June 15, 2024

How I Achieved My Pre Pregnancy Weight in Singapore

As a first time mom, I had hard time to get back to my pre pregnancy weight. Truly I could wear any body-hugging dress before my pregnancy, but after giving birth suddenly I could only wear those big loose T shirts simply because I’ve gained weight and I’ve lost my shapes. 🙁

It was a disaster. However I tried each and every thing I can do to come back to my normal weight and I could reach it when my son celebrated his first birthday. Other than diet and having healthy meal, I also enjoyed my time in exercising. 🙂

That is why I thought of featuring BO’DI:K Singapore in this post as I really like to have their 1 month free trial.

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You will get training from well qualified instructors
With BO’DI:K Singapore Achieve your Weight Loss Goals

BO’DI:K Singapore is a perfect gym for you to lose weight with the help of the trainers and guided diet plan. As a gym originated from Japan, currently it has a branch in Singapore and other Asian countries such as Bangkok and Hongkong. BO’DI:K also has their branch in New York too.

Why I recommend BO’DI:K Singapore for you as a perfect gym to lose weight? Here are few reasons.

Features of the Weight Loss Program of BO’DI:K Singapore

You can try the gym for 1 month.Although you have to signup with the Gym at first by paying,you still have the chance to withdraw at the end of one month trial period.

This is really awesome when you want to find the perfect gym for you. Sometimes, you may not like the place simply due to your personal choices. But, if you have trial period, it is always easy to select the best gym for you by having a trial.

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Inside look

You have money back guarantee. If you are not fully satisfied after the trial period, you don’t have to worry. You are secured to get your money back. Your money will be returned with no question asked.

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Personal Training

You will be trained under guidance of an instructor and you will also get meal advice every day. If required you can also have DNA test to find fastest way to lose weight.

There are many more details to share. Please visit BO’DI:K Singapore ,so you can read more details about the weight loss and actual success stories of those who achieved their goals of losing weight.

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