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Do you Believe in Astrology and Horoscope for Kids?

Do you believe in astrology and horoscope for kids? Well, this may sound a bit different topic from the other posts I shared before. But, when I found my kid’s horoscope today, I just wanted to check about children astrology and write about some of my findings as a blog post. These details may help you to find some character details of your kids.

As parents we have a big responsibility on raising kids in a happy environment with good qualities and habits. But, it is always not an easy task. Kids show different behavior and we need to shape up them with all the good and positive things in order to face the future. However, we don’t know their hidden talents and hidden character as we can’t really see those while raising kids.

Do you prepare horoscope for kids?

Do you prepare horoscope for kids?

However, with astrology you can find some future predictions and character readings by using the birth time or date. As a Sri Lankan, we have this tradition of preparing a horoscope for kids at the birth and checking the horoscope for any special occasion. We usually prepare a baby horoscope once a newborn comes to the world. With the horoscope, we also receive a detailed astrology reading which predicts the future and character of the person. I remember the day I delivered my child. I asked the doctor that I need the exact birth time to prepare his baby horoscope. We used his birth time to find letters for his name and after that we used it for many Sri Lankan traditions such as introducing solid food for first time and introducing books. Other than preparing auspicious time for special occasions, the future predictions and character details are helpful for identifying kid’s behavior. So we can use such details to guide him for a better life.Although we don’t completely rely on astrology,we use the astrology readings and predictions as a guide to avoid some situations.

Astrology and Horoscope for Kids

Astrology and Horoscope for Kids may help for better parenting.

Children & Parenting Astrology Details from  Astrology.Care

With my interest on reading about parenting and children astrology, I also found a website which shares more details on astrology. In the section for children astrology, I could find the details and character of my kids zodiac sign. It was really interesting to go through the site as I found the details are exactly what my child shows now. With my interest on finding more accurate children astrology reading online, finally I thought of sharing this post.If you are interested in reading about your kid’s character ,please check and the post about children astrology. The details you find about your kids will help you to take decisions when you guide them. That will sure help you as a guide for parenting!

Do you read astrology predictions?





Our First Visit to the Library with Toddler

Last week we visited the public library. It was the first library visit of our son, so he was really excited with his new experience.

At home we encourage him to read books and we always surround him with books that are good for toddlers. When he was few months old, we introduced him some baby storytime books too. However, we bought most of these books for him. Recently he received new books from Josh & Cherrie subscription box service and .So he has enough new books to read at home and he loves reading books.

First Visit to the Library

Ready to go to the library.He loves the bags received from and wanted to use one of the bags for this visit.

He also receives one book from his Playgroup library and he has some idea that he needs to return the library book after reading. Although I planned to visit the library with him from long time, it was always postponed. And finally we did it!

First Visit to the Library

The excited kid wanted to walk to the library and he didn’t feel tired! 🙂

When we visited the Kids World Fair last week, we also received some brochures and a book from National Library Board Singapore which encourages young kids to read. That made us really wanting to visit the nearby library.

I always had doubt of my son’s behavior inside the library. As this is the first visit and he is too active, I prepared him along the week for the library visit. I always mentioned him that he cannot talk loud, he needs to sit and read books and finally he needs to return the books which he borrows from the library.

First Visit to the Library

Inside the library.He read many books.

It seems the little guy absorbed the all things that we told him. He behaved really well inside the library. He was so quiet and excited with lots of books to read. Finally he borrowed few books from the library and these days our home is full of reading activities! We had a great first visit to the library!

First Visit to the Library

After borrowing books and after his first library experience,he gave me some serious look for a photo! 🙂

How about you? Do you visit the library with little kids? Do they like their library experience? Please share your thoughts below.










Importance of Colouring Pages for Kids + Free Coloring Book

Do you introduce colouring pages for kids from their younger age of life? I actually introduced lot of colouring pages, coloring pictures, coloring books and even empty sheets with colours to my son when he was just few months old and able to sit on his own. At first he just drew lines with colours. And later on I could see he improved his skills on colring and he also focus and concentrate on what he does when he colour any picture. Now as a toddler and nearly 3 years old, he colors his coloring sheets with different matching colors and for me it is a great development milestone as I was watching his progress throughout the years.

