June 21, 2024

In The Book – Personalized Books for Children #Review

In The Book – Personalized Books for Children
Our In The Book Review

Who doesn’t love personalized gifts? That is why personalized gifts are great for anyone for any occasion. In this holiday season, I found another personalized gift idea that is great for children. With our experience using In the Book personalized children books, today I want to share about this wonderful gift idea that makes any child smile! If you look for Personalized children’s books with their names, then you should read this blog review. Because our review is about personalized children’s books from Inthebook.com. Not only with names, but you can also order Personalized storybooks with photos of your children! Let’s read the In The Book review!

In The Book review
Personalized children books from InTheBook.com

What is In the Book?

In The Book is a place where you can order personalized children’s books for kids. With a vast collection of wonderful stories and educational books, you can choose the best personalized books for children. This is why I found In the Book as a helpful online book store for parents to find suitable gifts for their children. The best news is that they deliver worldwide. Therefore, regardless of the country you live in, it is possible to order beautiful storybooks for children as a wonderful gift to make them smile.

Child is happy to find his name on In The Book personalized books

Our In The Book experience and review

If you check this blog, you will find that my son loves reading. I started to read him when he was just a few months old and our bedtime routine included reading a few books. Now, he reads alone and he loves books. When he received the books from In The Book, it was one of the happiest moments in his life. Specially, during this period where we live with a pandemic with limited outdoor activities, these books could make him happy and excited. He was excited because the books were customized and personalized with his name. Other than the name, the books included his photo too. Which child doesn’t love to read a book that is personalized with his name? Before reading the books, my son was excited to find the pages with his name. Yes, that was a too exciting experience for him.

Other than personalized, we also love the stories. The books we received are with educational messages to children.

Book 1 : How to Save the Most Amazing Animals

In The Book-review

How to save the most amazing Animals is one of the books we received from IntheBook.com personalized with my son’s name and a photo. This book is about a story that tells about the value of animal conservation.

My son likes this Personalized book with both his name and a photo

It features some of the endangered animals in an interesting way. You can check the book How to save the most amazing Animals by visiting the website.

Book 2: Book About Space

Personalized-books for-kids

Book About Space is the second book we received that includes amazing facts about the solar system. It is also personalized with my son’s name which is an amazing thing for the child.

This book shares about the solar system through a personalized story which is great as both educational and a storybook. My son enjoyed reading this book with an exciting story about his space journey. Visit the website to find more about Book About Space.

In The Book – Personalized Books for Children

Features of In The Book personalized children’s books  

Here are some reasons why we like In the Book and why you should check this online book store too.

Books were nicely packed
  • Personalized children books: This is the unique reason to check IntheBook.com. Although you can easily buy reading books for children,it is not easy to find a personalized book store. But,inthebook.com close this gap.
  • They deliver books worldwide: Therefore you can make your children or any child happy by sending a personalized gift in this holiday season regardless of the place they live in.
  • Easy to customize: Even if you don’t know much about the technological tools, this website makes it easy to customize the books. With few simple steps, add your child’s name and a photo to make a beautiful personalized children book.
  • There is a good collection of books that suits for different age ranges. Therefore, it is easy to choose books that suits your children’s reading level and interests.
  • Affordable rates, seasonal discounts and offers are other reasons to order books from inthebook.com

These are some of my reasons to order books from InTheBook.com. Among all, I love the reason that the books are personalized and this is a great gift for children for any occasion. Therefore if you struggle thinking of a unique gift idea for children, check inthebook.com by clicking here.

Disclaimer: We received these products for the purpose of facilitating this review post. There is no monetary compensation. All opinions are ours.

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