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Best Things to do in Alanya with Kids

Alanya, one of the most beautiful towns in Turkey is a perfect holiday destination if you look for a family holiday with kids. With so many activities to both kids and adults, you will not find any minute bored. Instead, your Alanya holiday would be a vacation full of fun and excitement!

Spending time as a family is one of the most precious moments in anyone’s life. That is why even in a holiday we need to consider activities which can enhance the bond and attraction of family members including the kids.

I am just after a quick weekend getaway in Johor Bahru, Malaysia. Now it is time to plan another holiday and it seems Alanya is one of the best places to visit with kids. So, here are some of the kids’ friendly activities which I found during my search for our next holiday. If you are planning a trip in Alanya with kids, I hope these ideas are helpful for your tour plan too.

With available Alanya Excursions, it is not difficult to plan your holiday. Once you decided your activities which you can enjoy with kids in Alanya, then simply book your best Alanya Excursions in few easy clicks. Then you are ready for your Alanya holiday!

Alanya dolphin show

Best Things to do in Alanya with Kids

Just imagine your kids’ cheerful faces when they see the activities and skills of dolphins! I am sure a dolphin show would be a great idea to spend time with your kids in Alanya. When dolphins and seals play basketball with the rhythms of background music, this will be the perfect way to entertain your kids while posing for a selfie with beautiful and friendly dolphins. So don’t forget to add Alanya Dolphin show into your holiday plan when you arrange your Alanya holiday with kids.

Alanya Horse Safari

Best Things to do in Alanya with Kids

Kids love animals and adventures. Give them the opportunity to explore Alanya in a horse safari tour while viewing the beautiful landscapes of Turkey. If you have grown kids, they will sure enjoy the adventurous part of horse riding reminding a kids’ film they watched recently. If your kids are very young, they would love the horse and adventures with horse while spending time with you all as a family. Never miss this chance to spend time with your family in your Alanya holiday!

Water Planet Aqua Park

Best Things to do in Alanya with Kids

Don’t forget to add Water Planet Aqua Park to your ‘activities and things to do in Alanya’ list. This is one of the perfect ways to spend time with kids and family in your holiday. Spend a full day in Water Planet which is the biggest aqua park in Alanya playing with slides and soaking your bodies in water. Kids will never forget their time. Don’t forget to pack your swimming costumes, sunscreen and camera. There will be lot of photo opportunities for your Alanya memories album!

I hope you’d love above activities to do with kids in Alanya tour. Personally I love all these activities and I am sure my son love all these too. You can also book your Alanya Excursions easily by visiting found they share lot of activities which are perfect for family tours.


Feeding the Horse at Animal Resort – Singapore

Last weekend we had a really great experience in an animal farm. We could experience real kampong life of Singapore (which I heard and we cannot see nowadays) for few hours. Roaming Roosters and waddling Geese are a common sight of this place.Yes, we visited the Animal Resort of Singapore which is an old style animal farm located at Seletar West Farmway 5.

Animal Resort-Singapore

Meet ‘Pin Number’ -Yes,his name is “Pin Number’

It is a great place for young kids to see and learn about farm animals while enjoying feeding them. My son loved his time there, so we do not regret of our visit to this beautiful animal farm which gave some hints of the kampong style of Singapore which is some years ago.

We enjoyed each minute we spent there and the horse named as ‘Pin Number’ attracted almost all the guests. He loves to eat carrot than hay. So we gave him carrot which we could buy from the shop at the farm.

Meet ‘Pin Number’ at Animal Resort – Singapore

This is “pin Number’.No I am not going to share any password or bank account here.It is the name of this horse who is in the Animal Resort – Singapore.He was born in New Zealand in 2003.In 2006,he participated in races in Malaysia and Singapore and won many races.But,now he cant join with races as he has a sore leg!

Animal Resort-Singapore

This notice says ‘He would Bite’.But he is a friendly horse.He didn’t try to bite us!

We gave him carrot and he loved it!

Animal Resort-Singapore

Pin Number likes carrot!