Now,my toddler uses different colours to create his beautiful art pieces 🙂

If you think colouring is just a skill for kids, it is wrong. Actually when I searched for benefits of coloring for kids, I was amazed with lot of benefits to raise happy and healthy kids by using colouring activities from their early days of life. Here are some of the benefits which you can expect from such colouring activities.

Imaginations of a butterfly with different colours

It is a therapy and helpful for stress relief

It is obvious, same as for adults; colouring is a way of expression for kids too. They can calm down and express their emotions through engaging with a colouring activity.

Improves Motor Skills

Colouring can help improving fine motor skills while development of muscles of the fingers and hands with activities related to colouring.

Improve Focus, attention and Hand to Eye Coordination

Little ones are with really short attention span. They usually don’t concentrate in any work for long hours. Colouring can be a great activity to develop their attention span together with focus and hand to eye Coordination.


Colouring activities are a great way to express inner thoughts and ideas. So that it is same with young kids too. By introducing coloring pages from their early age of life, you are helping your kid to express his ideas and thoughts in way of beautiful art pieces.

Prepares kids for School

We can’t forget about the educational background we create by starting colouring pages. Young kids start their writing skills with colouring pages. When they know how to grab colour pencils, they also learn how to grab pencils to write. Colouring can be the start of writing, creativity, organizing, and use of papers, books and activities which prepares them for future education.

So don’t wait till it is late. Allow your toddler or infant to express their thoughts and enter into the world by giving beautiful and creative colouring pages with some colours. They will create beautiful pieces of art that you never think! They love colouring and you as a parent will have better time too.

Free Printable Coloring Pages

It is always easier when you have printable colouring pages, so you can print again and again when you need new colouring activity books. Collaborating with Kidloland, we have a free colouring book which you can easily print and share with your kids.

This free colouring book comes with 13 coloring pages which not only allow your kid to learn colouring, but also to improve the skills of word recognition. Each page comes with colouring object name and the illustrations are really attractive and cheerful.

free colouring book

Some sample pages from the free colouring book for kids


 So,why wait?

Download your free printable coloring book here

Also don’t forget to read our review and experience about Kidloland educational app which is really helpful for my kid to engage with activities such as singing, learning alphabet, colours, numbers and many more. It also comes with engaging activities such as puzzles, sorting and matching activities which are really beneficial for kids.










4 Tips For Picking Baby Names

Are you not having any luck finding the ideal name for your baby?  If so, then you are not alone.  Whether you are stressing out over “Sarah” versus “Sara” or fighting over various names with your partner, selecting a name for your baby can be a frustrating but still fun process.  One set of parents named their daughter Havana, not after the city but their favourite restaurant where they happened to go on their first date.  Then their son was named Cairo because they always wanted to visit Egypt and were planning on taking him there on his 16th birthday.  The couple is currently expecting their third child and are considering the following tips to come up with the perfect name for their baby.

Tips For Picking Baby Names

Keep It in The Family

One traditional way of narrowing your choices down is choosing an individual in your family who is very special to you as well as someone who embodies all of the characteristics that you would like your child to have.  It is very common in some cultures for the full name of the grandfather, father, grandmother, mother, etc to be used for a new child.  One way for your spouse and you to come to an agreement may be to choose your baby’s first name from your side of the family and the middle name from your spouse’s side of the family or vice versa.

International Flair

One way of adding a sense of interest and identity is to give your baby a name that is rooted within your personal history.  For example, if you have Scandinavian roots you could go with Kelsey or Finn. If you have French ancestry you could use Claude or Claudine.  The African name Juji means “heaps of love.”  You also don’t need to limit yourself to just your culture.  These days many parents are finding interesting and beautiful baby names from many different historical and ethnic origins.  For example, Suri Cruise’s first name is Persian for “red rose.”  If you want something a little more conventional but with a slightly more exotic spelling this list from VoucherCloud is a great one.

It’s All About Location

To find your baby’s name, look to the world atlas the way David and Victoria Beckham did when naming their son Brooklyn.  The hipster Texas town of Austin can make a very cool name for either a girl or boy.  Do you love you annual western ski trips?  Try Aspen, Vail or Jackson.  Make sure you choose a name that is easy to spell if it is based on a location.

