July 14, 2024

Fashion Tips for the Winter

For many people, winter is their favourite time of the year and that’s quite easy to see as the clothing options at this time of year are endless.

Looking good and also being warm should be a big concern and these tips are there to help you do just that.

Fashion Tips for the Winter

1 – Wear Bold Colors!

The summer and spring time seems to favor lighter colors, so dress with bold colors in the winter time. You’ll stand out well amidst the drearier and snowy weather. Shades such as purple, maroon, burgundy, and even brown and black are fantastic for this time of year. The deepest shades possible will work the best. You can accentuate these colors well with various shades of grey. This will offset any brighter shades perfectly. Mix and match all kinds of combinations until you find whatever style seems to look the best on you.

2 – Accessorize With Scarves And Other Wool Clothing

This isn’t like your school days when having to bundle up in sweaters and scarves felt like a chore. Now, you can experiment and have fun with all of the extra accessories! Wool scarves, sweaters, cardigans, ear muffs, and so on all make for gorgeous winter attire. Keep the same color palette from the first tip running and you’ll likely find yourself looking quite stylish in no time. If your main attire is fairly plain, wear accessories with patterns or prints to add a bit more visual flair and variety.

Fashion tips for winter

3 – Experiment

If you want to escape looking too drab with typical winter clothing, you can add a bit of uniqueness to your overall style by just trying random things. For instance, maybe one day you might feel like wearing two socks that are from different pairs. You can even tie a scarf made with thinner material into your hair rather than using a regular scrunchie, ribbon, bow, or hair pin. There aren’t really any rules other than the ones you set for yourself. While brown, grey, black, and deeper colors might fit the season well, there’s nothing keeping you from throwing that out the window and just trying whatever suits your fancy on a given day. There are some ideas below in the infographic from Style We

4 – The Turtleneck And Leather Jacket Combo

By itself, a turtleneck seems to have connotations of a “nerdy” or possibly even uptight look that you might not want to be associated with. A leather jacket on the other hand might make you look as if you’re trying too hard to look cool or tough. When paired together, those two extremes balance each other out. Rather than looking stuffy or like you’re trying too hard, well, you’re just going to look flat out stylish!

5 – Palazzos

The winter time is perfect for long pants. You don’t have to feel limited to jeans or dress trousers however. You can find some truly stylish looks in the realm of palazzos. When worn alongside your wool accessories and leather jacket, you’re absolutely guaranteed to turn some heads. Perhaps best of all, there will even be plenty of room on the inside of the legs to wear some leggings for extra warmth if you tend to stay on the uncomfortably chilly side in the cooler months. Palazzos also come in a wide variety of colors, so any look you’re going for will be well accommodated!

Fashion Tips for the Winter



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