Sanu loved feeding the horse with carrot.

Animal Resort-Singapore

But,he didnt want to touch the horse or go near to the horse.

Animal Resort-Singapore

Pin Number loves kids too.

Location : Animal Resort, 81 Seletar West Farmway 5, 798061

How to reach: By car or By taxi is the best way to reach the farm as there is at least 10-15 minutes walk from the road.

Admission: FREE

Opening Hours: 10am to 6pm Daily

Not only this horse,there are many other animals roaming freely in the animal resort.As today I don’t have time for a long post,I keep other photos of our farm adventure for another post.

Till that,please share your photo stories from the past week using the linky tool below!

We Met the Zootopia Crew #ZootopiaSG

It is holiday week for playgroup. So, I wanted my son to have some holiday feeling as still he doesn’t have such experience. So, I prepared to go out with him to have some mommy moments with him. I asked him where is the place he wants to visit.


Posing with the crew of Zootopia 🙂

Animals are his friendly toys always. Whatever his suggestions include an animal always. So I didn’t surprise with his answer. He said he wants to see the monkey lanterns again. After the discussion he started talking about monkey lanterns and our recent visit to see the lanterns. Actually, now there are no lanterns at that shopping mall. It was a decoration for Chinese New Year. Anyway we came out to walk around without a special place to visit. Instead I wanted to spend time with him showing things around.


We were lucky. We found the crew of Zootopia! They were in a MRT station. My son was over the moon because the Zootopia crew is a crew of animals which he loves. He was cheering and talking to the animals. I was really happy with the finding of ZootopiaSG crew at this MRT.



It is so nice to see how we can make young kids happy. This is not any places of interests in Singapore. This Zootopia crew is a part of an advertising campaign for Walt Disney’s 55th animated film “Zootopia” which features a range of animal characters. But, for my son it is like we visited a Zoo. We spent some time watching the animal characters and returned home.

Singapore parenting blog

And the ice cream! He was so happy because I bought him a very ‘BIG’ ice cream! 🙂 Little minds are always innocent and happy with the things around them.

Do you have any photo story this week? Please share.

Why I love Having Detox in Thailand

These days I am in a mood to travel to another country and I really want to change my lifestyle a bit. Truly I spent more than 2 years raising my son sacrificing most of my time for him. Now, he started his playgroup, I can see he is becoming independent and I also thinking of becoming a full time working mom. I am missing my engineer job which I spent most of the time calculating, designing among the new constructions. Yes, my life is there and now it is time for a restart!

But, as for most of the moms, it is not easy to change from the stay at home mom life to full time working mom. There are so many challenges. That’s why I decided to find ways to retreat myself and give some more energy and life to myself. As I love to travel and as Thailand is in my bucket list, this time I am looking for having a tour to Thailand. Having detox in Thailand would be great to rejuvenate and start life with new happy and optimistic feelings.

Why I love having Detox in Thailand

While I was searching for detox programs in Thailand, I found Oreon Healing Centre as the best place for detox, healing and retreat in Koh Phangan.

Here are some of my findings and I am in love to join with one of their detox programs in Thailand.

Strategically located in the magical island of Thailand, Koh Phangan, Oreon Healing Centre offer Thailand Detox Retreat packages which can easily transform you to a new rejuvenate life. Including yoga, healing retreats and detox, I feel this is the perfect place to spend a relaxing and detoxing holiday in Thailand among the sceneries of beautiful Tropical Island.

Their programs are really well planned and ensure to give the best during the holiday we spend with them. Popular as the true “Centre of Transformation” Oreon Healing Centre has provided their detox programs for thousands of people around the world and that is one of the reasons for me to select Oreon Healing Centre for another relaxing and detox holiday in Thailand.

Detox in Thailand

I know you also like to read more about this new finding of me. For a detox holiday in Thailand, you can visit Oreon Healing Centre and check more details of their programs.

Do you like Detox programs?