Read A Great Book   

Like Demi Moore and Bruce Willis, you can name your child after a character from one of your favorite books.  The couple named their daughter Scout after the girl in the novel To Kill A Mockingbird.  Many popular names are derived from characters out of bestselling books like Scarlett, Sawyer, Eloise and Madeline. Here is a good list of baby names from children’s books from Baby Center.




Toy Safety Tips for Toddlers

Toys are essential for development of babies and toddlers. However, we as parents need to select the age appropriate toys to get the most of the benefits of play time. Toys can improve many skills for the little ones including imagination, creativity and hand eye coordination. However, as parents most of us always pay more attention to select educational toys or age appropriate toys which develop skills of infants and toddlers. Have you ever searched toys for your toddler considering any safety guidelines or do you always search for the best toys for toddlers?

Toy Safety Tips for Toddlers

Toy Safety Tips for Toddlers

When it comes to the best toys for the toddlers, you may lack of considering some of the safe tips which you must follow. That is why it is always need to consider both safe and educational toys for the young kids in order to create safe environment for them. Specially, it is important to follow toy safety standards and toy safety tips with toddlers as they are in a curious stage of life which they always try to explore new things.

Actually,I decided to write this post because of one of my experiences which I regretted much.Exactly one year ago(Last year September),my son faced an accident at home.He slipped on the floor and ended up with 4 stitches on his chin.If you notice the below picture which was taken at his 2nd year birthday celebration,he was with 4 stitches on his chin.In all these birthday photos he looks so tired because he was under treatment.Actually the floor was clean and tidy.But I gave him a balloon and the excited kid wanted to grab it fast and slipped on the floor.It was an accident which we never expected.

Toy Safety Tips for Toddlers

My son with stitches on his chin

Today,exactly after one year of that incident,I want to share some tips which you need to follow when you buy toys for your toddler or when you play with your toddler.These may helpful for you to avoid some of the unexpected incidents which we don’t want to face in our life.

Here are the tips which you can follow in order to ensure that your toddler is using safe toys and games. These tips will ensure your toddler to play in a fun and injury free environment which also creates a peaceful mind for you.

Safety Tips for Toys with Toddlers

  • Check for age appropriate toys and games. When you buy toys for your toddler, always check the product description and appropriate age range. This will ensure that you buy the correct toys for his age.
  • Once you open the packaging, always remember to discard the plastic wrappings. Plastic wrapping can suffocate a small child creating hazards that you will never expect!
  • Always avoid small toys and games from young children which increase possible choking hazards. Toys with removable small parts always increase the choking hazards.
Toy Safety Tips for Toddlers

I always pay attention when he plays with small toys.

  • Strangling is another possible hazard which you should aware of. If the toys are with rope, string or cords, you must be careful when your toddler is playing with such toys. It is always better to keep the strings away from their reach.
This trace & lace set comes with few cords.Instead of avoiding him playing with such educational toy,I always keep my eyes when he plays.

This trace & lace set comes with few cords.Instead of avoiding him playing with such educational toys,I always keep my eyes when he plays.

  • Always inspect toys of your toddler for sharp edges and broken parts. Discard the toys if those are broken.
  • Keep the toys in designated areas after playing. Start doing so with your toddler. Not only he will learn organizing from the early days of his life, he will also love this activity after any play session. Your toddler will have safe environment with tidy floor which also prevent falls and such accidents.
  • Not only with toys, you also need to follow safety guidelines and safety tips in everything you do with your toddlers and infants. It can be Food, outdoor playing, baby furniture or even travelling.You can easily learn more at Kokopax’s website about safe baby products and how do we need to decide on the products before buying.Safety should be in first concern with everything you do while raising your kid in order to raise happy and healthy kids.
  • Other than safety guidelines, it is also essential to know the latest information on recalls.

Recently I came across of which focuses on consumer safety.

