Kid Hero Stories – Personalized eBooks for Kids #Review

Today photo story post is all about Sanu’s recent adventure with personalized kids book series.

Sanu loves reading books. We introduced him different books when he was just few months old and he never refused any book or any early learning program we introduced to him. With today’s digital world and advancement of technology, we cannot only go with such traditional teaching methods; instead we need to help younger ones to keep up with the gadgets and technology. That is what I believe and that is why I get the help of all digital resources to teach and educate him.

A screen capture from Kid Hero Stories eBook -Holiday in Paris

Thanks to different educational channels in YouTube, he learns many songs and other relevant lessons for his age including math, science and reading. Instead of preventing children from gadgets, it is better to guide them to take the advantages of technology.

Kid Hero Stories – Personalized Children’s books

Kid Hero Stories is our latest finding which sends eBooks weekly for your inbox. But, it is not just another story book. These story books are personalized with your kids name and picture to create an adventure story especially for him. It is a story book all about your kid.

Kid Hero Stories - Personalized eBooks for Kids #Review

Once you subscribe to Kid Hero Stories, you will receive eBooks weekly and those books are focusing on creating an entertaining and educational environment for kids. Who doesn’t like to see their face and name in each and every story book they receive?

Kid Hero Stories – Review & Our Experience

Recently we received 3 personalized eBooks from Kid Hero Stories and we love each minute of reading those. These books are really interesting and a great way to keep kids motivated and cheerful. As for most other parents, our experiences with Kid Hero Stories books are also the same.It is always cheerful, exciting and memorable!

On the day, when I received the books to my inbox and when I downloaded the books, I was excited to see Sanu in a book.

Sanu was super excited and shouted saying, ’Sanu is in a book, see Sanu is in a book!

Then he always got few doubts and comments too while we were reading the books.

Kid Hero Stories - Personalized eBooks for Kids #Review
Look,Sanu is like a Zebra! (Sanu says like that)

Sanu who is an animal lover is happy to see his outfit in these books. He always tells ‘Sanu looks like a Zebra, Sanu looks like a Zebra just pointing out to the Tshirt.

At some moments, he was missing his mom in his adventures. He was asking ‘where is Amma?’(mom)

Kid Hero Stories - Personalized eBooks for Kids #Review
This is a place he always look for his mom,he may feel lonely 🙂

Actually these books created exciting conversation between me and my toddler. Our time reading these books was really full of fun and excitement. Sanu was happy to see him as the main character or hero of the story.

With my experiences, these personalized kids’ books created a different and exciting experience while we read the books. Our time was always full of curiosity and full of dialogues. Sanu has lot of things to tell and ask while reading the books.

Other than the excitement and cheerful feelings which these books create, I really like the Kid  Hero books because of below reasons.

Features of the Kid Hero Stories eBooks

  • The books are full of colourful and beautiful illustrations which makes it attractive for kids.
  • Bigger fonts which are clear and easily readable on any device including laptop, desktop or iPad.

Kid Hero Stories - Personalized eBooks for Kids #Review

  • Exciting stories which are suitable for kids making them feel adventurous!
  • Affordable and value for money.Current rates start from $8.70 (4 books)
  • You can easily select the book series which is best suitable for your kid. Currently there are 5 series including toddler series, preschool series, early reader series, siblings series and family tailored premium series.

How to order?

Ordering Kid Hero stories eBooks is really easy and it only requires few simple clicks. Visit www.kidherostories.com and read more information about this personalized kids book subscription.

You can also request a free sample before ordering. So, you know what it looks like!

I received 3 eBooks free to facilitate this review.However,all opinions are mine.
I only shared some small portions of the stories to respect the copy rights of the author.

Do you introduce personalized books for your kids? Please share your thoughts below.

I thought of introducing Kids Hero stories for this week’s photo story post. Please share your posts below too.


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  1. This is too adorable! When my daughters were younger, they loved personalized stories, however, those stories only had their names in it. I wish there was graphic stories like these back in the days. #ProductReviewParty

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