Koh Phangan Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Do you like practicing yoga? There are so much Health benefits of practicing yoga including focus, flexibility of body and improvement of blood circulation. Have you ever thought of practicing yoga with help of a yoga training program?

Thailand is popular for offering yoga courses for moms and of course for the others too. Yoga is not only help you to maintain and treat your body, you can easily teach yoga for your kids family members and even you can become a yoga teacher by following a course in a yoga training center in Thailand.

I actually like to learn this spiritual training including meditation and I also want to teach my son to concentrate and focus. That is why these days I am so interested about reading and finding about yoga courses thinking knowledge of yoga will be beneficial me in parenting too.

How to find the best yoga teacher training in Thailand?

Koh Phangan Yoga Teacher Training Programs

Yoga classes in Thailand are focused on important topics and sections which any beginner should learn and Koh Phangan is popular as the best place for yoga training and practicing. Koh Phangan is a beautiful island of Thailand surrounded by lush jungles and beautiful sandy beach areas. Beautiful and peaceful location is one of the reasons to find yoga courses in koh phangan.

If you are looking for following best yoga teacher training in Thailand, then check the yoga courses offered by Yoga Thailand. With professional teachers and strategically located healing Center for practicing yoga, Yoga Thailand clams to be one of the Best yoga teacher training in Thailand. If you like to learn yoga in Thailand on the beach, then you have that facility too when you enroll with Yoga Thailand. These days, their yoga teacher training program is available for new enrollments. Have a look in to to check more details.

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Last week it was a long weekend and a holiday in Singapore as it was Chinese New Year celebrations. In an evening I went out with my son for a short walk around our neighborhood.

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Suddenly we found a children’s playground with new play equipment. Actually we’ve come here before and at that time the play equipment was not so new.

Evening Walk Around the Neighborhood

Colorful seesaw at the playground

This time I found it is suitable for children over 2years old and found new play equipment such as rocking blue whale, rocking frog and a colorful seesaw.

iphone 012
Actually these new play equipment are so colorful.
My son had a great time playing there and it was same with me.

Have you ever played this sidewalk game (Hopscotch)  in your childhood?

iphone 017

Sidewalk Game for kids (Hopscotch)

I am so happy with this finding which suddenly reminded me lot if childhood memories.

I tried to teach my son how to play the game and he found it is interesting to count numbers.And jumping between squares was so much fun for him. 🙂

iphone 020

We had great time enjoying our evening walk around the neighborhood,Ang Mo Kio.I am happy to spend such evenings with my son showing and teaching the names of flowers,birds and whatever we find around us.

Have you ever played above sidewalk game (Hopscotch)  in your childhood? 🙂

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Beautiful Landscapes from Singapore Zoo

We usually visit zoo to view animals. However, you can’t forget the beautiful views and landscapes at Singapore zoo. It is a wonderful place which is built with open concept. These are some of the views I captured during a visit to the Singapore zoo. Hope you like these views.

Singapore Zoo

Tropical Garden is an interesting place inside the Singapore zoo.

Singapore Zoo

View of Mandai lake at the evening just before sunset

Do you have any post to link this week?Do you like these Beautiful Landscapes from Singapore Zoo?Please share your thoughts.

Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub

Chinese New Year is around the corner and I can see lot of decorations and preparations for it. It is really exciting. I always enjoy this time because that reminds me the New Year of Sri Lanka which we celebrate in April.

Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub

Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub

With the Chinese New year, the year is for Monkey. As always, this time also we could see beautiful preparations for Chinese New Year in our nearest shopping mall AMK Hub. Each year we really like to see the different preparation and decorations to celebrate the events throughout the year. Now, with our son, visiting this place to show him these celebrations is just like a day out. He really enjoys his time with us in this shopping mall.

Stunning Zodiac Lanterns at AMK Hub

2016 is the year of Monkey

For this Chinese New Year, we could see 12 Large Chinese Zodiac Animals. In each animal, there are forecasts for year 2016 too. These colourful Zodiac Lanterns welcome the visitors to the shopping mall staying at the entrance.