Their mission is to make information about recalls and safety-related news about drugs, medical devices, food, and consumer products with easy accessible way to everyone. Actually I opened my eyes once I read their safety guidelines and tips for infant & kids. There are lots more informative details and guidelines which you can read at their site. Have a look and see how you can add the safety guidelines and recalls information for your lifestyle. You can also find the alerts for recalls which are really helpful for you in order to keep your home and loved ones in safe environment.

Do you consider safety tips when you buy toys for your kids and toddlers? What are your toy safety tips? Please share your ideas below.








Fun Things to do this September Holidays with Kids

September School holidays are reaching. Singapore school holidays are the busiest months for both kids and parents. This is the best time to involve in many activities while having a break from school. However, if you don’t have a better idea on what to do this September holidays, then it is not easy to plan your days before the holidays are over. In order to help you with some ideas, here is a list of some exciting ideas which you can involve with your kids as a whole family. I am sure your kids will appreciate their time spent with you!

Fun Things to do this September Holidays with Kids-Singapore

Below are some of the school holiday activities which you can participate and have fun in this coming September holidays!

1) Participate with September Holidays Events & Programmes

Kidcentric events and fairs are a fun way to spend time as a whole family during the September holidays, Singapore. Although there are many events are planned for this coming holidays, below I mention the programs which we are attending.

Kids World Fair

Begin the fun with Kids World Fair  which is the largest kidscentric fair which is targeted young families with kids aged 3-12.Known as “A World of Learning Adventure”, you can join with fun and educational activities which features over 500 brands in different topics including  Fun, Education and Health.

Date: 2 – 4 September 2016

Time: 11am – 9pm (Fri & Sat) | 11am – 8pm (Sun)

Venue: Suntec Convention Centre, Halls 401-403,
1 Raffles Boulevard, Suntec City, Singapore 039593

Admission: Free

For more information, click here.

2) Visit a Hidden Gem and Explore with kids

If you think of exploring Singapore with your kids, there are many interesting places to visit. Explore some hidden gems of Singapore with kids and this would be fun and interesting! I am sure you must have visited the most popular Singapore attractions such as Singapore Zoo, Museums and parks. However less popular places such as farms and hidden parks would be great for kids to spend their day. While Animal Resort is a great place to spend day among farm animals, Fu Shan Garden is a hidden gem which you can spend time exploring the Dinosaurs! Camping at East Coast Park would be fun and your kids will sure find many ways to spend their time at the beach!

3) Be Creative

Sometimes kids want to spend time with parents and participate in activities while relaxing and cuddling with them. Spend a day with your kids while reading books with them or while playing with them at a park where no much crowd. Kids will like such experiences too!

4) Travel overseas

It is always exciting to have an overseas trip. Pack your suitcases and spend time in an overseas trip.You can always find the best hotels and resorts here. And don’t forget to print a photo book after the family holiday overseas! These family memories are really precious!


Although there are many events and happenings for September school holidays, above are some ideas based on my experiences and choices. Do you have any other ideas to add to this list?

Also if you like to feature your event in this list, please do not hesitate to drop me an email.

Happy September holidays!




Nights Out and Phases of the Moon with My Toddler

We observed the phases of the moon! Last few weeks my son showed interest on planets and the moon. He watched some planet songs for kids from YouTube and started asking questions. He was full of curiosity. So, I decided to show him the Moon and the phases.Instead of having indoor activities to give him the idea of phases of the Moon,our nights out were really a good and fun way to explore the changes of the sky and the Moon!

Phases of the Moon with My Toddler

During the last weeks we went out every day at night. It was really fun and a new experience for him. We visited a nearby playground which stretches over a spacious land area. Although it was night time, the kids’ playground and the adjacent elders’ exercise area was really active with people from around the neighborhood area. So, we stayed there few hours watching sky and playing.

Phases of the Moon with My Toddler

Having a drink while watching around.It was a great experience for him!

We watched sky and some days were full of clouds. There were days we could watch stars. His main attraction was watching the moon.As always he also didn’t forget to play at the playground.

Phases of the Moon with My Toddler

Playground was with few kids.So,he could easily play as he wanted.

Some days,he liked to read a book at the playground.He could read books because it was not crowded with kids as it was night time.

Phases of the Moon with My Toddler

Reading a book at night and at the playground is a really good idea!

