June 18, 2024

What to Consider when Choosing your Baby’s Activity Table?

Home education from a very early age is an increasingly interesting issue for parents who, even before their children go to nursery school, want them to have a percentage of self-sufficiency that allows them to adapt as quickly as possible to interact with other children and other spaces.

Choosing your Baby's Activity Table

For this reason, educational researchers make studies and propose activity charts for babies, because it is considered that a child’s education does not begin when he or she starts going to school, but much earlier.

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Choosing your Baby's Activity Table

The learning towers are one of those latest creations of the experts in education and will help the child to stand on his own feet with small actions, as well as motivate him in his adaptation to practical life. This system can be put into practice as soon as the baby can stand on his or her own feet, and the difficulty of the tasks will grow as the child can overcome the obstacles. But before starting a learning tower, the following aspects should be taken into account:

  1. The house must be prepared and adapted for the baby to begin standing activities.
  2. There is an important variation between how household tasks were performed when the child did not walk and how they should be done now, such as storing harmful substances or leaving objects in drawers within reach that, now that he is standing, he can access.
  3. Your baby has developed a sense of curiosity. Now he no longer wants to be on the floor if he cannot see what is happening and participate in everything he is discovering.
  4. Your baby not only stands up but also has just started to walk. From that moment on, it needs continuous mobility and wider spaces. This means an increase in the time you spend watching your baby’s movements.
  5. An important factor is the progressive change in your baby’s diet. The aim now is to ensure that the child begins to acquire healthy eating habits, in line with the energy expenditure that this increased mobility entails.
  6. The main goal is to encourage in the baby the natural motivation that is developing to learn, and you want it to do so in a free, respected and respectful, and as independently as possible.
Choosing your Baby's Activity Table

No one knows better than parents the first curiosities that are awakened in their children. So, when it comes to creating a table of activities to help the baby develop according to the points we discussed above, you must follow a previously agreed plan and put it as a script to follow.

  1. Design the table of activities as if they were links in a chain. Adapt the table and modify it according to the baby’s progress, if necessary, because what cannot be controlled is the speed with which the objectives are going to be achieved. The whole table depends on the child and his or her progress.
  2. Create a series of rules of conduct that the baby must acquire when carrying out the activities. Emphasize the type of behaviour you want to reinforce with each activity on the board, adapted to the child’s ability to understand.
  3. Establish a reward system. That the child begins to understand that, after a task done satisfactorily, he gets his reward, will help to build motivation.

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