June 18, 2024

Tips To Make Your Bra Last Longer

The right type of bra provides the requisite support which is why it is important that we support and maintain them well in return. There are many women who wear different bras with different attire while there are many who prefer the same bra for all types of outfits. If you have a habit of wearing the same bra for two days, it could change the condition of your bra. This happens because it does not have the chance to breathe and get into the normal shape. It is recommended that every woman should have extra bras and rotate those weekly. In order to get the best out of the bras, follow the below-mentioned tips to wear, wash, store and maintain.

Tips To Make Your Bra Last Longer

Wearing the bra

When you wear your bra, do not invert the cups so as to fasten or do not put it on backward. Instead, throw your arms inside the straps first and settle the cups in place by lifting your boob one by one and plopping it down. Reach around your back to do the clasps and fasten the bra without taking a look at the clasps. Wear the right bra for the right occasion. Do not wear normal bras to the gym, they are not designed for excessive sweating. You can look for the right type of bras on TheFeatherBra.com and ensure that it fits you well and goes well with your attire.

Tips To Make Your Bra Last Longer

Washing the bra

Let us admit to the fact that scheduling a unique washing cycle is not at the top of our priority. Ideally, it should be. Washing your bras separately will help preserve them. The best way to do this is to separate all your clothes and pile them. You can use a mesh laundry bag for the same. You can simply pop the bras in a wash bag which will not only clean the bra but will also stop it from the twisting and clasps catching on other clothes. Do not put the bras in a dryer but hang them on a clothes horse.

Storing the bra

Never cram your bras in a drawer. This leads to it being pulled forward and backward every time you open the drawer and will ruin the shape of the bra. Lay them on top of one another and ensure that the cups are not bending. If you do not have space for a separate drawer, simply hang them up using hangers in your cupboard.

You need to remember to use the loosest clasp with a new bra and move towards the highest as your bra ages with use. Remain organized when it comes to storing the bra. Clear out a separate drawer in order to store your bras. It will add convenience to your life and will also keep the bra in its best condition. Use these simple tips to wear, wash and store your bras. Remember to replace bras after every eight to ten months.

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