We started our night out with crescent shaped moon and yesterday it was almost a circle. (Near to Full Moon) My son who is still a toddler loved his new night time experience. He enjoyed watching moon and changes of the moon shape day by day.

I was with phone camera,so the captures of the moon are not clear enough to share in this blog post.But,below is a capture from yesterday which it was almost Full Moon!

Phases of the Moon with My Toddler

Finally,it is almost Full Moon!

I guess as a toddler, this idea of moon phases from crescent shape to a round shape is good enough to learn bit about the sky, space and stars. He had good time and was not bored! I also had great time watching phases of the moon with my toddler.

Do you walk out at night with kids?Do you like kids night out? What are the activities which you like to do at night with kids? 🙂

Please share your ideas and experiences.






How to Choose the Best Toothpaste for Toddlers and Kids

It is essential to keep and teach good oral habits when the kids are younger. That is why it is essential to start brushing teeth from the time their first tooth appear. While parents can brush their kids’ teeth, it is also essential to teach young kids how to brush teeth and add brushing teeth to their daily routine. However, selecting the best toothpaste for young kids must be done with care considering many reasons.

In this post I want to share some of the tips and things I learnt about keeping good oral hygiene for toddlers as it can be helpful for others too.

Other than the most popular oral hygiene tips such as brush teeth twice a day, here are some concerns about selecting toothpaste for toddlers.

How to select toothpaste for toddlers?

How to Choose the Best Toothpaste for Toddlers and Kids

How to Choose the Best Toothpaste for Toddlers and Kids

Usually toddlers are with more chances of swallowing toothpaste. At their first stage of toddler life, they are not skill enough to spit toothpaste. That is why you need to consider the ingredients of the toothpaste which you use for toddlers.

Fluoride is helpful for prevent cavities and decays. That is why it is advisable to use toothpaste and oral wash which contains fluoride. However, it is not a good thing to swallow fluoride. If your toddler doesn’t really know how to spit, then it is better to give him toothpaste which doesn’t contain fluoride. That is why no fluoride toothpaste is good for toddlers. However, most toothpaste includes fluoride. Usually dentists recommend using pea size amount of toothpaste when you brush your toddler’s teeth and this will reduce the harm of swallowing more portion of toothpaste with fluoride and other minerals.

However, isn’t it a good idea to brush teeth of toddlers with non-fluoride toothpaste? When I reached a doctor with our toddler, his advice was to use non fluoride toothpaste as he still doesn’t spit and instead he likes swallowing toothpaste.

After some search, finally I found toothpaste for toddlers and kids which don’t contain fluoride. However it contains Xylitol which is also helpful for reducing the risk of tooth decay and cavity.

GreenPeach, Kids Strawberry Magic Toothpaste review

How to Find the Best Toothpaste for Toddlers and Kids

How to Find the Best Toothpaste for Toddlers and Kids?

Actually I really like my finding of this GreenPeach, Kids Strawberry Magic Toothpaste. It comes with necessary ingredient and it doesn’t include risky ingredients for kids. Specially for young kids who are just over 2 years old.

This GreenPeach, Kids Strawberry Magic Toothpaste is a product of GreenPeach Products, LLC which is a family business.

Below are the special features of ingredients of this Kids Strawberry Magic Toothpaste.

  • It includes Xylitol which is helpful for reducing the risk of tooth decay and cavity
  • It is No Fluoride toothpaste
  • Natural product.
  • No SLS Or any of its Derivatives. (sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste for kids)
  • No Harsh Chemicals or No Preservatives
  • No Gluten or No Artificial Colors or Flavors
  • No Saccharin
  • No Paraben

Above list of ingredients and features attracted me and I decided to buy it for our son. As this toothpaste seems good for kids, I finally decided to spend time writing this review introducing this product.

Our experience with GreenPeach, Kids Strawberry Magic Toothpaste

GreenPeach, Kids Strawberry Magic Toothpaste review

GreenPeach, Kids Strawberry Magic Toothpaste review

As mentioned above, my first concerns are its ingredients list. If you check around it is really difficult to find toothpaste without SLS.( sodium lauryl sulfate free toothpaste for kids)

Brushing with this toothpaste is lot of fun for our son. He likes the taste. He still doesn’t throw all the toothpaste out when he brush. He still swallows some portion of toothpaste. However, as this is safe toothpaste for swallowing, I really don’t have many worries.

