April 20, 2024

How to Clean Baby Nose

During first years of parenting, most moms including myself have common issues. One of such is how to keep baby’s ears and nose clean. Sometimes stuffy and dry nose can make babies breathing difficulties including trying hard to breathe. So, with my experience with raising my child here are some of the things you can do to clean baby’s nose.

Before everything, remember I am not an expert in healthcare advising, instead these are some guidelines which you can follow in order to clean your baby’s nose.

How to Clean Baby Nose

How to Clean Baby Nose?

If your baby is with stuffy nose and shows breathing difficulties, first you can soothe him by moisturizing the nose. One such method is to use 2-3 saline drops in each nostril. Other than using saline drops into nose, you can use a humidifier to vaporize the surrounding area of baby’s crib. With vapour surrounding, his nose will moisten and baby can easily relief from dry and stuffy nose. You can also use a nasal aspirator which can use to clean nostrils easily. There are nasal aspirators specially made for kids and it is easy to use such item to clean the stuffy nostrils.

However, if you use a nasal aspirator, read the manual for instructions and you can also consult your pediatrician for advice. Once you cleaned the stuffy nose of your baby but still if you see he has difficulties in breathing, visit your doctor and seek his advice right away!

Do you have any experience with cleaning your baby’s nose? If so how you do so? Please share.

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