May 22, 2024

How to Manage Long Car Journeys with Little Kids

Long car journeys with little kids can be stressful. While most adults don’t particularly enjoy sitting in a car for hours on end, we can see the bigger picture. Little kids often can’t.

While you might not be too worried about your kids being bored, there can be serious implications. When they get frustrated, kids can distract the driver and accidents become more common. If you get into an accident, you might wish to speak to this car accident lawyer (Orlando) for more information. Bearing this in mind, it’s important to try to keep little kids happy during long car journeys. Here are some ways to help manage long car journeys with little kids.


We all get cranky when we’re hungry. But, as a parent of young children, you’ll know that they’re the most susceptible to this. They often don’t associate their feelings with hunger. So, help to keep the hunger cranks away by providing lots of refreshments for the journey. While you don’t want to plug them with sweets, having a few road trip car snacks to keep them happy will make the journey go much quicker. Don’t forget to keep them hydrated with plenty of water, too.

Comfortable clothing

Kids can get cranky when they’re uncomfortable. No one enjoys sitting for long periods of time in clothes that dig into the stomach or make us too hot. So, make sure that your little kids are clothed properly for the journey. Think loose fitting clothing, plenty of layers for fluctuating temperatures, and something easy to remove when they need the bathroom.


Keeping your little kids distracted is key in enduring, long car journeys. When they’re focusing on something else, they’ll forget that they’re stuck in a car. Audiobooks are a great way of keeping the whole family entertained in the car. You can listen collectively and be unanimously gripped by a story. The Harry Potter audiobooks are a great choice for long journeys, as they are good long stories with plenty of plot to keep your child engaged.

Regular breaks

manage long car journeys with kids

It’s important for people of all ages to take regular breaks in the car, but it’s especially important for little kids. Stopping and taking a quick walk, having a bite to eat or simply getting some fresh air will make them feel refreshed and less cooped up. If siblings have been bickering, try to separate them for a little while to give them some space.

Car games

Who doesn’t love a game in the car? While new technology means that kids can watch films or play video games, nothing quite beats a traditional car game. Playing I Spy or Twenty Questions keeps them engaged and develops their skills, while being entertaining and fun. Much better than being glued to a screen.

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