If you like to read more about this toothpaste, check iHerb for more details.

iHerb Coupon Code of $5

If you decide to buy it, then use the code QWN933 and save $5 on your first order. Actually this iHerb Coupon code of QWN933 is more than enough to buy your first toothpaste.

How do you choose toothpaste for your kids?Do you use toothpaste for kids or do you use family toothpaste for them?



Potty Training in 3 Days – Is it Possible?

For me  potty training in 3 days was something impossible.I never thought any success of it.However I read lot about 3 day potty training methods and potty training tips before we actually started our potty training adventure.Finally it was a success!

I could potty train my son in 3 days. I never expected to potty train him in just three days, but it happened! Before start potty training with my toddler son, I prepared for it. When he was about 18 months old we started potty training. But it was not serious. We also couldn’t continue potty training as we were on a holiday for about 1 month. It is best to forget about potty training when you are on a holiday!

Once we came back to Singapore, he started playgroup. So, I didn’t want to stress him with another potty training session as he had to adjust to his new life. So, actually our first potty training routine was disturbed and neglected. But we switched to pants and completely stopped diapers during day time.

Potty Training in 3 Days

Potty Training in 3 days – Is it possible?Here is how we did it!

How to Start Potty Training

You can also check how to start potty training and how to prepare for it before you read this post further.

For our actual and serious potty training period, his age is 28 months. He understands what is potty and when to go to the potty. But he refused to sit on there. He showed some stubborn reactions when I asked him to sit on the potty. Anyway, I understand he is in his terrible two, so I didn’t want to make our potty training sessions stressful.

I wanted to potty train my little bit stubborn toddler with fun activities than making it stressful for him. My method worked. For my surprise he loved potty time and we could complete potty training in 3 days. I started during a long weekend which we could utilize complete three days for him.

Anyway,at this stage I prepared lot before starting potty training.I gathered lot of tips on how to potty train.I allowed him to watch potty training videos and it was fun for him to get some understanding.I also watched a video about potty training and I could get some tips and ideas.

How to make potty training fun for toddlers?

Here are my steps of potty training a toddler boy with fun activities.

Step 1: We made a potty Corner

Yes, we made a special and decorative potty corner. Well, our bathroom is bit small, so I keep the potty just outside the bathroom. When we start potty training, we bought both a potty and a seat cover. We used both potty and toilet seat cover in our potty training area.

Here are some of the moments of creating our beautiful potty training corner. This activity made my toddler happy. He involved in making his potty corner and he had so much fun and some authority over potty training.

Here is how we made our potty corner for successful potty training.

My toddler son likes to use wet tissues. So I gave him wet tissues and we started by cleaning the potty and the seat cover.(Note: These are new clean potties, I only asked him to clean the potty just to make it interactive)

We mopped the floor and arranged both potty and the seat cover in a line.

Well, potty is for my son. Seat cover is to potty train his teddy bear.

We also decorated the walls with some of his artwork.

Potty Training in 3 Days with fun

Potty Training in 3 Days with fun

Being so creative, my son added another bench to the potty area and placed some of his toy animals on it saying all are on the potty.

Making our potty area was so much fun and it was a good activity for him to spend the day.

Potty Training in 3 Days

Potty Training in 3 Days – our potty corner

Finally, before I ask him he sat on the potty .My first step on potty training was Success!

Step 2: Potty training rewards chart

I also created a potty training rewards chart and bought some rewards stickers and other character stickers.

Potty Training in 3 Days

Potty Training in 3 Days -Rewards charts and potty training fun

I actually used an A4 sheet on the wall and planned to give rewards stickers when he does anything that is helpful for potty training.

You can download a free potty training rewards chart here.

A beautiful potty training chart will be more fun than just a paper.

Step 3: Plan how you keep him sit for a longer period on the potty.

Well, my son is so active and he didn’t want to sit for more than few seconds on the potty. So, this time I planned few things to keep him sit on the potty for few minutes.

how to potty train a boy

Potty Training in 3 Days – Activities

I was prepared with Jigsaw puzzles, new story books and with potty training songs to keep him sit on the potty.These methods really worked on him to keep him sitting on the potty.

