Best Tips for Successful Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding can be one of the best things you do for your little one. Few weeks ago I shared a post on how to prepare for successful breastfeeding before baby is born. So, today post is about some of the best tips for successful breastfeeding when your baby arrived.

Tips for successful breastfeeding

Eat healthy and stay healthy

This is the most important and must follow tip in order to breastfeed your baby successfully. You are the source of nutrients for your baby. So, what you take and what you do affect him too. A well balanced diet with plenty of fruits, vegetables and meat will ensure you get a good milk supply. Other than that, drink plenty of milk and other fluids. This is one of the best tips to make breastfeeding easier. This will also avoid you from dehydrating. Usually it is a good practice to drink at least a glass of water before every feed.

Other than healthy diet, you also need to follow a healthy lifestyle with healthy habits. Stop smoking and alcohol if you do so. Have a good rest whenever possible and keep you calm and peaceful in your mind. All these help you to breastfeed your baby successfully.

Tips for successful breastfeeding

Take care of your nipples

You may experience cracked or sore nipples. However if you breastfeed successfully then you feel gentle feeling of pulling milk. With successful latch your chances are really low for sore nipples. Allow milk to naturally dry on your nipple because it can soothe your nipples. If you feel uncomfortable, there are always nipple creams which you can apply. Bra pads are helpful if you leak. Usually you will experience this in first few weeks of breastfeeding.

When your nipples are smooth and no cracks, you will not experience any difficulty in breastfeeding. Instead start admiring it. When your baby’s weight is increasing month by month with exclusive breast feeding, it is one of the happiest moments to enjoy as a mother. I remember how I was happy and proud when my son reached twice of his birth weight when he reached his 1 month of age.

Don’t be afraid to breastfeed in public

This is one of the worst situations you may experience when you exclusively breastfeeding. But, prepare for breastfeeding in public. You will need a breastfeeding cover when you breastfeed in public. Keep it always in your diaper bag.

Before you go out, search for the nursing rooms in that area. When there is a nursing room, you will always feel comfortable. However in places which there are no nursing rooms, you can go for a place where there are no much crowd and breastfeed your baby. I sometimes used corners of restaurants and I didn’t feel it uncomfortable when I have a nursing cover which can give me some privacy.

Pump and freeze breast milk

This tip can be very helpful for moms who need to go back to work. Going back to work after few weeks of your baby arrival can be the hardest thing ever. However, you can still give the best gift of breastfeeding for your baby when you follow the methods of pumping. You can pump breast milk and keep in a freezer. However, you need to use well sterilized pumps and storage bags to keep the process free from germs. Also you need to use pumped milk between expert specified hours.

With above tips, I hope you will enjoy breastfeeding your baby with lot more happiness and joy!


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