Chinese New Year 2016 AMK Hub

Goat,pig,mouse and cow zodiac lanterns


These lanterns are larger than actual life size of animals and those are colourful too.

 Zodiac Lanterns

A Zodiac lantern featuring the cow

 Zodiac Lanterns

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Black Swans at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

With so many garden exhibits, Singapore Botanic Garden is a must visit place and it is completely free of charge unless you visit the Orchid Garden.

We visited this beautiful garden, which is recently designated as a UNESCO world heritage site and here are some photos from the Eco Lake.

Eco Lake at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Although I don’t have many photos to show features of the Eco garden, this garden is a discovery garden for different plants and shrubs. Visitors can find trees with historical value, shrubs, and herbs around the eco garden area.

Black Swans at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Black Swans -Eco Lake at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

Bamboo trees are one of the main attractions while there are many Bougainvillea types around.
In one side of the garden, it is Eco Lake.

Eco Lake at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

This lake is home for beautiful Black Swans who are from Western Australia .Spending an evening there would be fantastic, but unfortunately we visited there during day time and it was a sunny day.

Black Swans at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

My son enjoyed his visit there by seen these Black Swans. They were freely roaming here and there without disturbing the visitors.

Black Swans at the Singapore Botanic Gardens

He was sleepy at that time.But,still he enjoyed the appearance of these cute guests in front of him.

Do you have any photo story this week?

Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Life with a toddler is always full of happiness, surprises and of course sometimes it is with lot of pressure. Traveling with toddler is really enjoyable if you plan well. Otherwise, you will end up with complete disaster. If you don’t pack all the essentials with you, or if you don’t plan how to keep your toddler engaged, you will not have a good time during your trip.

Few days ago I read some posts shared by Chris and Karen in their blog about their experiences on travelling with twins. After reading their travel posts on traveling with twins, I thought of sharing this post in this blog with my experiences thinking these tips might help other parents who want to enjoy their time traveling with toddlers.

Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

Anyway below tips are not specifically for flying with toddlers, instead these are tips for traveling with kids in a road trip or even for a dayout.

(You can read for ideas on travelling with twins, and of course they discuss about topics such as parenting, healthy eating and healthy lifestyle in their blog)

Pack light

Sure, you need to bring all the items which you want, specially the things that need for your toddler. But try to pack light and avoid unnecessary items. Bring only the essentials with you. You can also buy some consumables like diapers and tissues at the destination. But, remember to pack all the essentials for few days if you are not sure of the availability of such items at the place you visit.

Bring toys or story books

This is a common trick of most moms and it is same with me. I always bring few of my sons favorite toys with us when we travel. Just notice what is his favourite toy or toys and bring that with you. Luckily my son loves some of his rubber toys which are animals and those are not very heavy. Whenever we go, he brings those with him and he is fully engaged playing with his toys.

If your toddler like reading books (I mean looking at pictures of the books), then bring 1 or 2 books with you. When he is tired and bored with his toys, these little books will do the tricks.

Let your little one nap whenever possible.

If your little one likes to have a nap during traveling, then let him do so. You can easily explore the city or complete some of your shopping while he is sleeping. On the other way, they will stay fresh if they get enough sleep during the trip. So, allow your toddler to have a nap whenever possible.

Pack some snacks

Keep them full always. If they are not hungry, they won’t make noise. But once they are hungry and start making noise, it is difficult to control or stop them. Still their little tummies need food in every one or two hours. So, keep some of his favorite food with you and give them time to time. You know your toddler’s eating habits. So, offer him some snacks accordingly.

Find toddler friendly Activities

Tips for Traveling with Toddlers

It can be a day out for a museum or any other place which you are interested in. But always find kids friendly activities during your trip. Some restaurants are with kids play area. If you use such place for your meal, your toddler will have a great time playing there. There are also playgrounds or other places which your kid can relax during the trip. If you cannot find kids friendly activities or if you didn’t plan that, simply a spacious area in a shopping mall or in a park is enough for them to play.

How do you travel with your toddler?Do you have any other tips to share?Please comment below.

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