Now we are ready to potty train. Our potty training corner is ready. We also have a potty training rewards chart and stickers. I also bought new jigsaw puzzles and some story books for him to read. But I didn’t show those to him till we actually started.

Now, let’s start actual potty training.

How to Potty train a toddler in three days?

Well,this is my actual experience on potty training our toddler boy.This is how we potty trained our son in three days. Actually first day morning we spent few hours to prepare the potty training area. Once we finished preparing the area, even before I asked my son sat on the potty and started reading books. I understand he found this area as an activity area than a potty area.

I explained him how to go to potty which includes removing his pants, after done washing his hands and flushing.

Potty training with fun

Potty training with fun – My son was teaching his teddy how to go to potty. (repeating what I told him) #pretendplaying

I gave him water every 1 to 2 hours and also asked him to sit on the potty if he needs to pee. Sometimes he passed pee. Sometimes he didn’t. But, I continued giving him water and keeping him on the potty.Anyway,these sessions were not forceful or stressful for him.

To keep him sitting, we both read books or we both solved jigsaw puzzles.

When he did anything that is helpful for potty training, I gave him a sticker.

Sometimes I gave him few sticker one for each action such as removing pant, sitting on the potty, peeing on the potty, throwing into the commode, flush with me and to wash hands after any session.

For him, these reward stickers were fun gifts. He pasted those on both his rewards chart and pictures on the wall.

When he got up from a daytime nap, the first thing I did was keeping him on the potty. I did the same before sleeping at night and on the next day morning when he got up.

During this weekend, I actually didn’t do much of other tasks at home. Instead I gave the priority for his potty training.

When we reached the second day and third day, he started to sit on the potty when he wanted to pee. He did such successful potty time few times a day and we praised him for his success saying he is a clever boy. This potty training celebration was fun for him.

End of third day, he was completely potty trained. Still I continue the same routine with him and he loves to sit on the potty.

Activities to make potty time fun

We created potty training area fun. Now, this is how we made his potty time fun with different activities.

We read Story books during his potty time. We also solve jigsaw puzzles at the potty.

After he is done, he loves to flush and see the water bubbles. (Only for pee time)

Potty training rewards chart, reward stickers and jigsaw puzzles as gifts for after each successful potty session gave him some fun and celebration mood for his success.

We also watch potty training songs from youtube and those are helpful too.

start potty training

His father also was at home during the weekend. Our son loved to celebrate his potty training success with his father and I found my son was proud of his each potty session.He shouted and laughed with excitement when he was successful.

how to potty train a boy

potty training in 3 days – Is it possible?

Above is how we actually potty trained our toddler boy within three days. It was really fun and interactive.

Remember, still there can have accidents. Don’t get stressful and don’t make your child stressful if he faces any accidents. Sometimes he or she may not ready for potty training. If you find first potty training session is unsuccessful, don’t get stressed. Wait for few other weeks and start again as we did.For me potty training in 3 days was successful.But,every child is not the same.Some,they are good in potty training in 3 days,but some kids may take longer time.You need to prepare for all these things when you plan potty train your kid.

We still continue the same potty training routine and he enjoys his time there.

Potty Training Resources

Here is a list of potty training resources which are helpful for me.In this list,I included resources which help me to make our potty training in 3 days fun and enjoyable.

I use books during our potty time.You can check this collection of books about potty training.

We also like potty training videos.




Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea – Review

How to stop breastfeeding and when to stop breastfeeding are the main doubts for any mom who is breastfeeding her baby. It was same with me. I wanted to stop breastfeeding without much stress. At first  my mother helped me weaning from breastfeeding and she used the method of changing attention of my son when it was feeding time. She took my son out and introduced other food before he started asking for breast milk. So, this story is about how I stopped breastfeeding my son completely using organic tea.

I am proud of breastfeeding my son for more than 2 years. At the same time I am proud of stopping breastfeeding without hurting my son or without making me sad. Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea helped me a lot to stop breastfeeding without making my son crying. So, I want to share my experience with you all as it can be the best way to stop breastfeeding without emotional changes.

