July 16, 2024

Must Have Baby Gear from the Day One

Parenting is exciting. Welcoming a new bundle of joy to the family is an expectation for any married couple. This is why most couples spend money to buy lot of stuff to welcome their newborn. Although babies need lot of stuff starting from feeding, diapering and bathing, there is some other stuff that you may not buy before the baby arrives. However these baby gear items are essential from the day one of the baby’s life.

Must Have Baby Gear from the Day One

Below I gathered such baby essentials that you need to have from day 1 of the newborn. Before compiling this post I also checked Nuna, Premium Car Seats, Pushchairs, and Baby Gear AU for more details on the items that can make your life easier with your baby. What are those? Let’s discuss it! I am sure you will find this post helpful to welcome your bundle of joy!

Well, these are the must have baby gear from day one.


A stroller is one of the must have baby gear that makes your traveling smooth. Even if you don’t plan to travel to other countries, a stroller is still helpful for visiting nearby places. Be sure to choose an age appropriate stroller that is comfortable for your newborn baby. Check Baby Jogger Stroller for latest designs of baby strollers.

Car seat

A baby car seat is another baby essential to ensure your baby’s safety while traveling. It can be a visit to the doctor or even for grocery shopping! Be sure to ensure the safety of your infant by using a quality car seat. Don’t forget that you will need a cars seat even when you bring your baby from the hospital. Here is how to choose a safe car seat.

Baby bouncer

When you are a new parent you will be really busy by taking care of your infant. But as a mom you will need some rest and at the same time it is necessary to keep the baby happy. A baby bouncer is a great way to entertain your baby while you have some rest. Check the amazing Baby Company for different stylish and comfortable baby bouncers that can keep your baby happy!

Baby carrier

As a mom, I cannot forget how my baby carrier was helpful for me. When you use baby carrier to carry your baby, you will also improve the bond with your baby. This is why it is important to have an age appropriate baby carrier from the day 1 of your baby is born. And it is an easy way to carry your baby.

Baby crib

A good quality comfortable baby crib with necessary sheets, mattress and pillows is another must have gear for any newborn baby. A good sleep is important for baby’s development including the health. This is why you have to choose a comfortable mattress that helps your baby to sleep without interruption.

Above is the baby gear that you should own before the baby arrival. Other than above there are other baby essentials such as feeding bottles, diapers and clothing.

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