My Story of Stopping Breastfeeding

Here is my story of stopping breastfeeding. We did it in two stages. Actually I wanted to breastfeed him for 2 years. So we didn’t take actions when he was too young.

Stage 1:

When he reached 18 months, my mother helped me to wean from day time breastfeeding. It was a really unhappy time for me. I couldn’t bear when he was crying asking for breast milk. But, I had to control it. Very sad moments for me! Anyway, we could finally stop breastfeeding during day time after few days struggle. After weaning breastfeeding for day time,my mother went back to Sri Lanka.

How I stopped breastfeeding with Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea

How I stopped breastfeeding with Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea #Review


Stage 2:

Now it is 2nd stage. That is to stop nighttime breastfeeding. Each day he was eagerly waiting for night time as I gave him his first feed at around 7pm.

When it is time to stop breastfeeding completely, I didn’t want to hurt him anymore. I didn’t want to undergo the same experience during the weaning process. So, I searched online for a way of reducing my milk supply. I thought it would be nice if I don’t have milk, then my son will fed up and stop asking for milk.

For my luck, I found this product Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea from iHerb. As the product says, it helps to stop production. I searched for blog reviews for Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea. But I couldn’t find. Instead I only found reviews in Amazon and other such online shops.

Well, I usually strongly believe blog reviews with actual product photos before I buy any new product online. Although I couldn’t find any blog reviews for Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea, I bought it through iHerb as this product is natural and organic.

Okay, up to here what I shared was my true story of finding Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea and how I wanted to stop breastfeeding without making my toddler crying for breast milk.

Now, here is the review of Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea together with product details.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea – About the product

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea is a blend of natural herbs that help reducing breast milk production. Herbs include Sage, Peppermint and Parsley which are used for stopping breast milk or for weaning from breast milk from ancient days. It is certified Organic, Non GMO product which is made in USA.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea - Review

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea – Review


Review of Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea

I ordered one pack of Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea from iHerb which contains 16 small tea bags of 35g each. The product says to use 1-3 cup daily. However I only used one cup on my first day as it is a new product for me. Then I continued taking it daily one cup a day.

My results were amazing. On the 3rd day I noticed I don’t have much milk. My milk production was slow.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea - Review

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea – Review

At the same time, I continued breastfeeding my toddler, however I started talking with him about milk. He started telling,’amma doesn’t have milk’. Sometimes he showed bit anger or stress, I understood it is because he didn’t get milk although I breastfed him. Gradually he understood I don’t have milk anymore and he started asking for formula.

I could wean him easily giving him a reason which he believed. He knows I don’t have breast milk any more. He knows there is no reason to cry because his mother doesn’t have milk.

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea - Review

Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea – Review

Our weaning process was really comfortable and smooth. I am happy I didn’t make him crying for breast milk. That is why I wanted to share my experience of stopping breast milk with others as this can be helpful.

Preparing Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea is easier. I used it as a warm cup of tea by steeping in boiling water. The appearance is reddish. The taste is not so good but not so bad too. This tea is with mild tangy taste which has some fragrance or feeling of peppermint. Overall it is a good product which I loved drinking.

I also didn’t throw the tea bag after first steep. I used water again on it and had 2nd and 3rd steep.

Before I finish drinking all the 16 tea bags, I could stop my breast milk supply.

Any side effects:

I didn’t notice any side effects when I use this tea. I also read on some sites that there may have hormonal changes when you stop breastfeeding. I couldn’t notice anything during this period of weaning. We really had great time and smooth weaning process.

With my experience I think this is the best way to stop breastfeeding without pain for both mom and child.If you also look for how to stop breastfeeding quickly,this can be a good method as you can stop milk production with this tea

How to buy Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea?

If you look for where to buy no more milk tea,here are the details.

I bought Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea from iherb. You can also use the iHerb coupon code QWN933 and get $5 off from your first order. Actually this iHerb coupon code is enough to cover your product cost if you buy it from iHerb.

Check the details of Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea here.

You can also buy it from Amazon. Read all Amazon reviews of Earth Mama Angel Baby Organic No More Milk Tea here.





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